How to add Digital signature in existing file without using save as option?

Hi, I am using Adobe acrobat x pro for editing pdf documents from sharepoint, it's working fine but when i am trying add digital signature it shows me save as diloug box which i don't need because I want to edit that file directly on server location.

How do I re-order pages or rotate and save?

My wife and I get faxes electronically and sometimes the person on the other end puts them in the fax machine upside down, so all the pages need to be rotated 360 degrees.  Also, we want to remove the cover page before we save the PDF document and it

My magic trackpad settings do not save

Hi I just bought and successfully paired my magic trackpad with my Macbook Pro 2011, running Mountain Lion. However the trackpad settings do not save for longer than a few minutes. It keeps reverting back to the default. This is really annoying. It a

How to enforce save/open dialog on fileDownload

Dear All, in my adf bc app., an item is set to be displayed as fileDownload of OrdDocDomain to show a download link to the file stored in a orddoc column in a table. for doc file type, browser will prompt the dialog to ask to save or open, while for

Feature Request - If a Save to PSD fails because of image size, offer to Save to PSB

Feature request - If a save to a PSD aborts when the file size grows beyond 2 GB, offer to save the file as a PSB instead of just displaying an error message and quitting.  Better yet, if the image is to big to begin with, make the offer before start

Save changes dialog

Is there a standard mechanism for having a "Save changes or cancel" dialog pop up upon exit from a page? If so: 1. How is it done? 2. How is it liked into the page exit mechanism? Bob NDoes "Warn About Changes" property solve your prob

Save File on Flash without delete last one with EEM

Hi. I trying to configure an EEM for save the "ip cache flow" on Flash memory, but when the threshold is reached repeatedly the last file saved is "overwrite"... I need save a copy for every event. Somebody could help me please, its a

Save as PDF in Print / Fax / 10.3.9 Panther

Hi all, I am stuck on a problem. I can't get my emac to show "save as PDF" in anything but Grey on my print window. I trashed from a forum I found, nice group by the way.I have also ran repair disc permissions

Save a csv file on local host, executing a DTP Open hub in a Process chain?

Hi All, my client has asked me to try if there is a way to save in the local host c:\  a .CSV file generated from an Open HUB executed by a DTP in a Process chain. when i execute my DTP it work correctly and it save the .csv file on my c:\ directory.

Spinning beach ball of death when trying to save lecture notes! :(

the title says most of it... I have 3 pages of lecture notes now that have been stuck with the save dialogue box open for over a half hour. any ideas on how to retrieve the notes or force it out of the beach ball?Again no if the application has hung.

HT1296 How can I capture and save an image on my screen for later retrieval

How can I capture and save an image on my iPad screen for later retrieval, perhaps on my Laptop (Windows 7)? Is there a way to copy the image to a storage device? Thanks, Don.The Apple Support Communities are an international user to user technical s

Strange "save as" behavior

(version; build MAIN-63.73; Windows XP) When trying to save a (previous not saved worksheet) with "save as" overwriting a file that was recently opened as a worksheet, the file be opened in a nieuw tab and does not contain any data.I'v

How to save custom settings

I was wondering if anyone knows of a software that allows you to save custom quicktime export settings so that one can easily go back and compress videos from pre-selected settings opposed to just using the 'use recent settings' option. I know of roo

When i save something, it is saved as a file and htm. i never had this with internet explorer. how do i just save as i would presume htm?

when i save something, it is saved as a file and htm. i never had this with internet explorer. how do i just save as i would presume htm?Are you talking about IE's MHT or MHTML format for saving webpages in a single file format? <br /> http://en.wik

Email recipients cannot save photos I send

I just got a Mac a few weeks ago. I love it! I have sent several photo files to friends and family members. The photos are embedded in the email so I can see them, and from my end, it looks like there is an attachment. But, they see the pictures but

Cannot run ms safety scanner or fix it with firefox only save button shown

when I switched from IE to Firefox none of my ms safety scanner or fix it programs will run There is no option to run as with IE and I have tried over and over to locate them in files and run but no work I have to keep switching back to IE to get the

Acrobat XI cannot save the file, cannot read document

Recently acquired Acrobat XI with a new scanner. with several specific files that were sent to me, I get an error message that it cannot save the file because it cannot read it error (135). 3 out of 4 documents are originals. The 4th was apparently p

How to save QT files?

I can move iTunes files to QT where they sound much better. How can I save these files in the QT format instead of having to open iTunes and drag and drop every time I want to listen to them? Is there some app that I could use to store them and have

Nokia 5610 XM Bluetooth received files save to mem...

Is it possible to save files received via bluetooth directly to memory card with this phone? A friend manage to do so with his 5200... Is it same?01-Oct-2008 10:03 AM existenceguest wrote: i use this method on my n70 1. change location of received fi

When I save an e-mail as a file, it opens (seems stuck) to the same old one saved earlier. How do I unstick it?

I use a MAC desktop and Thunderbird with latest update. Recently, when I've tried to open an e-mail that I saved earlier as a file with the .eml suffix, what opens is always the same unrelated e-mail that I saved earlier to an unrelated file. It seem