Is it possible to write an abap code be SAP SQL query.(ECC 6)

hello guys, Is it possible to write an abap code be SAP SQL query. Scenario : table A has a field say f1 of length 10 and table B has a field say s1 of lenght 20. in sap sql i am able to link all the other tables but i am not able to link table Af1 -

No T-Code in SAP can damage your data, all t-code has initial screens?

As per my understanding there is no SAP standard t-code in SAP which can damage SAP or data in database when you run from SAPGUI (do not execute once you are in t-code). What's your thinking?There is a tcode which blows your asset accounting customiz

Java code at SAP NETWEAVER

hey guys, I am using ERP 2004 NETWEAVER trying to see how java code works here. could you pls tell me how can i confirm whether J2ee engine is already active or how can i access netweaver Studio to write code in it. I am trying to work in java codes

Transaction code for SAP query reports

Hi All, I am trying to create transaction code for sap query report but couldn't go further. 1) Created User group in SQ03 2) Created infoset in SQ03 and assigned that to the user group 3) Created query in SQ01 using the infoset. I executed the repor

Comminication Error - CPIC ret code 020, Sap ret code 223

Hi All, Our SAP system receives inbound IDOCS from an external system (throgh TIBCO), i have configured inbound partner profile in WE20, There is now a problem in sending IDOCS to SAP. (Communication error CPIC code 020, SAP code 223). Has anyone exp

Timewrite across company codes using SAP CATS.

Hi Experts, Want to know please, Can we timewrite across company codes using SAP CATS. Thanks, MuhammadHello, You surely can. When the employee enter his time there will be the respective field to identify the cost center or the one you want to assig

Location of State code in SAP B1

Hi where is the location of state code in SAP B1 so that i can fill the correct codes of the state coz iwant to import BP and error while importing i get is wrong state code.Administration -> System Initialization -> Company Details -> General Ta

What is the Exam code for SAP EP Technical Exam

Hi All, I did't find the code for SAP EP Technical. I would like to know the exam code for SAP EP Technical. Please reply with the exam code and topics. Thanks Ravi Sankar Karri. Hope t

How we can use Bar codes in Sap-script?

Hi,. Can any body please tell me how  we can use <b>Bar codes in Sap-script</b>? Please tell me the steps . Regards, PrabhuduttaHi, Check this link http

Replacing sap isu tax code with sap r/3 while transferring documents

we are using different tax code in SAP ISU then the one used in SAP there any way we can replace the tax code used in SAP ISU with the one used SAP R 3 while transferring the documents through ALE we have used sabstituation rules to pop

R49 Communication error, CPIC return code 020, SAP return code 223

SM21,every 15 minutes occurs the following error: R49 Communication error, CPIC return code 020, SAP return code 223 R5A dialog id :5442063 R64  CPI-C function: CMSEND(SAP) but the partner system can receive SAP data every 15 minutes. what does the e

Case: Two companies in real life but a single company code on SAP...

Here is our case: - In Turkey; there is a company of "Company A". - "Company A" sells goods to "Company B" which is in Poland (export activity). The owner of "Company A" and "Company B" is the same. - &quo

XI T-Codes in SAP

Can any one tell what are the t-codes generally used for XI in the SAP system.sxmb_ifr-- launch integration builder/ configuration Proxy Generation SPROXY--Proxy generation Monitering features: sxmb_moni-- monitering of messages SXMB_MONI_BPE--Busine

Operating System request Import return code has different return code from SAP SE01 log screen.

     Hi experts.      I sent request from DEV system to PRD system at OS level but I am facing interesting problem. I sent request at OS level and return code 8, that means with error but if we look same request transporter log  at SAP side vi tranza

Not able to checkout Files using Java Code and SAP BAPI  from DMSServer

Hi Able to download / checkout the files using T-Code SE37 (BAPI_DOCUMENT_CHECKOUTVIEW2). But when same RFC is executed from Java, it alsways says - Message ::::::::Document LGL/10000000003/000/00 does not exist My inputs in Java Code is as below - i

T-code or SAP Table Sales report based on Document Pricing Procedure

Hi Experts, Please suggest me some SAP Standard T-code or Sales Report based on Document Pricing Procedure and Sales Area. Or suggest me SAP Table for the above mentioned combination. Thanks in advance. With Best Regards, Bharat BHi There is no stand

J2EE Server exited with code -11113 (SAP EP 7.0 SP9 )

Hello Experts, There was an automatic windows update on my EP Server. After the updates when I try to start the EP Server, the J2EE Server (server0) exits with <b>Exit Code -11113</b>. I opened up the config tool available under the path "

Transaction code for SAP reports

Hello All, What is the transaction code which displays SAP reports? I saw in SDN forums but unable to track it down. Can somebody help me? Thanks. Best Regards, SubhakanthHi Vishnu, Thanks for your reply. But actually I wanted to see all the report n

How to Delete the configuration for Other comapny code in SAP system

Hi, I am in deleteion of un-wanted company codes from Golden client. 1.I need to delete the profit centers, 2.but it is not accepting in that transaction code,it is giving the error. Error message: you can not delete the profit center.because profit

Problem regarding Duplicate Material Codes in SAP

Dear Xperts, In our manufacturing plant,we are not using Split Valuation for same materials procured either from the domestic or from the imported Vendor.Even they are not using the same for the materials received through free of cost or through prop