Downloading "devicetool.jar" to my Mac does not work

I just received the palm pixi plus, it is from at&t, but I need it Unblocked because I live abroad and have no data plan in the USA, so I'm following the instruction from:

Palm support in wtk2.5.2

after sucessfully download of sun java wireless toolkit i have seen that there is nothing related to palm os infact in the articles of sun i have read out that midp 1.0 supports for palm OS and it also gives convertor for jar to prc tool in wtk 2.5.2

Image problem with my palm (J2ME Wireless Toolkit)

Hi, I did a basic application. I just show an image and it works perfectly with the J2ME Wireless ToolKit. However, when I create the package, convert it and send it on my palm, everything is ok, except the image. It won't appair. I get an exception

How to compile jar file including all dependencies ?

Hi all, I have an application with more than 50 classes that use third party libraries. I would like to compact everything in just one single jar file BUT just the classes I need, not the whole external libraries. Archive builder from JBuilder works

Runnable JAR in Eclipse

Hi, I'm trying to make a runnable JAR in Eclipse, but I don't know how to limit which libraries or other source codes to be included inside. Does anyone know how to do this? The JAR I'm making is 13.6 MB, much bigger than I think it should be. Thanks

Palm TX won't connect to new Windows 7 laptop

I've been trying to get my TX to connect to a new Toshiba laptop.  I first tried to hotsync via USB and discovered on this forum why that wouldn't work - no 64-bit USB driver, apparently.  I read as much as I could find here, and tried everything I c

Compressing classes and jars using pack200

Dear All, As per the following I expected standalone pack200.exe and unpack.exe in J2SDK1.5.0 Beta. But I could not find it. Is there any other way

IPhoto events showing a grayed out palm tree

Using iPhoto 9.4.3 on a MacBook Pro under ML version 10.8.4. My wife created several events and the result were  placeholder photos of a grayed out palm tree and the photo count was 0. However, when I clicked on the event it opened and several pictur

Missing .jar files in the Weblogic Server 6.1 beta

The files /weblogic/lib/weblogic_sp.jar and /weblogic/lib/poolorb.jar are required to be set in the classpath, according to the documentation. But they are missing in the downloaded version of the server. Is there any solution?Hi Rajashree, weblogic_

What is my JAR "fully qualified class name " ?

I have created a application, and I have packaged it into a JAR Recipe using Studio one. It compiles fine, and I can runn it manually fine too. Now I need to run it as a NT service and because of this, I need the "fully qualified class name". I

Getting jar file name with wrapper

Hi, I'm using [java service wrapper|] to launch my project, with the command File jarFile = new File(main.class.getProtectionDomain().getCodeSource()           .getLocation().toString());witch opens the jar file name

Palm not syncing + Palm Desktop won't open (error message says FILE IS BUSY)

Drama players = Tungsten e2+Mac OS X 10.5.4                                Tungsten e2+Mac OS X 10.4.1  Hi,  I've been trying to hotsync my palm to Mac laptop for a few hours everyday for  5 days now - I've visited all the forums, bought a new laptop

Isync no longer sees Palm TX

I had isync working with our Palm TX, as well as syncing with Palm's own desktop etc, when we were using the usb cable. Now, I have the Palm syncing successfully via bluetooth but only to the Palm desktop (when I choose sync from the palm the desktop

Where can I get deploytool_patch.jar and cmp_patch.jar?

Please help me! Where can I get deploytool_patch.jar and cmp_patch.jar?Try this link: and there especially:

Palm address book to be synchronized with a window based EPABX address book

Is it possible to synchronize the palm address book with a window based EPABX address book? Post relates to: Centro (Unlocked GSM)Can you sync the EPABX to Outlook? If you can, you could change the sync method to sync with outlook and then sync to th

Palm OS 6.2 crashes upon startup

Running W7 64bit on a new HP PC for the past ~15 months. I have been using a TX since late 2005 and am using Palm OS 6.2 on the desktop. Hotsyncing via bluetooth.  I've had no problems till recently, when about a month ago the desktop app just crashe

Hotsync occasionally results in an empty calendar in the Palm desktop software.

Hotsync occasionally results in an empty calendar in the Palm desktop software. Updated to most current version - 6.2. That did not help. Downgraded to 4.2.1 based on some discussions I read here, but that didn't help either. Hotsync logs show succes

Palm One Quick Install has stopped working

I just got a Tungsten E2, it was working okay until I tried to install an app - I keep getting the message "Palm One Quick Install has stopped working".  I can't even open the program on my computer.  I was able to upload pictures using hotsync,

Invalid MAGIC number in jar file

HI Gentlemen, I just compiled a java file into a class file and then set up a jar file with that one single class. Manifest indicates that the Java version is 1.7.0 as is any other development tool. Now I am inspecting the file with my hex editor and

Automated Deployment Using admin_client.jar gives 500 error

Greetings, 1. standalone OC4J version 2. Windows XP platform in a VM We have a mature deployment in that the deployment from JDeveloper is routinely successful. During the course of developing continuous integration builds, the automated d