Movement types corrsponds to Inbound ,Outbound and Internal transaction

Hi, Can anyone tell me the list of movement types corresponding  to the Inbound,Outbound  and for Internal Transaction. for example:  movement type 101 corresponds to Inbound transaction. ThanksDear Bala, This may help you..... Below you will find a

VL01N delivery - material not available

Hi Guys, i've tried searching in the forum before posting the thread but i did not find any useful answer for my case. hope you can help. i have done an order with material xxx, availability check carried out. material has unrestricted use of 1230 kg

Error: Deficit of SL

Hi Experts,   GR posting for inbound delivery posted successfully in EWM and ECC with status COMPLETED. If i see the stock comparison in ERP system:   There is difference qty appearing in ERP side as quality inspection stock . i.e. for example there

Deficit of SL qual.insp

I made a mistake by the settlement movement for the liberation of MB1B article qiualité control status to the status of control quallité (code motion 321) When I tried to cancel this item OCUMENT map MIGO the system 'Esag displays the error below: De

Cancel the quality inspection movement on good receipt

I am trying to cancel a quality inspection movement from qual. Inspect. to unrestricted use.  Here are the details: 1. A goods receipt was entered for Material XXX  batch YYY for 1900kg.  It was entered  Aug 1, but was backdated to post on July 29. 2

Movement Type 321/322 for Quality Inspection in warehouse

Hi Experts, I have stock of 950 To in Leanwarehouse in plant. I wanted to move 50 TO material or Quality Inspection to same leanwarehouse 0001 by movement type 321 but it throw error Deficit of SL qual.insp 11 TO : 1727 4040 0001 In MMBE I sa

Deficit of Stock w. vendor QI 96 SET : 213005200G 1101 O

I would like to return delivery in QM because the goods of subcontract PO has defects. but the system show Deficit of stock as subject. I check MMBE the quantity is correct and its status is Q. why the system show this message? the quantity is correc

UD on Inspection lot after 322 mvmnt type

Dear All, I can reverse the GR Mat doc and cancel the batch after applying Note 175842. But I have another scenario which imay be related to this note:- 1.I have maintained inspection type 08(stock transfer) for re-Inspection. Which means when I do 3

QP01 Inspection Plans

Hi, I am trying to upload inspection plan master data in QP01 tcode. I was given a program in BDC which does the same. but the problem with this program is that....its not updating inspection characteristics after 13th record. line is not getting inc

Deficit of pu gr quantity 19.120 mt

Dear gurus, The following scenario is while rgn reverse the error is happening..."deficit of pu gr quantity 19.120 mt" plz suggest. Thanks & Regards, Bhanu.Hi I QM is activite at the time of GRN Lot would have been created and sebequetly the

MM error - Deficit of PU IR

Dear experts, I am facing an error when doing GR reversal as follows Deficit of PU IR quantity xxxxx PC the below solutions from the forums did not help. - Check the stock type from which you are doing reversal. Example. from Quality inspection or Un

Cancel 101 movement with Inspection lot of closed financial period

Hi experts, we are having the following problem. We have a 101 movement with creation of Inspection lot, which was done in a finance period which is already closed. Now I have to cancel this movement, but I get the error M7021 with VOR, which means t

Deficit of unrestricted stock while trying to do 313 inspite of having stck

Dear Guruz, This is a weird situation where i am having 1000 quantities of material x in str loc. Note: none is in blocked /quality inspection. 1000 quantities in unrestricted use. Now when i am trying to do remove(650 quantities) from storage using

In inspection lot..task list does not fetch

Hi QM Guru.. when i do UD for fish material. with QA32 showing inspection lot no..but when i select line item of inspection lot and click on inspection window open..when i go inspection specification for task list..when i  click o

Inspection Type 17

Hi, In SAP documents I have seen, inspection type 17. What for it is used? Can anyone throw light on this? Thanks RajuHi Inspection type 17 is used for external processing. Let's consider you want to create Inspection lot for external processing like

Defects recording against inspection lot

Hi, When I am trying to use BAPI QIRF_GET_DEFECT_ITEMS to write defects against inspection lot i am getting below error message. 'Record type not planned for defect confirmation'. Kindly let me know how to over come from this error message. Regards /

How to use Same Inspection plan for Multiple Plants?

Hello, When I create a Process Order for material (M1), release and save it for a Plant A then I get the Inspection lot automatically. Now I have another Plant B that we have created. We would like to use the same Inspection plan that has been create


Hi experts              I am new to the forums.              I have a scenario for inprocess inspection.There are 5 processes -->1. Mixing 2.heating 3.colour check 4. addition  5. Ph value check. The quantities of the 5 process are 100,150,150,200 &

Inspection Lot for I type 10 does not generate

Hi team, When SD does a PGI, as per Material I type-10 a lot should be generated. but this fails to occur. I type is active on the material. Infact it has 4 and 10 active. I lot for i type 4 generates fine, but for i type 10 it does not. QM control i

Code inspection error in smartform

Hello, Help appreciated. I have created smartform which is executing perfectly. When code inspection is done it is giving following errors and warnings : Errors: 1. Message code 023 The TADIR entry for /1BCDWB/SAPLSF00000043 is missing    (Already th