Implementar protocolo de comunicação serial UART no LabVIEW

Boa Tarde, Estou querendo implementar o protocolo de comunicação serial UART no LabVIEW. A descrição do projeto é mais ou menos essa: - Uma Interface no LabVIEW para receber o dados enviados pela serial UART; - Uma DAQ NI USB-6212 irá receber o dado

Como comunicar LabView con PLC Omron CPM1A y CPM2A de Omron

Muy buen día! Soy nuevo en esta área y necesito comunicarme con PLC CPM1A y con CPM2A de Omron con labview. He intentado a través de OPC Server y no e tenido resultados, ya que no he encontrado el modelo de los PLC en las listas q el programa proporc

How to get data from a torque wrench to labview ?

 I have a torque wrench of N.I. and need to export the data when performing a calibration for (to) labview, and get the program show me if the torque is correct or not. I don't know how to begin ... I really need a support. an example would help. tha

How does a CIN code works in LabVIEW?

hi..can any one explain as to how a CIN code (written in c/c++) works in LabVIEW.Do we have to import the c/c++ file too when we import the respective VI? How does the CIN code work in an exe file without having to load the C/C++ code?When you create

LabVIEW IDE crashing!

Hi there, I have just run into some very strange behaviour in LabVIEW (7.0 on Win2k with service pack 2). I have an event structure with several user events (about 12) listed in it. Everything was working fine yesterday. Today I tried to add another

Labview and Keithley 2425 SourceMeter

Hi, I was wondering if LabView can run test on the Keithley 2425 SourceMeter without me touching the sourcemeter?  Can I change the varibles such as the voltages I sweep as well as the compliance current through LabView? Is the there an option to cho

Passing an ActiveX reference from TestStand to Labview

How can I pass and ActiveX reference (for a dll) created and used in a TestStand sequence (under Locals) to a VI running within that sequence so that I can then call the same instance of the dll from Labview? (I know this isn't the best approach to p

How can I control a Festo (MH..4) Valve with Labview?

Hey, i'm very new to this Labview stuff and have a minimal background in electronics so I'm struggling with trying to sort this one out. I have a high-frequency valve (~400Hz) that we would like to control via the 9 pin RS232 port using labview. is t

Aide tableau labview

bonjour, je suis actuellement en stage, et mon projet est de piloter via carte ni6008 une alimentation delta. je suis débutant en labview donc j'ai quelque programme je vous détail mon programme.: le but du programme est de :   -le bouton "lancer&quo

Japanese LabVIEW to English

Hi, I have a JAPANESE version of LabVIEW 7.1. Is there any way to view its Menu, Help and other details in ENGLISH language. Thanks in Advance. AneeshHi Aneesh, There is no "language switch" option in LV. If you need the help, menus and so on in

Connecting Labview 7.1 to GE 90-30 PLC

Hello, I am trying to connect Labview 7.1 to a GE 90-30 and although I know what tools I need to use it, I cant figure out the specific details in connecting them. I am trying to run OPC 5.1 server and use DSC tags but dont know the fine details in s

LabVIEW Queues and TestStand

Hi, I have a VI that uses multiple loops/queues to acquire data from a datalogger and write this data to a csv file.  What I want to do is start this VI from TestStand and leave it running acquiring/writing data until certain conditions require the d

LabVIEW DSC 8 Alarm State shared variable

Hello, it was possible in LabVIEW 7.xx to read the alarm state with "Read Tag Alarm". I didn´t find such in LabVIEW 8.20. I testet "Read Alarms" and the "property knot". Thank you TorstenHi Torsten, to read the alarms in Labv

Req any examples of how to use a USB midi controller​/keyboards with Labview TIA

Req any examples of how to use a USB midi controller/keyboards with Labview TIAHi, To access the MIDI ports you will need to call the Windows SDK. To send MIDI commands is relatively easy, here is an example that shows you how to send data to a MIDI

Lock Interaction until Labview exe starts

Hi everyone! Could you give me some advice how can I achieve the following. How can I disable any user intaction with the pc until a startup Labview application starts? So I would like to force the PC user to use only Labview exe, and if the applicat

Labview certification

Hey All,            I've been working on Labvoew for little over an year now. I want to prepare for the Certified LABVIEW Associate Developer(CLAD) Exam.I looked for some help on the Forum and found material that some people claim is Outdated. Like i


SVP, je suis débutante en labview et je cherche à importer des données (real et string) d'un tableau sous un fichier excel vers labview, je souhaite afficher ce tableau dans labview (le nombre des colonnes est 7 par contre le nombre des lignes est va

Embedded labview module and blackfin 533

I need some advice for Embedded labview program integrated with Blackfin 533 Processor. The purpose is to input a value from a GUI in labview and store in a port/location in the blackfin board. Then, upon knowing this location, i can extract the valu

FlexRIO DRAM problem in Labview FPGA 2010

Hello, I am just switching from Labview FPGA 2009 to Labview FPGA 2010 and I am having compilation problems with very simple projects that shouldn't fail to compile. I am using a FlexRIO 7965R board as a target. Initially, I just wanted to recompile

Activated LabVIEW 8.6 and now Labview 7.1 won't run

Hello folks, I have a development computer that has had LV7.1 and LV8.6 installed on it for several months; however, I have only used LV7.1 because LV8.6 was not activated...until yesterday.  Now LV7.1 will not run, and the symptoms are as follows: W