Color Laserjet CP3525 Color Management ICC Profile?

Hi ... Is there a color management ICC profile for the Color Laserjet CP3525? I see references here and there on the web but can't seem to locate it. I have installed the Postscript Driver for this printer but nothing is coming up in the profiles in

LR 4.3 Print Module + Dry Creek icc Profile = jpeg that Apple SW won't open

Greetings, I have used Dry Creek Photo's ( Costo printer profiles successfully for some time with PS and they seem to work fine for soft proofing in LR4... but when I select one of those profiles in LR's Print module for

Could not complete the paste command because the icc profile is invalid

Hi. In PS CS4 & AI CS4. I get the following error when I try to copy & paste a logo from Illustrator into Photoshop: could not complete the paste command because the icc profile is invalid I don't understand because the color settings are sychroni

Peut on faire du batch processing avec Photoshop (changement d'ICC pour 200+ photos)?

I want to change the ICC of 200+ pictures. Is there any means of doing in as a batch processing?You could record an Action of the "Convert  to Profile" step and use that in Batch or Image Processor for example.Read other 2 answers

Cs5 does not read installed ICC profile

I uploaded an  icc profiles for an inkpress paper- Duomatte 80 to print with Epson 4900 printer. The icc file is visible in  c:windows/system32/spool/drivers/color but when I open the image file in Photoshop, to print with " Photoshop to manage color

Initialing ICC engine

I am running Photoshop 5 on OS 9.2 in order to use an AGFA Arcus II scanner which has a SCSI interface. When I open PS 5 it locks up on "Initializing ICC engine" and I have to restart the computer to unlock it. I also have OS 10.3.9 which I use

LR CMYK Soft Proofing: CMYK ICC to RGB ICC Conversion workaround?

Okay, here's a long shot: So, CMYK isn't supported in LR. Got it. Annoying, but whatever. Here's my longshot question: Is there a method to mimic the CMYK colourspace available in my CMYK ICC profile by creating a limited RGB space similar to it? For

ICC profiles when sending pics to outside labs

I take pics with a Pentax K10D DSLR. I calibrate my screen with a Huey Pantone unit. I upload the pics to Iphoto. I adjust the pics to look great on my screen. I upload the pics to Costco photo center for printing. I get back incorrect colors and mud

Can Oracle 8i Parallel server use ICC on OpenVMS 7.2-1 ? How ?

Hi, -In a OpenVMS V7.2-1 cluster (with memory channel) can Oracle 8i Parallel Server be configured to communicate using ICC (Intra Cluster Communication OpenVMS system services) and hence SCA over Memory Channel instead of TCP/IP over Ethernet ? - Ho

Canon ColorSync says RedBlueYelllow.icc is missing along with three others in CS6.  How do I confirm and/or rectify the problem?  Does it matter?

The summary pretty well sums it up.  Don't know that it makes a difference, but I'm using an iMac running Yosemite.I wasn't clear.  I understand that ColorSync comes from Canon and is linked to its color management system for, in this case, its Pro 1

My book  is being printed on icc profile US web coated swop v2 paper.  Is it better to work on my images in this profile than sRGB.

is it better to work on an image in the icc profile than in sRGBIt depends. If you know positively that's the profile that will be used, you can do that (a lot of people use it just because it happens to be the Photoshop default). Pro: you'll be work

Icc Profile not working

Hi, This is on a 2011 macbook pro with mountain lion.  I have tried to use two new icc profiles, put them in: library-colorsync-profiles-recommended and while they work in preview, and illustrator, they will not work in photoshop.  I go through the p

Imac Black and white ICC profile

Hi All, just having some trouble getting Imac to recognise black and white .icc.  Am trying to set up a print profile as a default black and white.  Am running 6 Imac computers through a Mac mini server and all but 2 mac's won't show up with black an

ICC profile for iPhoto album

I just got my first iPhoto album at home. I'm a little disappointed about the quality, because all photo's are a little bit to dark. Is there an icc-profile which I can use in Photoshop so I can optimize the pictures before placing in a album?The pro

Check ICC profiles in a PDF

I have a PDF with pictures, each of them with an individual ICC profile. How can I look at those profiles and especially their rendering intents? Preflight tells me that there are profiles attached and even whether they are RGB or CMYK, but not more.

How to embed ICC profile

Hello, I'm trying to embed an icc profile in a pdf, I am actually doing like this:   char *filePath=NULL;           ASPathName ICCPath;           asprintf(&filePath,"%s/ICC_PROFILES/%s",DataDirName,profileName);   #if !macosx                

ICC profiles for Photosmart Premium C410a

I have a Photosmart Premium C410a and previously had a C309 series.  I am using Windows 7 Ultimate (64 bit).  I am trying to print from Photoshop Lightroom 3 using the managed by application setting which requires ICC profiles for the printer. When I

Epson R1900 and iCC/iCM profiling...when do you give up?

I'm using Windows 7 64bit (non-SP1) and Lightroom 3.3 with a Epson R1900 printer. Sorry if this is winded, but I've tried a lot myself and had to break down and post here. I've read a lot of posts already about disabling color management in the print

Monitor ICC Profiles

Greetings Adobe People! I've been working with Photoshop since version 6.0, I know people quite often use that as bragging rights and I guess, that's what I'm doing, please forgive mefor doing so. Just trying to state in some term that I think I'm so

ICC Profile when saving in PSE9

How do you change the ICC profile when you save a file in PSE9? I need to change the profile to the downloaded version from my photo Lab before they make prints.To chabge profile of any image you can change it from Image menu. Steps:- 1. Launch PSE a