Computing Consolidation Entries - YTD Vs Periodic

Hello Experts: We are in the design phase of the project. Referring to the quesiton asked earlier by Sitaram (Periodic versus YTD computation of consolidating entries), Does any one has comparison between YTD Vs Periodic ? We are in the process of de

Exporting YTD and PERIODIC data

Hi all, I've adjusted a data manager package so that the YTD and PERIODIC measures are automatically selected for export to a flat file. Whenever I want to save the package the script automatically changes and removes either YTD or PERIODIC. Any idea


Hi Experts,      IN BPC 7.0 do you thinks its posible to copy a YTD application (ex LegalApp) data to a Periodic application (ex Finance) or vise versa, having the same dimensions??      Can BPC'S Allocation engine do it?? Thanks, BenniejayI don't th

Custom formula YTD for PERIODIC Application - BPC 7.5 NW

Dear all, The customer has 2 time hierarchies, fiscal year and calendar year. He would like to change the measures formulas to fix their fiscal year specification, their fiscal year begins in April instead of January. Some entities of the customer wi

Convert from retention period to disk quota - Pro/Con

Our current Post Office has a 90 day retention period on email and 350 days on calendars, task and appointments. Management has asked us to consider switching to Mailbox size limits and if we do then we can add more post offices to distribute the use

YTD value = month value when i put the 0FISPER above the columns ratios

Hello Gurus, I have a 0fiscper in the prompt In my report I have a YTD and it works fine. But when I drag 0FISCPER above the key figures, YTD becomes equal to the amount of the month. I will wish for example for Period 2 that YTD sums period 1 and 2

YTD average in MDX


How to translate dashboard prompt year/period into literal date range

I am using OBIEE 10g. I have a dashboard that prompts for a fiscal year and fiscal period (both are numeric data types). I need to use these values in the date filter for my answers request - however, to fully utilize the indexes and partitioning tha

Fiscal Period is not working on weekly level

Hello, I am building this query where users can use the fiscal period on the weekly level. We do have weekly variant maintained in 0fiscvarnt. Problem is every time I execute the query on weekly level its doesnt not bring in any data but if I execute

Historical rates & conversion of balances based on weighted  average in GL

Hi all, Can anyone explain the process of loading historical rates and conversion of balances in GL? what are the interface tables mainly used for this ? Please help me out .> Dinakar A wrote: > Can any one please help me how to convert FISCPER3(Pos

Measues dimension error

Hi, When i select the member "periodic"  the "Calculated member is selected" appears.. Meaning that my app thinks that the periodic is a father in the hierarchy. Which is not.. Any ideas on how to fix that? Thanks LeandroInto applicati

Help Required::::Simple queries from a beginner's prespective for certi

Hi All, I was preparing for the HFM certi. While, going through the bootcamp exercises, i have come across some problems which I have formulated as questions. PFB my queries for HFM . · There is a property called "Consolidation Rules" in Appsett

Populate a variable based on input (Customer Request Ship date)

Hi Gurus, I have a requirement to code on a custom variables. Created two Customer Exit Variables:  "ZCRD" AND "ZFYPRD." Variable one - "ZCRD" - customer requested ship date.  ( input) variable. Populate a variable - "ZF

Periodic values for INC/EXP accounts in YTD application (first period only)

Greetings, I have a YTD application.  INC/EXP account balances are imported as YTD. When I choose the Periodic measure for the FIRST period of the year, BPC calculates the difference between the YTD value for the first period (which is really the pri

Change Periodic data to YTD data

Hello, I have periodic data stored in the system (in Periodic Measure). Is there any way to pass the data to accumulated type (changing to YTD Measure)? Regards, Miguel.If your data is in YTD format then you can select so in 'web application paramete

Period indicator  cannot be converted

Hi  I am getting below error while executing  FM 'BAPI_REQUIREMENTS_CREATE ' 'Period indicator  cannot be converted' What could be the reason ? Thanks AravindHi, The problem probably lies in the  DATE_TYPE field of the REQUIREMENTS_SCHEDULE_IN struct

12M Measure Periodic/YTD application

Dear all, When looking into the PeopleMgt application, we noticed that the 12M measure is calculated differently in a periodic application for AST/LEQ accounts.In periodic application, it will take the avg of 12 months whereas in a YTD application, i

How to allocate YTD values in a PERIODIC member

Hello, I'm trying to allocate values of a member that has INC as ACCTYPE, in another member that has LEQ as ACCTYPE. The problem is that I need to save the YTD values of the INC type in the PERIODIC values of the LEQ type. Someone knows how to do tha

0fiscper Fiscal Yr / P required to be converted to 0fiscper3 posting period

Hi I need a quick help, please resolve my issue in step by step. Report is required to display the 0 fiscper3 (posting period)and 0fiscyear (fiscal year) in bw report. I have a  0fiscper Fiscal Yr / Period in my datasource and infosource but not 0fis

BPC75NW - Periodic Amount Not Calculating for records with blank YTD value

We are on BPC75NW SP6 and have a YTD consolidation application.  Data is loaded on a monthly basis uising a process of importing data files from supplying systems and then loading them into BPC using the data manager append function with a transforma