Dual-Booting Arch Linux and Windows 7

Hello, I am attempting to set up a dual-boot configuration with Windows 7 (installed first), and Arch Linux. When I went to install, I read in the documentation that the AIF doesn't support installing GRUB to a separate partition other than the MBR o

Arch Linux Handbook

I am thinking of creating an Arch Linux Handbook much like Gentoo's and Freebsd's excellent ones that go into great detail.  I know there is already a great installation guide, so a couple of questions. Am I just reinventing the wheel, or do you thin

Arch Linux has helped me learn and I am grateful.

I am going to tell you what sparked this thread first:  I was reading your wiki on installing a 32bit bundled system into a 64bit system. And NO, I did not know what the heck was going on as usual. The thing is I am always curious. That is why I end

Arch Linux and Splashy, a big update

edit 2: If you don't want to build from sources have a look at this post: … 03#p371403 edit: UPDATED LINK: About me: I'm a professional developer (mainly c/

Arch Linux Documentation

Is anyone in charge of developing Arch Linux documentation? From an interview that I came across on the net, I gather that there is. If so, could I ask what the programme is to improve documentation and what the target dates are? If there isn't anyon

[Solved] Spammed with a nouveau message while installing Arch Linux?

Well despite being spammed the message which makes it impossible to partition my drive using cfdisk, all I could accomplish was setting up my wireless adapter. Here is the message: Is there any way I can solve this? It

Arch Linux running on Asus Transformer T100/T100TA... sort of.

I'm not really asking for help here (can't find an appropriate place to put this post), but more to show off my accomplishment with this tablet. As the thread title says, I've gotten Arch Linux to run on the Asus T100TA which is a quite annoying litt

Gnome Shell - Arch linux RSS extension.

Ive been thinking about a Gnome Shell Arch Linux extension what would show the rss feeds/news in a simple way. (A icon in the upper right) Anyone up to write one?  i personally have not tried this gs-extension writeing, but anytips or links and i may

[SOLVED] VirtualBox: Arch Linux host unable to reach guest over NA...

Hello everyone, I recently installed VirtualBox on my Arch Linux install to tinker with GitLab on a Debian VM. I've set up a standard VM running Debian (wheezy) and made sure it's network settings were set to "NAT". However, I am unable to ping

[SOLVED] Arch Linux install on UEFI motherboard (Asus UX31A)

Hello all, I am new to Arch Linux (moving over from Mint) and I am having an enormous amount of trouble with booting for UEFI.  I go through all the command line installation steps and get to the step where you install and configure a bootloader.  I

Keyboard and mouse not working when installing arch linux 2014.01.05

trying to install arch linux 2014.01.05 dual iso but when I boot the live  cd my keyboard and mouse (both wired) arent detected. please helpI am from australia > melbourne victoria and usually type in english us or english australian (which keymap do

Arch Linux as a WebServer

I want to set up a webserver with PHP and Mysql to host webpages. I have a couple of questions about Arch Linux. 1.) Is Arch Linux a good distro to implement a web server with PHP Mysql and Apache? Is it safe? I had already chosen Freebsd but I still

Japanese in Arch Linux

I'm wondering if anyone has tried to get Japanese working in Arch Linux.  I downloaded the canna and kinput tarballs from their respective sites.  A Gentoo developer friend gave me a patch for Canna that enabled me to compile it without errors, howev

Dual boot Windows 7 (64) and Arch Linux (64) problems

Hello: I am new to Arch Linux and just finished installing the 64bit on my laptop. It had a prebuilt Windows 7 (64) installed which I kept but split the hdd from 160Gb to 80Gb and 80Gb. I installed Arch there and set 4 partitions, all of them as Logi

Arch Linux System Maintenance

I have a few questions regarding maintenance of Arch Linux. I come from Gentoo where I typically execute the following: emerge --sync emerge -uDNv world emerge --depclean revdep-rebuild I suppose emerge --sync && emerge -uDNv world is equivalent t

Emacs compiled with S/MIME support in Arch Linux

I have been trying without success to get Emacs 23.2 and Gnus 5.13 in Arch Linux to generate messages signed with S/MIME certificates, which are frequently used by the U.S. government and by businesses.  My configuration works fine on my Ubuntu works

How do you exit the Arch Linux installer?

How do you exit the Arch Linux installer? I decided to install windows before installing Arch Linux because I want to dual-boot/with those operating systems. What command should I type to exit & eject my Install CD?reset button? I think it depends on

Networking arch linux virtual machine networking

For a project, I've got an arch linux virtual machine running on the school network. The image has SSH installed and that works just fine, the problem is that the network admin didn't give it access to the internet (so I can access it only over lan).

Arch linux iso images

hello community! would like to know if the new arch linux iso images will continue to happen.Thanks!!dolby wrote:I've been wondering whats gonna happen if AIF is brought back to a good state again. Will we revent back to using it or stick with arch-i

Arch Linux (and general Linux) graphics and artists community

TheBodziO has started a discussion about the (Arch) linux graphics community. That gives me an idea. It would be nice to create an online (sub)community dedicated to graphics, DTP, and photography centered around Arch Linux. For now, I can only offer