Gateway in Oracle Web Service Manager

Hi, Does anybody know a really usable document for gateways in Oracle Web Service Manager? I tried to use the common Oracle's document to create a gateway and counfigure a tomcat-axis web service in it, but I could not manage it. Supposing that I hav

Unable to register my data warehouse in Service Manager

I have been trying to register my data warehouse but keep getting the same error message each time - "Invalid URI:  the hostname could not be parsed."  I know the issue is on the ServiceManager database side of things, but there is not a lot of

Service Manager 2012 R2 Self Service Portal Request Offering page length

How can I control the number of fields displayed in the SSP for my request offerings? I would like to only ask a few questions per page and have the end user click next to continue asking have to edit settings.xml in wwwroot\system cent

How to check System Center Service manager 2012 R2 license version

Hi, I have installed Microsoft System Center 2012 R2 Service manager 3months before but do not have remember whether I put permanent license key or evaluation, can anyone please let me know how can I check whether this is evaluation or permanent lice

Error in SBO Service Manager

Dear All,. I have a problem in SBO Service Manager. When I'm opening the Service Manager, the service seem not installed (blank) but when I'm looking in the Windows Server --> Administrative Tools --> Service, all the item in service manager is alre

HP Service Manager vs HP Service Anywhere.

Hello , Does HP Service Anywhere has any module level differences from HP Service Manager. Regards, Somya Somya_Tyagi, welcome to the forum. Here are links to each of the services:

Microsoft Azure Monitoring Services Management Library stable release date

With the general availability of autoscale and the Microsoft Azure Management Libraries, what's the timeline on the general availability of Microsoft Azure Monitoring Services Management Library? Is there an estimated release date for v1.0?We have th

How to create new connection in directory service manager

Hello, I have upgraded OID from to after upgrade i used below url to connect directory service manager. http://hosname:7005/odsm trying to create new connection but not able to connect getting below error "Bind Failed. Host='dog104

Reports in service management

Hi All, can any one send me some sample  reports in service management ,and also tables used in Service Management.Its very urgent.... Thanks in advance. AmithHi Juwadi, Supports a range of service contract reports, including customer's service contr

RU2 install fails for Service Manager 2012 R2

Rollup Update 2 for Service Manager 2012 R2 is crashing during install on my prod management installed fine on my test server. It happens very quickly after I click "install", just after agreeing to the license terms.  I've ran the .

Issue with installing second Service Manager server

We decided to install a second SM server to use as a test following the KB from MS below: We later found out that this install process had some issues and we needed a hotfix from MS to resolve

IT Service  Management

Hello Experts, I'm new to Service Module and started working on Demo for IT service Management,Can any one please let me know about IT service Management settings so that I can start from there? Especially : the below functionality Incident managemen

Service Manager Data Warehouse Install - Analysis Server Configuration For OLAP Cubes Fail

Hello everyone, I have an issue with my installation of the Data Warehouse for System Center Service Manager 2012 SP1. My install environment is the following: Windows Server 2012 – System Center Service Manager (Successfully Installed) - Virtual Win

Error in  HelloWorld service using oracle web services manager(Test Engine)

Hi All, I deployed simple hello world web services on jwsdp2.0 and it is running at the following end point address : http://localhost:8080/jaxrpc-HelloWorld/hello When I use the Test engine provided by oracle web services manager to test this web se

Service Manager Disabled - Vista Business

Hi, I have started a clean installation of Business One on a Windows Vista Business environment. I have installed SQL 2005 Standard Edition SP2 and then installed the Server Component for SBO. After installing the Server Tools from SBO 2007A PL8 i ca

Oracle Web Service Manager Login failed

Hi , I had installed advance version of SOA on windows xp. I abel to login to all component other than web service manager.I am using the oc4jadmin user id and its password to login.Please let me know what i have to do to fix it. Regards, Pa

Confirming method to secure web services through oracle web service manager

Hi All, I am just wondering about the method to secure web service through oracle web service manager. I have a unsecure web service "helloworld" which is deployed on JWSDP1.6 toolkit.I want to secure it through oracle web service manager. Inord

Service Manager data warehouse management server Installation fails

Hi there, In Virtual Machine Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard with my user being a Local Admin and SQL Admin. I tried to do a Service Manager data warehouse management server first installation I am facing the following image as error: In the event vi

Oracle Web Services Manager, Coresv

Coresv, Web Services Manager May 21, 2005 9:04 PM Reply I have downloaded Web Services Manager (part of the Application Server Downloads), also called as coresv. I have done the installation as per the scripts but need some help with some issues that

Solution Manager 7.1 IT Service Management: IRT, MPT new status

Hello everyone, I am wondering, if  in SAP Solution Manager 7.1 IT Service Management I can customize new status into SLA measurement, for example 'Customer action' duration time at Web browser (similiar fuctionality as IRT(The initial response time)