I receive an error code:5,157,69 when I try to scan using my MX922. It is connected via wireless

I have my new MX922 connected to my home network via wireless. When I attempt to scan photos I receive an error message stating that the scanning software was unable to communicate with the scanner. Code:5,157,69. I have no issues when printing or fa

XSD compiling

Hi good afternoon.. here i am compiling one XSD file but when i am doing..i facing following error.. after this error ... I have already set the all the PATH, CLASSPATH.. E:\XMLprog>scomp -out purchaseorder.jar purchaseorder.xsd Time to build schema

Safari wont open Code type: X86-64 (Native)

Hi, I have had my mac only a couple months and everything was working fine. I used safari last night before going to sleep, when I got home from class today safari would not open. Im not quite sure what the issue is, I have tried reading some forms a

Problem in moving the code from one computer to other

Hi, I am working on building a webservice. I started building the EJB teir compnents like (Entity beans, Sessions beans, data base schemas) using the SUN ONE STUDIO 5 and SUN ONE App Server 7.0. The problem, if I want to move the same entity beans co

Transaction Notification. How to include table Itemgroup in code

Hi. I need to include some code in SP_TN that must be run at changing of values in the fields of the table ItemGroup (OITB). What will be the first  stroke in TN like: 1. If @object_type = N'XXX'   - in this case I need a number of object of this tab

In wadl2java-generated code, NullPointerException from HttpTransportPipe

I wrote a WADL document and used JAXB schemagen to create an XSD for my Jersey RESTful web-service, and referenced that XSD in that WADL document. Then, I used wadl2java to generate client-code for my service. However, then, I had numerous jar-depend

Macbook pro 7.1  country code : RU

Hello. Why the country code RU disable the 802.11n ?? And how can i fix it? In Russia using  wi-fi 802.11n is absolutely legal.   Версии ПО:   CoreWLAN:          2.1.1 (211.3)   CoreWLANKit:          1.0.1 (101.1)   Дополнительное меню:          7.0.

Compile error of LabVIEW C code in vxworks 5.5.1/tornado 2.2.1

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am trying to run a LabVIEW-generated C code {Calling a LabVIEW-built DLL in C to Acquire, Analyze, and Present Data (} in VxWorks 5.5.1. However, I have the following errors in usin

Error Code:9 Failed to connect to Native Directory

Hello everyone I am getting this kind of error "Error Code:9 Failed to connect to Native Directory" while I am trying to open shared services console. I am not even able to open the EPM System Configurator. Please provide me some suggestions on

Class mapping sample code error

Hi ! There is an error in a Developers guide mapping sample code: p.156-157. (Examples 7.11,7.12 and 7.13). For example, in 7.12 we have: <class name="Tabloid" persistence-capable-superclass="Magazine"> <extension vendor-name=

WLC 5508 Controller Boot SW ER.aes not found

Hello Cisco-Experts, we just received a new 5508 installed with SW-Version, Filed REcovery Image Because all other Controllers, all 4400-series, are running on SW-Version 6.0.202, we would like to upgrade the software to this lev

SCCM 2012 - Error sending DAV request. HTTP code 401, status 'Unauthorized'

Hi everyone! I have a SCCM 2012 install with SQL 2008 R2 RU6 on it. All roles on the same server. Application deployment was working last week and suddently, today, it's not working anymore. Client fail to download applications. When I see the log "d

ESS Corporate Code of Conduct

Hi Experts, Can you please let me know how we can configure ESS Corporate Code of Conduct? I can see the tab page "Corporate Information" in ESS. However, when I am clicking on "Code of Conduct Service" I am getting following error mes

Can I create an ok-code like /n or /h...

Can we, as customers, create ok-codes that would go straight into the command field at the top of the toolbar ?That was not my intention. I would like to create my own ok-code. I'd like to input it manually in the command field and have it do some ki

Sample code for creation of contact

Creation of contact using the java api does not work as it should for me. I think i dont have the correct format for the vcard will someone help me with this!! A sample code example will be very helpfull§. I am using calander version 9.0.4. any addit

How to prevent the insertion of rollover code when using a template

Hi there I am designing a site in Dreamweaver using templates. These templates use rollover images. The code that DW uses for the rollover I have abstracted out into a separate javascript file, which is linked to in the header. Further, I am using wi

How does a CIN code works in LabVIEW?

hi..can any one explain as to how a CIN code (written in c/c++) works in LabVIEW.Do we have to import the c/c++ file too when we import the respective VI? How does the CIN code work in an exe file without having to load the C/C++ code?When you create

Extending resource status and reason code category

Hi Experts, I have a couple of questions regarding the extensibility of status and reason codes in ME15.0 in the context of machine integration: 1. Is it save to add new status fields (records) in WIP.STATUS for STATUS_GROUP="RESOURCE"? Is there

Where is E61i firmware 2.0633.65.01 for Code 05416...

I have an E61i with Code = 0541667. Per the "Check you device - Software Update" page [1], 1.0633.86.02 is the current version. Any idea where 2.0633.65.01 is for the E61i with code 0541667? Paul Spencer [1]

Code generation in Sun Java Studio enterprise edition 7.0

I went thru the product tour of Java studio enterpise edition 7.0 It says that it will generate code from UML documentation. After that can we