Why we go for SAP ?what are the benifits to implement SAP inanyorganizat?

Hi, Why we go for SAP ?what are the benifits to implement SAP in  any organization? Early reply is highely appruciable. Regards, Chow.Hi check following link for ur doubts Som

Implementing SAP Note query

Hello, My query is  , i need to implement SAP Note 1232490. The highest support package applied in my system is SAPKB46C55. This note is part of support pack SAPKB46C59. Can i apply this note now directly or should i apply SAPKB46C56,SAPKB46C57,SAPKB

Benefits of implementing SAP GRC AC in Lifescience/Pharma.

Dear All, Would be great if anyone could please share the benefits of implementing SAP GRC Access Controls in Lifescience/Pharma industry, more specifically which all regulations and laws it takes care of. Regards, Hersh. Edited by: HERSH GUPTA on De

What are the Benefits of Implementing SAP

Could someone tell me how a company benefits from implementing SAP?To integrate all business processes and make information available to create a decisive organization. Focus on Business Processes Elimination of Redundant Data (Common & Consistent Da

Advanteages of Implementing SAP by the Company.

Please let me know the advantages of Implementing SAP for any company who is ready to implement. Thx, Farhan.Systems Applications & Products in Data Processing (SAP) SAP India was started in 1996 and is a wholly owned subsidiary of SAP, AG. It provid

Implementing SAP Note 837300

We have a situation when we implement SAP NOTE 837300, the following is the information I get, Please Assist anyone. Diagnosis     The objects R3TR NOTE 0000837300 and LIMU FUNC SO_OBJECT_MIME_GET cannot     be edited together because only one of the

How to config and implement SAP Solution Manager

Hi, We have to  config and implement SAP Solution Manager. So plz suggest me the steps to be taken. From where we have to start config and implement SAP Solution Manager. Regards, Radhey ShyamHello Radhey, I would suggest you take advantage of the do

What are the dependencies to implement SAP PM module form Financials?

Hi Experts, Requirement is that the client does not have SAP and now asking for only SAP PM module to be implemented. Can you please suggest me what are all the dependencies we need to consider from FICO and MM  point of view? Thank you very much Gan

Preparation Implement SAP FIORI

Hi Experts, We are planning to implement SAP Fiori for Approve Purchase Orders, Approve Requisitions and Approve Requests. there are several question that I'm looking for Where i can find configuration connecting ECC, NetWeaver and FIORI. What skills

Can I implement SAP MM without implementing SAP FICO module?

Hello all, Can I implement SAP MM without implementing SAP FICO module?Hi Abhijeet, The answer is Yes and No. Yes, if you have a corporate wide Financial System for taking balance sheet and other reporting needs and you need SAP MM for your purchasin

Base work before implementing SAP-FICO

Hello Everyone, Can any one please suggest me that the base work needs to be done by the client before implementing SAP-FICO.Hi Refer to this weblink Additio

Implementing SAP note 818051

Hi Experts, I need to implement the solution described in SAP note 818051 for Z movement types (created as copy of standard). The above note specifies validity for release till 500 ,(not sure about field "and subsequent") where as the customer i

Implementing SAP note 750287, 768456,  813703,

Hello, I'm having prob with configuration, alert Configuration and Alert Inbox(when ever i click  it is showing The requested resource does not exist) to solve the issue i have executed the report RSXMB_ACTIVATE_ICF_SERVICES,and also actiavated the a

What are the major issues in implementation SAP CRM sales and CIC.

Hi We are newly implanting the project to the mobile Manfaturing Company. Our Clint is going for are looking to implement the CIC interaction center win Clint and the Sales modules of CRM . We have some 3rd parry raw data with us with that raw data w

Implement SAP / RFC Linux

Hi there, I made a Windows application which connects to SAP and everything works correctly me. Now I'm trying to compile the same application on Linux and have a problem. When I compile the code indicates a missing dependency. ./sapirfci.c: 29: erro

SAP Healthcare Americas Implementation

Hello, i want to know if a hostpital or healthcare institution had implemented sap in America, especially in south america. Perhaps someone knows where or the way to find places with this software working. We are planning a big project and need testi

SAP HR new Implementation

Hi , I am basis admin and we are trying to implement SAP HR in our company.  I want to know list of tasks which needs to be performed from Basis admin prespective to setup the system.  We are planning to go implenent 3 system landscape for HR. 1. Do


hi Gurus, I need some detail information with respect to this scenario. There is a Client ABC and they are mainly in Construction field to make residential complexes and Flats and many more. They have recently implemented SAP and in that they have im

Frustrated. Need Advice on SAP Security Implementation!!!

I'm very frustrated with my latest project and I would really appreciate your feedback. I recently joined a company that's implementing SAP. They are already in the realization phase and will soon enter the final preparation stage. I was brought in t

Implementation of SAP solution Manager

Dear Sir,                      We are planning to implement SAP solution Manager. Our Present Environment information: SAP version: 4.7E Oracle         : OS info       : HP-UX version B.11.23, hardware ia64 We want to implement SAP solution m