The version of OLE on the client and server machines does not match. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80010110)

Hi, I have installed FIM CM Client on one machine and FIM CM update service on another machine. Both are windows server 2008 r2 machines. When i try to enroll a permanent smart card for a user, its shows me the following error:- The version of OLE on

To_char displays different results on sql client and server

Hi, I am executing the below query on my database with version: SQL> select to_char(to_date('20-OCT-07'),'D') from dual; The following result is displayed: T 7 When the same query is being run through sqlplus client( connecting to the

Strange problem with SQLPLUS when client and server on the same box

Hi, I have the problem with SQLPLUS when clinet and server on the same machine. With client and server on the same machine i am running the command sqlplus -l username/[email protected]_identifier as SYSDBA. With this command, even if you pass in wron

How to run a datagram socket client and server program

hi, I am new to socket programming. I am following the tutorial of sun for socket programming...The link is I have understood the concept, but the problem is i cannot run

How to handle when Client and server write to the socket at the same time

Hi all, I'm writing a socket communication when client and server may write information the the socket at the same time. I look every where but the samples from the internet only shows example of server replies to client after receiving requests from

XML over HTTP between client and server

We are trying to pass XML between a client and servlet over HTTP.           We used the code from the StockClient/StockServlet examples as a           starting point but cannot get it to work. Basically we           have a simple command line java cl

FIM CM Client and Server 20 12

Attempting to renew certificates for Smartcards on Server 2012 FIM CM Client 64 Bit is installed on both client and manager. When clicking on the "Show the details of my smartcard" there is no response in IE 64 BIT Ran IE in IE 10 Compatibility

Multiplayer game: how to synchronize client and server

Hi there, I'm wondering how to synchronzie client's and server's frame number? I have a multiplayer spaceship(2D) game running at constant 30 FPS, since I use "frame number" to determine if a packet is too late or not, so I would like to have se

Need to know the information between Oracle Client and Server

Hi, I have recently installed Oracle 11g Rel 2 client ( in Windows XP. Can you please tell me whether I can connect to Oracle 9i Server ( using the client and successfully run any application based or not ?skaich wrote: Hi, I have r

Log-in hanging issues with 10.4.x clients and server

hey all. this was discussed earlier but no fix. all of my 10.4.x machines, from g4's to macmini's (intel) hang on login after several successful logins. the login screen dims and nothing. anybody found a fix for this? have deleted login prefs, change

VPN Client and Windows 7 Issue

Using VPN Client, V5.0.07.0440 a Dell Vostro W7 Professional system, 64 bit. The client installs and runs the same way it has on at least 20 other systems without issue. When I try to remote into the network, I get a "can not connect" error atte

Signal tranmission between client and server through tcp/ip

Hi everyone,I want to transmit analog signal from server to the client,I enclosed one file which is used to transfer an array of string,how can I modify the enclosed example for analog signal tranmission(numeric) and save the signal into a file "load

How to identify client and server versions

Hi all, Ok, this may sound silly, but I have to write an application to access an Oracle database. Prior development in other languages has used ODBC and works fine. VS.NET using the OLE DB works as well. However, I installed the ODT with ODAC 11.10.

Informatica 9.5 client and 9.6 server

Kids, the answer is extremely simple: Informatica does NOT support any combination of server X and clients Y. Both versions have to match exactly. Yes, there have been times when e.g. a 8.6.1 Hotfix 5 client could be used with a 8.6.1 Hotfix 9 server

Socket Communication between java client and c++ server

HI, In my project,I want to do the following: 1.Sending datas from client to server. 2.Getting the response from server to client. I written the client in java.but the server is in c++. Is it possible to communicate with the server using java codings

Client Access Server per AD Site?

In a single forest, single domain, multi AD site environment, can users in Site-B using Outlook 2010 clients connect to Client Access array /OWA, Hub, Maibox in Site-A without the need to install a Client Access server in Site-B? or Do I actually hav

HttpSession replication and server state saving

The UIComponent class is not serializable, certainly because it is the StateManager which is responsible of saving its state. But the default server state manager of the RI stores the whole component tree in the HttpSession. That means that it won't

SMB issue 10.4 client and 10.5 server solved?

I searched for days to solve the problem to connect via SMB from a 10.4 client on shared files on 10.5 server. But I did not find any answer except unable guest access (what is no real solution). Why this error code -36 appears when trying to connect

2008 R2 PDC with DNS, File and Print Server Roles

Hi all, we have a brand new Canon iRA7260 setup on 2008 R2 print server, which is also our DC, DNS, DHCP and File Server with latest PCL5c drivers downloaded from Canon's website as recommended at that time by the canon technician who assembled the m

10.6 Client and 10.7 Server Open Directory

I´ve got an Mac Mini running Lion Server. It´s configured as an Open Directory Server. And I´ve got some 10.6 Clients running on the same local network. All Clients have the Mini Server as DNS Server. And now I want to use NetworkAccounts form the 10