How to handle events in webdynpro abap

Hi, can any body explain how to handle the events in webdynpro abap. i want to know some concepts in general. Thanks,Hi Mahesh, you can create event handlers under the actions tab in you view. evry event handler has an importing parameter wdevent of

ABAP: Get super container of DROP_DOWN_BY_KEY

Hello, I have some dynamic behavior on the screen that I am working on: Transparent containers generated dynamically. Each of newly generated containers has a DROP_DOWN_BY_KEY. When a user selects an item from that DROP_DOWN_BY_KEY I need to get refe

SRM7 - Sourcing Cockpit steps and FPM

Hi all gurus, in SRM7 there's a sourcing cockpit for purchase requisitions which is basically split in 4 main steps: - in the first one (which corresponds to a specific WebDynpro/view) the user cah search for a PR; after the results are retrieved, th