Cisco WLC 2504 sofware update

Dear Friends, I am using Cisco WLC 2504 current software version is and I want to upgrade it to the latest version which is 8.x.x.x. Could you please help and advice the best way of doing it? Also can I upgrade direct to the latest version

IMP: Cisco AIR-CAP1602 &1532 not joining 2504 Controller issue

Dear Team, We have Cisco wireless implementation in clients premises. We have 8 indoor AP (AIR-CAP1602E-AK9) and 2 Outdoor AP (AIR-CAP1532I-AK9) . Seven indoor APs are able to join the 2504 controller, but 1 indoor AIR-CAP1602E AP is not joining and

Cisco LAP 2602 can not join Virtual WLC

dear all,  i just install Virtual WLC and i remove WLC 2504 , i install & configured it , but LAP can not join. it was work fine with WLC 2504. i used the same network topology with the old WLC. i receive this error logs. *spamApTask4: Feb 04 06:01:3

TFTP image to Cisco WLC 2504

I am trying to TFTP an image to a Cisco 2504 WLC. The management interface is /24 and I have my PC connected to a port on the WLC with the IP address However, I still do not have connectivity between the PC and WLC. Any advice?If

Master Secondary Cisco WLC environment

I've inherited 2 Cisco wireless WLC's recently.. we have what we consider our Master Cisco WLC 5508 controller, and a 2504 WLC at our HQ.   Bottom line, these WLC's are set as individual master controllers and their respective AP's connect to each of

Acs 5.3 and wlc 2504 config with restricted network access

Hello, i submit you the following issue that i'm actually facing: i must configure a secured wireless network with access restriction based on SSID. the equipements are : cisco wlc 2504 (soft 7.3) cisco secure acs aplliance 1121 (soft 5.4) . the user

AP not joining WLC 2504

Hi all my customer has a 2504 WLC, and has problems to join APs (There are no aps joined to the controller at this moment). What are the Bold lines tell me? in the debug I see the following: *spamApTask0: Oct 10 09:20:06.019: 58:f3:9c:78:d1:10 Discov

LWAP 1231G can't join an WLC 2504 , Unsupported!!

Dear All, I have WLC 2504 with software version , & 2 different LWAP 1262n & 1231G with "c1200-rcvk9w8-mx.124-21a.JA" Image. The 1262n is joined to the to the controller and working fine but the 1231G it cann't join the contro

Client got not connection to wlan over wlc 2504 on 802.11b/g

Hi everybody, We are using a wlc 2504 with and AP 1532e. I have the strange observacion that only clients with 802.11n (2.4GHz) can connect to the WLAN. Clients thats works only with 802.11b/g, they can't connect to the WLAN. Affected are a

Cisco WLC 5508 not sending SNMP Traps

Hello Everyone. I'm having a weird error on our WLC environment. We have an HA with two cisco WLC 5508 and i cannot get SNMP Traps working on a Windows PC running Kiwi Syslog server (free ed.). I can receive correctly Syslog messages, but not traps.

AP not joining WLC

Hello I am running WLC4404 image 6.0 the latest one. the AP is not joining the controller and it is saying invalid license in configuration request. This is a boot of one of the access point: Dec 11 11:05:59.025: %CAPWAP-3-ERRORLOG: Go join a capwap

Lap 1142N not joining WLC2106

Hi, I have a 1142N which does not join the WLC when connected via a 2960 switch. When I connect a different lap 1142N to the same port on the same switch using the same cables, it does join the lap to the WLC. And when I connect the first lap directl

1131AG not joining to controller (7.4.100)

Hi all, My customer has an 1131AG AP, andhas Problems with joining to the controller. I did a debug and have the following output. The WLC (5508) shows the AP with  Primary SW version as this Release does not showup in any compat matrix! It

WLC 2504 with AP 3502

Hello all, i need your help, i have a WLC but AP's not joined with controller,  this errors sends: cisco AIR-CAP3602I-N-K9    (PowerPC) processor (revision A0) with 167926K/81920K bytes of memory. Processor board ID FTX1734GJ9E PowerPC CPU at 800Mhz,

CISCO WLC How to Block a Client

Hi, We are using CISCO WLC and broadcasting a number of SSIDs. What we want to do is to block some spesific users to a spesific SSIDs while letting to connct to another SSID. Dows anyone have any idea?You can use radius 802.1x authentication or you c

Wlc-2504-k9 ap license upload issue

Hi i have 20 access points and wlc controller with 15 ap supported .I got 5 ap license but am not able to upload . Temproray i have enabled evaluation license which is valid 12 weeks . but when i tried to upload the liecense its giving me error . Can

Cisco WLC

Hi,  why should have to choose cisco WLC and why can not go other vendor(Aruba).why should have to choose cisco WLC and why can not go other vendor(Aruba). I don't get the question.  You want us to provide you a reason? Before I start giving you a fe

AIR-CAP2702I-E-K9 not joining to WLC8500

Hi there, I'm facing a strange issue as the CAPWAP AP is reporting problems while trying to associate the controller. These are the steps: AP with right IOS (ap3g2-rcvk9w8-xx) AP get the IP from DHCP AP get the controller IP through DHCP Option 43 AP

WLC 2112 is not accessable

Hello Experts, I have a problem with my Cisco WLC 2112. Problems: 1. I can not reach this WLC via GUI or CLI. 2. Can not access via Console. 3. Status LED is Dark Orange or Red. Can anybody help. RegardsHi, Status LED is Amber(ORANGE/RED)- Means Prob

Savant and WLC 2504

The customer have 1x WLC 2504 and 7x AP 3502i. He are installing a automation system called Savant, this system use the Bonjour protocol to discovery the services on the network. I've configured the multicast group on controller and switch (SG300) wi