How to configure to not open pdf files into Internet Explorer 10?

I have disabled the adobe complements from Internet Explorer and the preferences of Adobe to don't show the pdf files in internet but it keep also doing it. How can configure the computer? I am using Internet Explorer 10, Adobe Acrobat 8.1 and Adobe

New Acrobat Pro installed and EVERY PDF file crashes after about 10 seconds. Any Solutions?

I just purchased and installed Acrobat Pro v. 10.1.2 and it seemed to install fine ,but now EVERY ODF crashes after about 10 seconds. Also, I get the Windows "please wait while Windows Configures Acrobat" message every time I launch Acrobat. Doe

Printing pdf files in a browser (e.g. Firefox) without opening the file

I have a web application, which is generating pdf files. Is it possible to print a pdf file on the default printer without opening the pdf file? I want to click on the link of a pdf file and the file should be printed immediately on the default print

How can I make chromium to open PDF files directly in okular?

Hi all, I switched from firefox to chromium and there is one thing that I would like to have solved: At the moment, the only way to open PDF files from the web is to first save them locally and open them afterwards from the chromium statusbar or from

Compressing and decompressing a PDF file

Dear Gurus, Anyone who can assist with the code to compress and decompress PDF file so that I can send it in an email. Thanks1) you should go to ABAP Printing forum where this problem has been discussed many times (for example remove the coloring to

Interactive Report Produces Corrupt PDF File

Hello. I am using Apex 3.1.2 and have created an Interactive Report (IR). I then chose the "Download as PDF" option and chose the "Open" option. This caused an error about a corrupt PDF file. I then saved the file to my Windows drive a

Unable to print a PDF file using the BI Publishing server

Hi, I have a BI publisher server version on W2K3 43 bit. I can access through the url that server. From my desktop I access through an url my Oracle APEX application. It has been configures with: Report Printing: Print Server Protocol: Adv

How do I link to Anchor Text from browser to PDF file exported from InDesign?

I see that this question was asked previously but not answered: I need a way to link to topics (from an HTML page) within a structured PDF file generated from InDesign, i.e. one that has an interactive bookmark

Menu button to download Pdf file on the application

Hi, I have a AM method that takes in some parameters and generates xml data and then calls the BI Publisher report service and generates a PDF providing the xml data as input. The method needs to have a file download action listener so that the Pdf f

Printing problems (PDF files-HP Color Laserjet 1518ni: return the printer?

Hi everyone, I recently switched platforms and became a Mac user and had to buy a new printer because my old HP deskjet is not compatible with my computer. So, I bought an HP Color Laser printer, supposedly Mac compatible, but every time I try to pri

Create multiple pdf files and open them at once from java application

I came across a very unique problem , i am hoping some one could help me out with that . I am using itext to create pdf files , i have filtered some records (preferably i can say around 90) which has the option to open pdf for individual record. Now

Multiple PDF Files

Hi, I am new to Documaker. I got the initial setup done and am able to generate a single PDF file from an XML. In our system, each XML file corresponds to each PDF generated. I am just wondering how to set the INI file for accepting Multiple XML inpu

How to open PDF file generated by some ashx handler using POST parameters in Internet Explorer for W

I need to print content of pdf file by JavaScript. To do this used HTML like this: <OBJECT id = "Pdf" data = '' name="Pdf2" WIDTH="300" HEIGHT="300"></OBJECT> <a onclick=

Cyrillic Characters not shown in pdf file when xsl is parsed part 2:

I am using Fop to create a pdf file from an XSL file, an XML file and a file. The XML file is populated by a Java class, where the information is taken from a Russian Database. This XML file is them used to populate th

Ouick Time problems with pdf files

Help!! I can't view web pages that contain pdf files in the pdf format; the QT logo appears and I just get a picture of the first page of the pdf. If a download option is available, I can usually get it to download, but if the link takes me to a page

Having troulbe viewing pdf files in my adobe reader

I am having trouble seeing some pdf files like income tax returns or my sons fafsa application both online and when i try to uninstall to reinstall to see if that would fix the problem, in my add/remove programs it comes up and says "this patch packa

Why my Mac freeze when PDF files in the FINDER

I have that problem since yesterday: when I try to either select or even just view the content of a folder with PDF files in it, my Mac freeze progressively after few seconds. Then, the only solution is to force quit by holding the power button. Real

How to make fileDownloadActionListener to open pdf file in new window

Hi all , i used the component [ fileDownloadActionListener ] to make download pdf file , my question is How make this components to download and open file in new window ? Jdeveloper version is a sample

Deamweaver 4 and PDF file

I have an old program, Dreamweaver 4 and it does not recognize PDF files when I try to insert on my web page. Can anyone help?Its been a long time since I used DW4 but if you look in the configurations folder for DW4, you should find a file called Ex

Problems embedding PDF files into Excel 2003 workbooks

Several of my fellow consultants engaged on a client project were previously able to successfully embed PDF files as objects within Excel 2003 workbooks.  However, most recently, a few of them have been encountering odd icon displays for the embedded