How to change the status of IDOCS from 29 status to 53

Guys how to change the status of IDOCS from 29 status to 53 Thanks in advanceHi Krishna IDOC_STATUS_CONVERT Use this FM and reward meRead other 2 answers

IDOC status 62 -  IDOC passed to application

Hello Experts, Am posting a inbound sales order custom/extended IDOC into the system from WE19, but, when I saw it in WE02/05, its showing status 62 - IDOC passed to application, i checked ST22 run time error. there is no error and also checked trigg

How to changes the status of IDOCs from 18 to 06....

Hi All, I have set an Idoc to send the invoice to a midleware called Inovis via ALE, everything is looking OK at the moment and we are getting status 18. however for some reason Inovis needs the status 06, I have not idea how to set this change. Than

Changing IDOC status

Hello I wander how to change IDOC status. I know there is an report (or a FM) which changes it but I can  not find it. Could you please hepl me? Thank you in advanceHi, do you mean with a transaction BD87 ? You can modify the idoc and process it .. r

IDOC status not changed

SAP support I am not able to change the IDOC status... I have also processed the IDOCs many times.. Guidance required... KamalDear Kamal Please check your entry in SM12 an delete it and again reprocess it with the help of Tcode Bd87 Thanks Amit Shivh

How to find Correct IDoc Status in SAP

Hi All, I need some help on IDoc scenario, I have custom program to create Idoc and as well it will send IDoc to XI. I want to know idoc staus in the program to update custom table whether idoc sent successfully or not but idoc giving status as 03 (D

How can i set the IDOC Status to 03 without doing a "COMMIT WORK"

Hello Geeks,    I want to set the status of the Outgoing IDOC to 03 , without doing a "COMMIT WORK" . Actually only after i do a commit work are my IDOCs dispatched. But with a commit work the IDOCs are dispatched immidiately. I do not want to d

File to IDoc Scenario: Idoc Status 50

Hello, I have a problem in doing a File to IDoc Scenario with a simple XML file mapped to IDoc "CREMAS.CREMAS03".  In the beginning, I got a status 56:"IDoc with errors added".  Then I added a logical system (LS name of my sender)manua

IDOC  STATUS 29 to 68

Hi all, Customer request is change idoc status from 29 to 68. 68 = no further processing inbound side 31 = no further processing outbound side if i change status of idoc from 29 to 68 using Fn module IDOC_STATUS_WRITE_TO_DATABASE Data of idoc is vani

Error in idoc status

hI all, can any one tell me "ERROR_WRITING_IDOC_STATUS " why this exception will raise. Thanks, Prakash .SJust check this. CALL FUNCTION 'MASTER_IDOC_DISTRIBUTE'         EXPORTING              VALUE(MASTER_IDOC_CONTROL) LIKE  EDIDC STRUCTURE  ED

Updating IDoc Status through PI

Hello Experts, We are sending an IDoc to a third party system through PI 7.1. From there we are planning that they will send a acknowledgement. It will contain the Idoc number and its status (whether it got processed at their end or not). The require

Lock error while Changing the Routings through IDoc

Hi All,         we are trying to change the routing by passing change mode X using IDoc /SAPMP/ROUTING01 with message type /SAPMP/ROUTING and we using the function module /SAPMP/IDOC_INPUT_ROUTING to process the IDoc. We have no problem while creatin

Idoc status 17

Hello Gurus, there are some standard POs that I created that becomes status 17. how is this happening? Thanks in advance.Hi, Please refer below link.... IDOC Status 17 KuberRead other 3 answers

IDOC: Status (Error/Success/information)report to Sender system

How would one send a message(error/success/information) to the sending(external) system to inform them of the statuses of the messages they've sent to our SAP system?Hi Baumann, you have an option called Audit reporting in which you can have the stat

Trigger workflow when IDOC Status 51  & with Basic Type "ORDERS003"

Hi Experts, Can any one explaine how to create worlflow for "When Idoc status is 51 with the combination of Basic Type "ORDERS003" . If this condition will satisfy i need to send a mail using worklflow. For this one Bussiness type is BUS210

Processing Status 52 Idocs

Hi, IThe transaction BD87 does not re-process status 52 Idocs.   1. Is there any reason why BD87 does not re-process these Idocs?   2. Is there any other way of doing this? Thanks,Hi, Go thru this links. try to process by using Tcode may help

IDOC status 54

Hello! IDOC status 54 - Error during formal application check... Has this status any specific meaning and usage? In which cases it is recommended by SAP to set it? Should it always be followed by a record with status 51? Thanks and best regards, Vlad


Hi all I am trying to post MATMAS IDOCS into R/3 system. The IDOCS are in destination R/3 in following status: IDOC STATUS 51 cAN SOMEONE SUGGEST ME A WAY TO SOLVE THIS PROBLEM. ThankyouHi sudhir Thanks for the quick responce. In we05 and in we02 I s

IDoc Status 02 ( Could not find code page for receiving system )

Hi All, I am getting Idoc status 02 when I am trying to send IDocs from ECC to PI system ( Production ). Error description. Could not find code page for receiving system Message no. E0266 Diagnosis For the logical destination PIP001, you want to dete

RBDAPP01 Leaves Status 64 IDOCs

Hi all, RBDAPP01 with parallel processing and the "Wait for End of Processing" flag checked often finishes with Status 64 IDOCs that match the selection criteria.  Re-running RDBAPP01 will often process the remaining IDOCs.  How can I determine