Chainafire 3D For Nokia 500 Belle.

Hello, I want Chainafire 3D for Nokia 500 Belle ,because it has no 3D GPU So i can't run many games in this phone.So Is Chainafire 3D is available for Symbian Belle OS or any other same type apps.Please tell me. Solved! Go to Solution.morex wrote: he

Pdf for nokia 500

Pls tell me how i can get pdf for my nokia 500? The ones i downloaded didn't work with it. Pls help me outHave you looked at Picsel SmartOffice? Happy to have helped forum in a small way with a Support Ratio = 37.0Read other 2 answers

Live broadcast on YouTube for Nokia 500

I own phone Nokia 500 not supporting the live broadcast on YouTube Why? Note that no any problem in view video clips, updated device 111.021.0028 Solved! Go to Solution. Attachments: SAM_0589_Copy.jpg ‏735 KB SAM_0579_Copy.jpg ‏137 KB SAM_0594_Copy.j

Spb shell for nokia 500 problem REPLY ASAP

successfully install SPB shell for N500. now my main problem is, while using this app. there is a blnking effect while swiping the screen.... watch this: i hope you can fix this problem Nokia user since 2004

My nokia 500 restart automaticly what should i do ...

my nokia 500 restart automaticly what should i do ? I also updated it once but problem prist nd some times its camera also doest open plz suggest me what should i do ??Hi ARehman, Welcome to the Forum. Could you check if your phone is up to date? Ent

Importance of Antivirus on Nokia 500 ?

Hello, I want to know that is Antivirus is important for Nokia 500 as it has pre-installed f-secure Antivirus. And also please tell me is plastic (soft) Back cover can create problems like Network or Battery ? Thanks Solved! Go to [email protected]_sat

Nokia 500 Symbian Belle?

Why has postponed the launch of Symbian Belle nokia 500? So large are the problems that we are still delay? Solved! Go to Solution.Nokia Belle is specifically tailored to each phone model, including the  Nokia 500. Due to technical specifications, No

Does Nokia 500 has PDF reader for reading PDF file...

Solved! Go to Solution.kodatijaya wrote: which PDF APP is suported  for nokia asha 500? You can try searching the Nokia Store for suitable apps for your phone such as the following, Thanks.Read other 9 answers

Sleeping screen on Nokia 500

why is Sleeping Screen not supported in nokia 500 belle? I downloaded on my 500, but not running properly. display is only shown for a second while unlocking. is it due to hardware restriction?i have the same problem...... please nokia ANSWER!!!!!!!!

Nokia 500 Problem with Tracking mode and touch sc...

Hi, I just bought Nokia 500 and I am having lot of problem 1. When I use should be in tracking mode not in browing mode so I can see where i am going on where is the turn. But as soon as it calculate the route, withing few second it aut

Nokia 500 security code

when i switch on my nokia 500, it always ask the security code. so, please give me steps to off this setting.i want that mobile should not ask the code while switching on.Please take following steps & you will get solution 1# go to menu> tools >

Nokia 500 consultation software

I'm from Argentina and I have problems with my Nokia 500, the screen fades sometimes, and sometimes also the camera does not open, says memory full, close applications, and is not true because I have no application open, the latest firmware q has the

Nokia 500 fate automatically restart when insertin...

I updated my nokia 500 to Belle ,after updgrade phone  restart when inserting sim and not detecting sim. Without sim phone working fine.       please provide any solution for this issue..........Have you tried a different SIM ? Borrow from friends /

Nokia 500 Suggestions...

I habve purchased Nokia 500 recently but i found certain things which can be easily upgraded...Below is the list: 1) Folder playlist is missing. If i have to make a new playlist then it would be easy for me to select the folder then to select individ

How to Setting IP manually Nokia 500 WLAN

HOW to Setting IP manually Nokia 500 WLAN ? Moderator's notes: Moved to own thread.Hi masmuhay, Thank you for your post and welcome to the forums! You can set up WLAN manually by following these instructions: Go to Menu > Settings > Connectivity >

Skype on nokia 500

hey there friends, i wanted to download skype on my nokia 500 from ovi store, but it was vanishid from here, so, i downloaded it from my nokia browser and when i start it, it opened for a while like 10-15 seconds and then it closed. Plzzz someone tel

Waterproof Case for Nokia Lumia 1020

Hi, I got Nokia 1020. It has very good camera. I am going to snorkeling and like to take pictures under water. Are there waterproof case available for Nokia 1020? JBr  Moderator's Note: The subject was amended as the post was moved to the more approp

1600.3031.8779.12180 update for nokia lumia 710

Hi , I am using Nokia lumia 710 .. My phone's firmware version is - 1600.3031.8773.12121 and one of my friend's phone is running on 1600.3031.8779.12180 ... Why i didn't got that update ..... My phone is 059M161 same as my friends RM code please tell

No batteries for Nokia Lumia 710?

I am in Perth, Western Australia and I am one unhappy customer Last Friday I went to Battery World to get a spare battery for my new Nokia Lumia 710 as I'm travelling overseas. They don't have them. I phoned JB HIFI as I bought the phone from them. T

You can't use this mobile for Nokia Music Unlimite...

I have just purchased a Nokia 5130 XpressMusic mobile phone which came with music.  I have previously had a similar phone which came with music which for the last year I have been using.  That unlimited downloads has now expired.  So I have plugged i