Re: [Request] GT72 2QE Unlocked Bios

what is your current bios version?Hi, Can someone please help me with an unlocked bios for the GT72 2QE Dominator Pro notebook ? Would be very grateful  Bios Version: 1781EMS1.512 EC: 1781EMS1.512Read other 5 answers

Unlock BIOS for GE60-2OE

Hello guys. I'm looking for unlock bios for GE60-2OE Win7. (Bios Version : E16GCIMS.511 / EC Version : 16GCEMS1 Ver5.06 ) Is it possible to unlock all of hidden options? (some examples, enable/disable VT-x, turn on/off GTX765, and so on...) And how m

Full unlock BIOS for gt-72 2QD

Hello everybody, Somebody know where can i find a full unlock bios for my MSI GT-72 2 QD ? Thank you for your answers  .oki, yes its possible received it Will work over it and send back to you when its done after 3-4 hours until wait check PM what to

MSI GX740 Unlocked BIOS | split

Hello. I would like too unlocked BIOS for my MSI GX740. BIOS: E1727 IMS.10F  05/27/2011 EC: 1727EMS1.406  05/28/2010 Can Enybody help me?Normal, unlocking bios are not related to official stuffs. I can start work over it once donation is received: ht

MSI GT70 2OC Questions (Unlocked Bios, upgrade VGA drivers)

Hi Iam looking for some answers, from what I saw, there are few really awesome helping people here. So Hi to everyone! AS I noticed there is no GT70 2OC topic here, so there is now.  I will update infos How-to´s and other stuff for everyone that have

[Request] GT70 2PE Dominator Pro MS-1763 Full Unlocked BIOS

Hello Svet, I'm looking for fully unlocked BIOS for my laptop. I have some questions though (before I make the donation): - Do I need to specify which features I want or do you bundle every feature by default? The main thing I want is an option to en

MSI Barebone: Unlocked BIOS for graphics upgrade

Hello Svet, I'm currently using a Medion Erazer x6823 which is basically a MSI MS-16F33 Whitebook that is equipped with a 670MX. Now I'm planning on upgrading to a 780m and after some research I found out that I will need to flash the E16F3IMS.51X BI

MSI GE60 ONC 665XFR Unlocked BIOS Request

Hello, Is possible to have unlock Bios For MSI GE 60 0NC-665XFR ? I have Windows 7 64 Running on it BIOS Version : BIOS Information : E16GAIMS.10F With SSD Micron 128 GB inside (don't know if you need this information ) Is it possible to g

Request Unlocked BIOS for MSI GT70 0ND

Please HELP! I'm in need of the unlocked BIOS for my MSI GT70 0ND Laptop. Mostly for the virtualization. My current BIOS - E1762IMS.30M & EC Version - 1762EMS1 Ver 4.05. Could you PLEASE help me? Also, how much do I need to donate to make this happen

Unlocked Bios for GT70

I would like to receive and unlocked Bios for my GT70 0ND-492US. My current Bios is: Aptio Setup Utility Version 2.15.1227 Donation Confirmation number: 02U202532X614911L Let me know if there's any more information you need.well done Read other 6 ans

Unlocked BIOS/EC request - GT60 Barebone (16F33)

Since my graphics card (gtx675m) nearly died (nvlddmkm.sys error), I need to upgrade it to gtx780m or gtx870m, however, I'm not sure whether my BIOS and/or EC firmware (anyway, what's the difference?) is/are compatible with the newer graphics cards.

Unlocked BIOS for GT70-2OD

Hi, My notebook is GT70-2OD with RAID0 (Windows 8) Can I get unlocked BIOS? My BIOS version is w8_E1763IMS.70G My donation number is: 0NR387110P007445G Thanks.Thanks Svet, I'll be waitingRead other 5 answers

MSI GT70 OND Unlock BIOS WIN8 E1762IMS.50U

Hello Svet. There was a problem on my laptop MSI GT70. I bought the RAM 1866, but the laptop don't work stable. I want to solve the problem of unlocked BIOS. But there were problems with flashing. Unlocked version of the 30M and 10M are not installed

Request for MSI GT70 0NE-609US Unlocked Bios

I bought MSI GT70 0NE-609US Dragon Edition. An I've upgraded some parts as mentioned below Processor Intel i7 extreme 3940xm 3.0GHz (Boost 3.9GHz) Ivy Bridge Ram Corsair 32GB (8x4) 1866 MHz Gaming Graphic Card Nvidia GeForce GTX 680M 4GB Hard Drive m

Valkyrie CZ-17 unlocked BIOS

Hi Svet, I bought a used iBuyPower Valkryie CZ-17 laptop a while back (model number on label is MS-1762), and since it didn't come with a discrete graphics card the fan speed goes up to 100% within a couple minutes of powering on.  From what I've rea

MSI GT60 20c unlocked bios 10Y

Hi Svet, i need a fully unlock/unhidden Bios for an MSI GT60 20C with Win7, bios E16F4IMS.10Y no RAID Donation: 9X940289SR2454103 Thank youwill work over it and send back to you when its done after 2-3 hours EDIT: It's now done, check PMRead other 3

Unlock Bios GT60 0NC

Hello, I want to unlock my bios : GT60-0NC Model : MS-16F3 CPU : i5 - 3230M Bios version : E16F3IMS.10U Firmware version : 16F3EMS1.414 Transaction number for donation : 3NF840821W315505M ThanksIt works fine thank you very much. I have 1 more questio

Usb not working after unlocking bios password

I bought hpmini 5101 second hand after unlocking the bios password the USB is charging devices but not detecting data pls somebody should help me how fix this problemHi @musaishak , Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forums and Welcome. I have loo

MS-16F3 (Medion X6823) Unlocked Bios request

Hey Guys. I have a Medion X6823 Notebook. It is actually a MS-16F3 Barebone. I need to unlock the hidden Bios preferences like deactivating discrete Video Card and overclocking options. Firstly i know that it is an official MSI Forum but i cant find

Unlocked BIOS for GT70-2OD| split V3

I am also interested in the bios unlock. w8_E1763IMS.70H and w8_E1763IMS.50H then I also participate in the donation. Finally, if it is the same bios. Thank you in advance Cordially.Thank you for your answer ... if possible, for both bios ... I'll te