ACR 7.0 in Released version of CS6 doesn't open Nikon D800 raw files.

The ACR 7.0 that installs with rhe released version of Photoshop CS6 still won't open Nikon d800 raw files.Noel - I do use a card reader and always have! I don't go direct from the camera. As I point out, I am working around the problems that are sta

Photoshop CS4 will not open Nikon (NEF) raw files.

I recently tried CS6 Suite.  Trial was over and I went back to Photoshop CS4.  However, it would not open Nikon (NEF) raw files. I uninstalled and re-installed the PS CS4.  This did not fix the problem.  Can anyone help? Thanks, DerrickNEF files from

Does Adobe have a plug in for Photoshop CS6 to open Nikon P7800 raw files?

I recently purchased a Nikon P7800 camera.  I am using a MacBook Pro computer and Adobe Photoshop CS6.  Does Adobe have a plug-in/update that will allow me to open the camera raw files?  If they do where do I find it to install it?What version of Cam

How to open Nikon D800E Raw files in PSE9? [was:Gad, what next?]

I'm not a beginner, but after installing and upgrading Photoshop Elements 9, I find it cannot recognize RAW files from Nikon D800E. Either don't load, or load just noise, no picture. Suggestions -- I hope?Moved from Photoshop for Beginners forum to P

Can I open Nikon D7100 raw files in elements9?

hi recently purchased nikon d7100.  after raw files opened in view window of iphoto, could not import these files.  i have attached  screen shot from iphoto:     I have already downloaded the dng converter.  How do i get the unreadable file to the co

Photoshop CS3 Camera Raw Update: unable to open Nikon D5200 Raw files

I have a Nikon D5200, so I cannot view my raw files (.NEF) files in photoshop CS3 and I downloaded the Camera Raw 4.6 update, and installed it using the manual installation instructions found here: Adobe - Photoshop : For Windows : Camera Raw 4.6 upd

CS6 - Camera Raw 7.1 won't open Nikon D7100 RAW files anymore

I have a Toshiba laptop with Windows 7 installed on it. I use CS6 and a few days ago, I started having trouble when loading files (JPEG & RAW files via Camera Raw). If I loaded more than two or three files, it would crash Photoshop. I tried loading J

Troble opening Nikon D7100 Raw files

i can open D7100 file shot recently but cannot open files shot in April with the same camera.  It just says file not supported.  Any thoughts?Not necessarily.  To make sure we are on the same page, are you talking about RAW (.nef) files?  RAW files h

Please help! How do i open Nikon D610 raw files in cs3 on a mac OS X 10.6

how do i open d610 raw files in cs3 on a mac OS X 10.6 I clearly have issues supporting these files on such an old laptop but these images are critical and I would appreciate any download advise or other??Download the free Adobe DNG converter, conver

Horrible Adobe Chat Experience - How to open Canon 6D Raw files in CS5?

Hi, I just had an awful Adobe Chat experience with agent Dharma. I waited a very long time and when Mr. Dharma finally was able to help me, he wasn't able to. I was told that my product would no longer be supported and I couldn't be helped by Adobe b

Can't open Nikon D300 raw files in camera raw in CS3

Is there a solution to this?The D300 is supported in CS3.  The last version of Camera Raw that is compatible with CS3 is 4.6.  If you have it installed correctly you should have no problems.  Your camera was supported in at least one previous version

Nikon D610 raw files in CS6.

HOw can I open Nikon D610 raw files in cs6?Adobe Photoshop CS6 is still a current product and was sold and runs in parallel with CC?  CC is a different subscription platform and business model designed to provide regular income (to ADOBE) and regular

Cannot open Nikon D4 NEF files in Photoshop CS5

Cannot open Nikon D4 NEF files in Photoshop CS5 and Camera Raw 6.6 - any suggestions?Thanks for your reply .... strange? in the document you mention above the Nikon D4 is not mentioned as being newly supported and yet when I went to get info about th

Raw files with CS5 photoshop and Nikon D3300

I currently have CS5 suite, I know it's old..but its what I have to work with.  I just purchased the Nikon D3300 and cannot open the raw files.  I installed the 8.4 dng converter, but obviously that does not work.  i tried to uninstall it and install

Unable to open Canon 650D Raw files in PS CS5 [was:Camera Raw]

Hi everyone I have tried to downlaod my raw files CR2 to my photoshop cs5 but it keep saying "Could not complete your request because the file appears to be from a camera model which is not supported by the installed version of camera raw." My c

Can not open raw files in CS5

Hi I cannot open my raw files in CS5. I have a canon 40d and I am on a computer that runs Windows XP. I have no problems with my CS3 wich also runs on my PC. Can any one help?Trying to use DNG is the wrong approach.  Photoshop Camera Raw should be ab

Can i open and edit nikon d810 raw files in lightroom 4.4

can i open and edit nikon d810 raw files in lightroom 4.4No. Lightroom 4.x will never be able to open Raw files from the D810. D810 support has only just been added to the RC version of Camera Raw 8.6. It is never retrospectively added into older ver

ACR 4.1 Issue - Lightroom Issue with Nikon D40x Raw Files

I am running Windows Vista and CS3 and am trying to process Nikon D40x raw files (NEFs) using ACR 4.1. The images come up properly in Bridge. However, when I try to add metadata using a metadata template, I get the error: "There was an error writing

My Photoshop CS3 Nikon D3200 raw files

Hi! My Photoshop CS3 is not opening my Nikon D3200 raw files. What I have to do?You will never be able to open those files directly in CS3.  There will be no more updates for that old version. That camera was first supported in ACR 7.1, which needs a

How do i open nikon d810 raw with the cs4 ?

how do i open nikon d810 raw with the cs4 ?If a camera is not covered by your version of ACR, download a free copy of the Adobe DNG converter and convert the file. Your ACR will read the converted file.Read other 2 answers