Cant connect pc from mac

Hi all, here is my question... im currently on my SL 10.6.2 and i would like to access my pc from my mac in the same network. however, i did a several setting on my PC and Mac and it just didnt work to me. so i got my PC ip address by putting "ipconf

Can connect via SMB but not AFP....

Hi Guys, Firstly, please let me apologise in case im being really stupid (highly likely! ) I have a mixed environment in which i have some iMacs (running Mavericks) and some Mac Pros (Running Mountain Lion 10.8.5).  When connencting to the XServe usi

My Macbook OS 10.4.11 Cant connected to other macs in my network.

I believe is something to do with the permissions which Disk Utility can't fix. Aslo the Itunes share also dosesnt work. Any Help? thank youRead other 2 answers

When connecting to file server via smb shows no space available! Help!

We are running an XSERVE with Mac OS X 10.5.5 and have multiple clients that connect to it (mac and windows). For some reason yesterday one of the clients (10.4.11) when connects to the file share using the smb protocol shows up with 0kb available an

Can't connect using SMB, but can with CIFS

I'm trying to connect to a windows share from my PB running tiger. I can connect fine in finder going 'Network/Workgroup/PC_Name/' but if I us the 'Go > connect to server' in finder I cannot. I click go, connect to server and type "//

Can I access my Time Capsule via web, even if it´s not connected to a mac??

Can I access my Time Capsule via web, even if it´s not connected to a mac??Yes, but the issue is the IP address. If you have a static IP from your ISP it is easy.. Or if you use another router with dyndns it is easy.. but Apple make it exclusive to t

Cannot copy files from mac via smb

I have a very strange effect since I went from 10.6 to 10.7. (I am on 10.7.2 now). My Windows 7 PC can no longer copy files via SMB from the Mac to Windows. I first thought this has to do with McAfee Endpoint Encryption, since the error message is "C

HT1338 hp 100 office jet printer will not connect via bluetooth to my mac pro running os 10.9

I once was able to connect via blue tooth to my HP mobile office jet printer with my Mac pro. but ever since i have upgraded to OS 10.9 it will not pair with my laptop. I have gone too the HP site and downloaded the current drivers for this printer a

HT201177 Why won't my TV connect to my Mac Book Pro via HDMI thunderbolt after an upgrade to OS X Yosemite version 10.10.1?

Why won't my TV connect to my Mac Book Pro via HDMI thunderbolt after an upgrade to OS X Yosemite version 10.10.1?Send Apple feedback. They won't answer, but at least will know there is a problem. If enough people send feedback, it may get the proble

How can I create a new folder in an external disk that is connected via USB to my Mac?

How can I create a new folder in an external disk that is connected via USB to my Mac?Just like you would create a new folder anywhere. Open the drive's icon from your desktop or the Finder, and click shift-command-N. (Or use the Finder menu if you p

Extend range of mac mini shared interent connection via Airport

Hello all - Hopefully I can get some help with extending the range of my internet connection   Currently my internet connection is plugged into my mac mini via ethernet and shared via Wifi. I'd like to extend this connection via my airport express bu

External camera connected via usb to I mac

Can someone offer some help please, just purchased a 2 in 1 Camera Nest Box - Pc & Usb compatible , connected to I Mac 21.5 inch  I have OS X Yosemite version 10.10.2 running, I downloaded CamWiz Webcam Recorder as software as directed and I now have

Canon Printer mx860 not working since upgrade to Yosemite, it is connected to my Mac via usb.  Any suggestions?  Thanks. LL

My 2009 Canon MX860 Pixma printer not working since an upgrade to Yosemite on my MAC version 10.10. It is connected by USB.  Have had no previous issues with printing, scanning or faxing.  When trying to print my Calendar I only get light vertical do

Printing to windows printer via SMB - Printing garbled text

Hi all. I have been working on this issue for around 3 hrs this morning and finally figured it out. Thought I'd post what I did to help others with similar issues. Here's my set up: I have a PC with HP photosmart printer connected to it. I've a Macbo

HT200160 Connecting via AFP to an older NAS device?

I have tried all of the "workarounds" that have been suggested and none of this works. I recently got a new Mac (running 10.8.2) and I can no longer connect to my LaCie Big5 Network2 NAS as a "Registered User" via AFP. I can connect as

How do I print from wifi-connected MacBook Pro to printer connected via USB to Win7 PC?

This is really frustrating, and I did not think that anything could be this difficult on a Mac. I have a Windows 7 Home Premium desktop PC connected via ethernet cable to wireless router, and a printer connected to the PC via USB. I recently bought m

Force ichat to connect via airport

at work I am connected both via ethernet and wifi. need the ethernet connection to get onto the network, but i cant connect to jabber with it, though I CAN with the wifi moving the airport up in the connection list didnt work because then entourage a

Server SMB & Macs

My organization is looking at migrating from a OSX server to a Windows Server.  Our Designers use Macs and Adobe Creative Suites CS5.5 (Indesign, Incopy Users,) Currently they access the server via AFP. Files are saved to server but applications runs

Cannot connect to smb share - no error or time out, just keeps going

I searched the forum but could not find a solution. We have a file server running on a Windows Server 2008. We have several MacBooks with snow leopard installed and the same config. Recently one stopped connecting to the shared drives. It does not pr

Connecting to a Mac Mini

Hello all - I have a Mac Mini which I am trying to connect to remotely.  I don't not have a screen for the mini, but am attemping to connect it to a flat screen LCD monitor/TV thru HDMI.  Problem is the screen doesn't seem to recognize the resoultion