Cancel inspection lot

Hello Experts I am in qa32, cannot assign an inspection lot to an inspection plan....  rather than do so, I would like to cancel the lot altogether... What is the TX code to CANCEL AN INSPECTION LOT CREATED??? VerrozHi If you are cancelling the lot o

To QM people - status and cancelling date of cancelled inspection lots

In what table/fields do I know that an inspection lot is cancelled and the cancelling date? Transaction QA33 shows an LTCA system status. JEST table shows only the status (I believe that it registers all the status the lot passed by), but not the can

Cancel QM inspection lot

Dear gurus, Can anybody please tell me how inspection lot can be cancelled completely i.e. without a chance to reactivate the lot in future.Hi Raghuram, You have not make it clear Whether the lot is stock relevent or not. If the lot is stock relevent

Inspection lot not getting cancelled after the inbound delivery is created

Hello, The scenraio is like this. 1. Material was procured in plant A. 2. Using the stock transfer purchase order, transferred the material from Plant A to Plant B. 3. Outbound delivery was created, Handling units were assigned and Post Goods issue w

Cancel 101 movement with Inspection lot of closed financial period

Hi experts, we are having the following problem. We have a 101 movement with creation of Inspection lot, which was done in a finance period which is already closed. Now I have to cancel this movement, but I get the error M7021 with VOR, which means t

You cannot cancel GR, since inspection lot is already partly posted

I get the error message when I try to reverse the GR posting in MF41. However, how can this be possible when the inspection lots created for these have a CRTD status, meaning they cant be accessed because they have lacking characteristics.Hii, Stock


We have this situation: We need to reset the GD returns but this GD returns was posted by QM and when we try to cancel in VL09 we meet the next message Message no. QA046. So we tried to cancel in other ways with the inspection lot and the usage decis

Reg inspection lot cancellation

Dear all, When I am cancelling material document of  GR (101) for a purchase order with account assignment-P (projects) and item category-S (third party) with insp type-01 , inspection lot is not getting cancelled. Where shall I make setting to cance

Inprocess  Quality Inspection Lot Trigger

Dear PP gurus,             when i Release the Process Order the Inprocess Quality inspection lot is generated.             Sometimes due to cancellation of order or some breakdown of equipment i have to cancel the order so this lot remains as it is.

Inspection lot correction

Hi, By mistakely while created inspection plan i used incorrect sampling procedure due to which maunal inspection lot got created as 890000000011 but system was not allowing to do the result recording against lot No 890000000011. Then i discover the

Where we cancel inpection lot

Dear All, Please tell me how can cancellation of Inspection lot can we cancel retest inspection lot also guide meDear inpection lots gets generated depending upon the inspectio lot origin you maintained in it's MM QM view if you want to cancel the in

UD on Inspection lot after 322 mvmnt type

Dear All, I can reverse the GR Mat doc and cancel the batch after applying Note 175842. But I have another scenario which imay be related to this note:- 1.I have maintained inspection type 08(stock transfer) for re-Inspection. Which means when I do 3

Change "Vendor batch" data in the inspection lot

Hi gurus, I have created an inspection lot. It is created in automatic once the GR is made. But, I have introduce the wrong "Vendor batch" and the inspection lot has the incorrect data there. How I can change the "Vendor batch" data in

Reverse GR after the Quality has passed the inspection lot

I have a situation where the GR was done, Quality has approved the materail, now we are trying to reverse the GR...the system is giving error when trying to cancel the GR... "You cannot cancel GR, since inspection lot is already partly posted" H

Inspection lot tab in qa14

dear sir       i have faceing problem change usage dicision overview when i click inspection lot stock tab in qa14   tcode insp.stock check box are disable can you any idea how will enable this check box becase when i make goods recpt. fields qals-is

Inspection Lot status not getting changed to LTCA from REL for SubCon scenario

Dear All, For ERSA material 01 inspection type is active with indicator Post to inspection stock only as it can be purchased. No other indicator is set. This material can be sent for repairing outside with DAMAGE valuation type (stock provided to Ven

Inspection lot created for expense material (IQC)

I have a material active in QM (inspection type 01). When I use this material in expense PO (account assignment K) and do a GR, there is a inpsection lot created. Is this normal? If it is normal, is there any way to avoid? And after that, I reverse m

In inspection lot..task list does not fetch

Hi QM Guru.. when i do UD for fish material. with QA32 showing inspection lot no..but when i select line item of inspection lot and click on inspection window open..when i go inspection specification for task list..when i  click o

Defects recording against inspection lot

Hi, When I am trying to use BAPI QIRF_GET_DEFECT_ITEMS to write defects against inspection lot i am getting below error message. 'Record type not planned for defect confirmation'. Kindly let me know how to over come from this error message. Regards /

Not created inspection lot

hi, please give me idea. i given inspection type oi  and activated in material master. then i done migo for external procurement against po. when i checked in mmbe stock shows in quality stock. but in qa 32 i am not getting any inspection lot. please