Can i use more than 4GB memory in my laptop dv6700t if I install windows 7 64bit?

The pavilion dv6700t autodetects as 6853ea. It runs 32bit Vista in 3 GB mem. I know I can go up to 4 GB using the 2 slots, but can I use more when I install the 64bit version of Windows 7? If so, should I install the memory first, or the OS? Thanks.H

What format i should use for my external hard drive that can be used interchangeably between mac and pc?

What format i should use for my external hard drive that can be used interchangeably between mac and pc?Usually Fat32/MS-DOS as mentioned, but that has several limitatiuns, like 4GB filesize limit. One option is MacDrive for you PCs... allows them to

How can I use single hard drive for both Mac OS and Windows without changing the formats and reformatting?

I have a windows PC and a Macbook Air and a 1TB external hard drive. They said in order to transfer large files into the hard drive you have to change the format of your hard drive (which would be from MS-DOS to Mac Os extended) so how can I use my e

If I buy Mac OS 10.7.0 can (lion) can I use photoshop lightroom 5?

If I buy Mac OS 10.7.0 can (lion) can I use photoshop lightroom 5?Hi g, Yes, if you also have the hardware required: Mac OS Multicore Intel processor with 64-bit support Mac OS X v10.7, v10.8, or v10.9 2GB of RAM (4GB recommended) 2GB of available ha

Macbook Pro 2.53 mid 2009 came with 60 watt magsafe can I use a 85 watt without issues also can i use the new aluminum tip one?

My macbook came with a 60 watt magsafe charger with the white magnetic tip. It crapped out on me and now need to buy a new one but everyone says it uses a 85 watt which is false since i bought it new and the 60 watt charger came in  the sealed box. 1

Can I use my current dock, etc. with my new Nano?

Question, I just received my 4GB Nano, I already own a 10GB 3rd Generation Ipod with a Dock (currently plugged into a belkin firewire card, but also has a USB 2.0 connector) I also have a Apple Ipod travel charger (apple model # A1004)which seems to

[T410] discrete gfx - Problem with Video Card and Windows Aero -anyone using 4Gb memory modules?

[3/3/2010 Update] There's a issue of using 4Gb sticks on T410 currently that results in video output artifacts and aero interface problems when using Lenovo supplied drivers v8.16.11.8825. I think I can call it confirmed (Three people including me fa

Can I use an iq504 as a monitor?

I have an old TouchSmart IQ504 running Vista.  Is there any way I can connect a laptop to it and use the touchsmart as a monitor?  My wife needs to connect her work laptop to a larger monitor and I would rather not have both sitting on the desk.Mark,

Can I use my time machine backup to migrate my files to macbook pro retina from my macbook pro 15 inch?

I'm using a macbook pro 15 inch mid 2011 running on mountain lion. I have a complete backup of my files on time machine.  If I get a macbook retina, whats the best way ti migrate? Can I use my time machine to restore to the new retina mac? ThanksI'd

HT4059 can't use ibook

i already install ibook in my ipad,but can't using.When i click PDF, the "open in ibook"no appear.There just appear ''open in whatapp''.How can i solve this problem?"if you can use the Kindle app from iPad to Macbook, shouldn't you be able

Can AME used in combination with position heirarchy for purchase requisitions ?

Hello, We are using position heirarchy for purchase requisitions. Can we use Approval Management engine in combination with the existing position heirarchy for purchase requisitions for more flexible workflow routing ? regards, NataliaHi Natalia, Hav

Wiped iMac clean now can't use migration assistant

Apple told me to wipe my mac cause of a wifi issue I am having. So I did and reinstalled mountain lion. I have two time machine backups one on a connected external drive and another on a external drive connected to my AirPort Extreme.  I start up mig

HT1665 Can I use my iPhone plug in charger, to charge my iPad?

Can I use my iPhone plug in charger to charge my iPad ?Yes, but it won't charge very quickly sinc the iPhone charger is 5W versus the 10/12W iPad charger.Read other 2 answers

Once iPhone - phone plan is terminated, can I use this device as a iTouch?

Once iPhone - phone plan is terminated, can I use this device as a iTouch?Yes.  Look at the right panel under "More like this" and follow the links. At least one of them has a link to an Apple document that describes how to do it.Read other 6 an

E5, i can't use any email account

E5, i can't use any email account. for expamle, i have one gmail. every time, i try to enter in email, the phone aks me to creat it, and again and again. help me.Ahhh after some research and trail and error.. (hours of it)... I got a work around!!! I

Can't use procedure in the .rdl file.

Hi experts, I created a simple River project, and I can active the project successfully. But when i added some codes to call a procedure, then i can't active the rdl file. This is the code I used to call a procedure: action callExternalProc2() : Deci

Can I use my wireless house WiFi with a Kindle Fire or do I need to buy an internet service for it

Can I use my house WiFi with a Kindle Fire or do I need to buy a WiFi package like a cell phone has for a Kindle Firewifi allows you to connect to a router.  You still need an internet provider to source your content.Read other 2 answers

Can you use ABAP for B1 Development

Hi I have been lookng for answer for the following 2 questons. 1.  Is is it possible to use ABAP for B1 Development to create Add-ons. 2. In the standard forms/reports there is no figure to words conversion. Please high light on how to do this. Rames

Can i use the iphone charger to charge the shuffle

I have a circa 2006 shuffle which comes with its charging stand to be connected via USB to computer for charging. Can I use the USB connecting 2 pin charger provided with the iPhone4 to directly charge the shuffle as well ?Hi Itsrideable! I have an a

I have an ipod shuffle, the really thin one that looks like a usb drive, can I use this in a car via a usb connection? My car is not recognising it. I have a Hyundai i20 2011 model

I have an ipod shuffle - 3rd generation. Can you use these in cars? My car is a Hyundai i20 2o11 model and it has a usb connection. I connected my shuffle today but the car would not recognise it. Do I have to have a different type of ipod, eg nano o