Plants Abroad set up for consignment fill up

Hi, We have scenario for Plants Abroad. There will be Consignment fill up process within EU from country to other. There is need for VAT posting in Proforma Invoice for Consignment Fill up. I would appriciate if any one let me know how Pricing can be

Picking is greyed out while i create delivery in Consignment Fill Up

Dear SAP Gurus.. Plz, advise, Picking is greyed out while i create delivery in Consignment Fill Up. I'm able to create Consignment sales Scenario: Comp A -->  Comp B --> Customer but Material should be remain in CompA value vise Only Inventory of Co

Freigh Accrual on Consignment Fill Up

How is it possible to create Frieght accrual on consignment fill up since there is not invoice created?If Transportation and Route is configured, and the requirement is to create freight liability on transport vendor instead of customer, then the req

Price in Consignment fill up

Hi all, I am creating Consignment fill up order and i have found that Price is appearing in the order which i deally should not be. I have checked all the settings i.e in KBN item category and found ok. Please let me know valuable inputs. RegardsHi,

Calculate vat on frieght

Hi All My procedure has to calculate VAT on Frieght. (BasicEDFRT) on this VAT. But in MM, Basic price is coming from Pricing procedure and (ED+VAT) is coming from TAXINN, how can i include Frieght before VAT pls help Regards VipinHi pankaj i try what

Transit time in consignment fill-up

Hi, As we know that after consignment fill-up in MMBE unrestricted stock become the consignment stock,but if stock take 3-4 days to reach the customer site.So this duration( transit time) how will we show in our system. Because system immediatly show

Consign Fill up partial deliveries

Hi, How can i restrict the partial deliveries possiblity for Consignment fill up as i want only complete delivery for the same if the partially material is available when i create the consignment fill up order. And i dont want to do the restriction f

Automate Consignment fill up

Hi to all, I have to do the enhancement for automate consgment fill up while doing the Goods Issue. I wanted to knw the exits or BADI for the same. Where can i see the sale document type KB and which screen it is?I am new to the sales flow. can anybo

Copy controls between sales order/contract and consignment fill up

Hi all My client has received service contract from single party for 100 different locations..For this he needs to install equipment at each location and  installed equipment will be taken back once the service contract is over. For installation equi

Consignment control in SAP IS Retail

Could some one explain me concept of 'consignment control' retail and complete flow of configurations required to start consignment business process in retail.

Is it possible to create a Production order for consignment fill-up?

Dear all, As you know, the consignment  fill-up is  for delivery the own stock to customer special stock. But our customer request, they want to create a Prodcuction order for the consignment fill-up. The design flow is like below: Consignment fill-u

Need Consignment report in SAP

Hello all MM Gurus, Is there any report in SAP that shows the total consignment stock arrival and consignment stock consumption in a given plant. The report should show the consignment stock arrival/consumption, value of the stock, material number, e

Problem in consignment fill up

in consignment fillup will i do PGI or not.....Hi, Please go through this Link other 4 answers

Vat reports available in sap  for india

Hi, Any one please tell me about the  VAT reports available in standard sap system for INDIA.Dear, S_ALR_87012400 and S_ALR_87012357 which are the standard VAT reports. Go to Main MENU-AccountingFinancial Accounting-General LedgerReporting--Tax Repor

Consignment Pick-up order - confirmed inventory qty

Greetings, We are using the SD customer consignment model, using sales order types, consignment fill up orders ZKB (copy of KB), consignment issue ZKE (copy of KE), consignment return ZKR (copy of KR) and consignment pick-up ZKA (copy of KA). We have

Customer consignment reports

Dear all SAP gurus, i need to create following reports which are consignment related. kindly let me know your ideas about the same. 1. report on consignment fill-up details required: a) document no. b) document date c) customer's name d) transporter'

Consignment Customer in Abroad

Our client have, above said scenario  called consingment customer in abroad process is as below in functionally our organisation is following. We send material by providing all the customs related documents, like Pre-shipment invoice, Pre-shipment pa

How to know the data transfer amount (MB o KB) between SAP and BW

Hello everybody, Somebody know how calculate the data transfer amount between SAP and BW. Would be fantastic to know the transfer speed  and other similar data. Is there any transaction where you can see this information? thanks for your help. Manolo

Integration of ECC Scheduling Agreement (Doc Type LP) with SAP TM

Hello Experts, I am trying to integrate ECC Scheduling Agreement (Doc Type LP) to create OTR in TM System. I have maintained below settings: 1. Create and Activate Control Key 2. Output determination procedure linked to LP has output type TRS0 with r

VAT problem with Intercompany Billing

Hello Expert, I have the following problem: 1) Company in France create a sales order  with a delivery plant in Germany belonging to another company 2) Goods are delivered to the customer in France by Germany plant 3) Sap select VAT code using the de