GS RS EOT in 2D PDF417 Barcode

Hi , We are printing 2D barcode on a Printronix printer. Please let me know how to include GS, RS, EOT in my data for 2D barcode. I must write the code e.g. [)>RS06GSfield1GSfield2GSfield3GSfield4GSfield5RSEOT in spool. when i use hex 1E, 1D, ... i g

How can I get another font types (.eot .woff .ttf .svg) for font-face on web?

In order history I can download only .otfAnne Holt please contact our support team for questions regarding orders.  To much personal information would need to be exchanged for it be possible to assist you in a public forum.Read other 2 answers

6.0.1 Update  Failed to Install

Has anyone else encountered this issue? My system: * Vista 64 Home Premium SP1 * Single user/admin My Adobe Apps: * CS4 InDesign (6.0.0) Stand Alone (not part of a collection) * CS4 Web Premium Update process: * Download manual patch for 6.0.1 * Extr

Creating a new page in 5.5

I am frantic trying to finish creating a newsletter that's due out today.  I upgraded to the new Pages, 5.5, and while the help very clearly tells me in page layout to click on the (Paragraph check) icon, and select add a page, the only options shown

IE 10/11 does not free up, hangs - unkillable process

Hi! I have a problem with IE since about 2 years now. IE does not close/exit correctly, i have always to do a system reboot! IE 9 worked fine, never had a problem with this version. Since v10 and now v11 i cannot close IE completely. If i close the o

Position Control of compumotor linear servo table and GV-U6E with PCI-7344

I'm referring PCI-7344 (not 7334). I have the GV-U6E which is a drive only and does not possess control functionality. the drive only version does not store or use programs. So, serial commands can not be sent through COM port by LabVIEW even though

100 GB cloud storage??

Hello, we have two licenses creative cloud for teams and that allows us to have 100 GB of cloud storage per license. What type of storage is concerned? Can we share video or image files with clients? Is it a type FTP storage? How can we do it? The in

Problem With httpd.conf and mod_rewrite rules Apache 2.2

I have some RewriteRules that are working on my Leopard Client Apache 2.2 machine - but when I try to implement them on Leopard Server Apache 2.2, they don't work. I don't get any errors, they just won't execute. Could somebody with Leopard Server he

Fonts for Adobe Fireworks CS6 in Creative Could

How can I get more fonts in my list? before you could just download them and drop them in a folder... Now i dont see anyway of doing that... Is there any way to bring in fonts from Google Fonts or Adbode edge fonts? I just want more fonts in my list

Dynamic subject in AS2 receiver

hi experts,     I have a scenario in which i am sending data to third party using AS2 adapter. My scenario is PROXY->XI->AS2. In AS2 receiver adapter I need to use dynamic subject. For that I have used adpater module  "localejbs/Seeburger/Attri

Can Custom skin download font if not installed?

Hi I have an ADF BC application written in JDev 10.1.3. It uses a customer skin so our various customers can implement their own look and feel. One of our customers requested the Futura font which worked fine on my PC because I have the futura font i

SAP 4.6C hangs when Brtools run after oracle upgrade

Hi All, We have Upgraded the Oracle 9i to for sap 4.6C production machine. After the upgrade the sap was succesfully able to start. even i can see the version was reflected in the sap system status. in the Opatch lsinventory all the bug fixe

Using Assert EOI vs EOI on EOS

given the ability to enable all the various EOS/EOI options in my application... If I'm allowing assert EOI on matching EOS for ibeos, should I also still allow Assert EOI through ibeot? Are the two ever used together as a 'fallback' measure or does

FF5 error parsing CSS font-face with url inline base64 data

Firefox 5 refuses to parse CSS @font-face with url inline base64 data. I use the declaration: <style type="text/css"> @font-face { font-family: 'MyFont'; src: url(data:font/truetype;charset=utf-8;base64,[base64data]); </style> then u


Windows 7. I have the ttf installed. All regular PC indicators show the font installed properly. Using [email protected] declarations, no problems with online design. Can't get the font to wysiwyg in design layout, CS6. All if fine in Live view as wel

Sendmail do not work

I have tested my sendmail service, now I modify all configurations back to the original setting, but it don't work. I use mailx to test, get the following results: cc# mailx -v [email protected] Subject: testtttt testtttt EOT cc# [email protected]..

NB cooling - report temps and setup here!

we all know that the stock cooling leaves a lot to be desired, so in order to consolidate things and help people out, please post a description of your NB cooling setup and temperatures in this thread. thanksQuote Originally posted by soldano Quote O

Weight scale input into oracle forms developer 10g

Dear All Experts it is request to you kindly guide me full code and description of weight scale device input in oracle form show digits continuously in form 10g kindly proved me data device connect through port so plz help meMake a PJC (plugable java

Using CSS3 Aqua Buttons, can't link them to my pages.

Hello all, If someone can please help me with this issue im having. Im trying to use these widgets buttons and create links to various pages. For some reason when I put the ex. About.html in the link section after applying it dissapears out of the li

Send two signals at the same time to serial

Hi I have a problem in that I want to control some relay boards by serial. The boards have an address byte (to determine which of the three relay boards) and a relay combination (four relays on each board). The .vi I will need to make will be sending