BO4.1 SP2 use Publication to send e-mail

When i use Publication to send e-mail, aproblem occurred. I want to set the subject of e-mail like   '2014-08-21  XXXXXX',but when i use placeholder(Date Time ) ,the subject of e-mail is 2014-08-21-09-16-21 XXXXXXXX.Hi, Use %SI_STARTDATE% to display

Withdrawing a Publication   -  E-Recruiting

Hi gurus, Help Sap says: Withdrawing a Publication   Use You can withdraw publications that you have published in your intranet or in the Internet. The associated job posting is then no longer visible to candidates. You can also withdraw publications

Problem e-mailing pictures

I use Internet Explorer 8, as supplied by BT Yahoo. Whenever I e-mail a picture in jpeg format as an attachment the software has started reducing the file size to the point that the recipient finds it unsuitable for publication. Anyone out there got

Sending mail based on values in report

hi ,   i have i requirement like sending mails to user if the values in the report exceeds some threshold. and user should be able to configure these mail settinigs. can any just tell me wether it is possible or not. thanks and regards siva ganeshHi

UAG SP4 and Windows 8.1 native mail app

Hello, I'm found that now SP4 for UAG is available. On the description of the SP4, it states the following: "Users can use the built-in Mail application on Windows 8.1 computers to connect to a published Microsoft Exchange server." What kind of

How to clear BO Publication Job output files

Hi Everyone, We have BO Publication Job which triggers mails to users with excel attachment. Around 500+ mails with attachments gets generated. Is there a way to clean up these already generated instances. When i checked in File store\Output folder i

XI R3.1 publication success / fail notifications not sent

I have a set of 3 publications created and working fine in R3.1 (EDGE), each of which distributes a report to a UNC fileshare location. Upon success or failure, each is configured to send an email notification to an admin. The publications work and d

How can I keep just one of two accounts offline in Mac Mail?

I recently switched from Comcast to Cox Cable. Cox has a known issue with push notifications and email doesn't show up at regular intervals. You have to go offline and back on or quit Mail and then open it again to see new messages. It's a pain but i

Is there a way to print an e-mail without also printing a long list of addresses?

I am a recipient of some newsletters whose authors include recipient e-mail addresses in the To and CC fields. Occasionally I want to forward the newsletter to friends who are not on-line. (Yes, there are still some around.) I do this by printing the

Edi workflow error - mail not been sent

Hi,   we have an EDI workflow that sends messages as documents to the users in our production system. It was working fine till we moved one more workflow to the production system which is for purchase requisition release. Since the transports for the

Print a single Mail without the hole massaging history?

Hello, I want to print one email without the total message history from all our conversation during the year. I dont want to do it by screenshots because i need to do that many times and that would take too much time. Thanks for Help!I use Mail in Mo

E-mail Link in Flash MX for Mac Not Working

Hi I'm currently using Flash MX on a Mac running OS 10.4. When I publish a SWF file the e-mail link in it doesn't work. Within the Flash file itself I've added the action mailto:[email protected] to a button. It simply opens up the default internet b

Synchronizing Mail on home Mac and Powerbook (OS 10.4 & 10.3)

I think I used to be able to put my up to date e-mail on my Powerbook when going on a trip and then transfer back it back to my home machine by copying the mail folder in the user library. However it isn't working now. I get all the current mailboxes

My iPad mail will not rotate

I am having trouble with my iPad 3 in the mail app it will not rotate to proper position I have iPad cover and mail is upside downQuit the mail app completely and restart the iPad. Go to the home screen first by tapping the home button. Double tap th

When I updated to OS 5.0 my old apple id which was not an e-mail address won't work anymore, how can I fix this?

When I updated to OS 5.0 my old apple id which was not an e-mail address won't work anymore, how can I fix this?There is no way to consolidate iTunes accounts. Setting up an iPhone has never required creation of a new Apple ID. You've apparently purc

Mail audio quit working

Audio related to my mail alerts stopped working. What to do?I think you need to post in the Mail forum. This is the iPod 5th gen forum.Read other 2 answers

Email autocreated in mail after bind - delete

I have a server that I do not do email with, but I do storage and SUS and such. When I bind a client machine to it, it automatically creates an email [email protected] Since I dont use email, I delete it. But it comes back, every reboot. How do I mak

Connecting to Hotmail through the new mail application?

Is this possible? and could someone tell me how to do it? thanksif u go to scroll to the bottom an click on resigster a free account with them. then click on mail go to other. Fill in all the boxes. Your username is your email address. In

Instale Mavericks y el mail se cierra marcandome una falla

Hola, instale Mavericks ayer y cuando trato de usar el mail se cierra y me tira errores todo el tiempo, no lo puedo usar, tengo una macbook AIR de 11 del 2012 Me pueden ayudarHola, en el caso de mail a mi me pasó lo mismo. Buscando por internet encon

Suppressing Applet alerts when using java mail api

Hi, Im using the following code to send email from my application. Im using JSF (tomahawk), Spring and hibernate in my application. I'm using spring email API classes to send email. This code works perfectly fine in the sense its parsing template and