Can I record with an external mic via my DV camera?

I have a recording setup with a prosumer DV camera with an external mic. I have been using the voiceover tool in FCP to record VO, but now I have Soundtrack Pro and want to use that for recording VO. Can I do this? If so how? Also can someone tell me

How can I use an external mic to record meeting audio with quicktime player

I'm trying to use a SoundTech CM-1000 conference mic to record meetings at a conference I am running.  I'm using Quicktime for the recordings. The SoundTech CM-1000 conference mic does not transmit any sound when connected to the Audio-in plug on my

External mic stopped working, but the built-in still does

Most likely during one of the recent runs of pacman -Syu, something changed causing the external mic to record some quiet static regardless of actual input. If unplugged, the built-in mic kicks in and records fine. What can you guys recommend as step

BlackBerry Z10 vs BlackBerry Q10: Which phone is the best choice?

Device Z10 Q10 Display 4.2-inch, LCD, resolution of 1280 x 768 pixels, and 356 pixels per inch 3.1-inch, S-AMOLED, resolution of 720 x 720 pixels, and 330 pixels per inch Processor Dual-Core 1.5GHz – Snapdragon S4 Plus 1.5 GHz dual-core QualcommMSM89

Problem using external mic with imovie

My internal mic does not work; Ihave bought a logitech external mic that shows up as working but imovie does not record my voice.Save the files that you want on the external hard drive to a data DVD or CD and then reformat. See

External mic problem.

Have a problem with my external mic, it simply doesnt work. I have no problem using it on any other computer but when i put it in my laptop it doesnt record anything. I've tried everything i could think of. Hp Envy 14-2090eo Notebook PC Windows 7 64-

Non-USB External Mic for iPad

Hey Everyone,      I have an applause meter app that I will be projecting on to a screen for an event from my iPad. From my understanding, I cannot a attach a USB external mic because the port will be used for the video projection. Is there an extern

Using External Mic/Headset

I just bought an external microphone/headset for my iMac G5, because the fans are so loud, people talking to me, can't hear me over my fans. Well, they didn't work. Now, the first thing I thought wasn't a flaw in the head set, but my first assumption

Can`t configure plug in and play usb external mic,

i think i need to download software, but don`t know how to download the software or where to find the software i need, can any one help thank you. This question was solved. View Solution.Hi, Please enable External Mic then try again (For Windows): Ri

External Mic Doesn't Work Pavilion dv6

I've been trying to use an external microphone on my HP Pavilion dv6 with no success.  Here are my specs: HP Pavilion dv6t-6c00 Product #A1U60AV Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit sp 1 IDT HD Audio Driver ver. 6.10.6381.0 I've tried the the Windows Contro

Blackberry Z10 bugs in Picture sharing.

Hi, I am using Blackberry Z10 for last three months. Recently I tried sharing some 5 picture that was taken by camera one after other via Gmail that was added in 'Hub'. But I was getting only first Shared photo continuously in periodic interval say t

Blackberry Z10 Calendar

BlackBerry Z 10 Calendar: I've a problem with Blackberry Z10 Calendar Appointments and Meetings. I've syncronized with my account on (but it's the same thing on my local outlook on the pc). If I enter an appointments on my BBZ10 I see it

Android market for blackberry Z10

Help I need a an android market that is compatible with BlackBerry Z10 STL 100-4 running a OS. Thank u. Plus I've tried the 1Mobile market but it is not workingNo problem. Do spend a second to press like if it helps youRead other 7 answers

The Blackberry z10 looked at by a novice

I think the Blackberry z10 is one of the best phones you can have because. 1) It is very easy to find your way around and set up, even if you are almost 60 like me. 2) You can connect to your WiFi and surf the net, even if you don't put a sim card in

Blackberry z10- getting stuck at the blackberry logo

I got this blackberry Z10 7 months back.  1 day back the wifi connection was not getting, so i turned it off and then tried switching it on, but it is getting at the blackberry blue logo,..  i tried charging it keep trying again and again but it's st

Funciona la Alarma de blackberry z10 cuando esta apagado?

Hola alguien me puede informar como configurar para que me suene la alarma de mi blackberry z10 cuando esta apagado???? gracias.Hola y gracias por participar en el foro, Para tu comodidad, BlackBerry tiene su propio foro comunitario en español : http

Blackberry Z10 Multimedia Dock

Hi All I came across the following post: It looks to be a fantastic device but nobody seems to know if and when it is actually going to be released. Would anybody from Blackberry be able to shed s

Blackberry Z10 refuse to Lyca Mobil internet network

Blackberry Z10 refuse to work with Lyca Mobil internet network I have problem to connect my new Blackberry Z10 with Lyca Mobil 3G or 4G. The phone works perfectly if i'm making call or receive. Only the problem i have not internet without wifi who wo

BlackBerry Z10 camera not working...​.

Hi, I just bought a new BlackBerry Z10 mobile 2 months back,.. but suddenly the camera stopped working.... When ever i open the camera, there's a message displayed as " The Camera can't be started ". Can some one help me out of this...Sorry it's

Is there any unlimited plan available for BlackBerry Z10 from any mobile carriers in India

I looking for unlimited internet for my BlackBerry Z10, kindly anyone suggest me good plan for my Z10.Z10 don't require exclusive BB plan. Have a look at Reliance Plan 1499 for 3G & Plan 1299 for 2G. This will work for you. Good Luck!Read other 3 ans