HTML Email Client for Blackberry

Hello,   Forgive me if my question seems elementary, but I am new to the forum and to use of the Blackberry.  I currently have an 8830 World Edition phone and have configure on POP email address on the device.  I can access my emails successfully.  H

An Idea For a BlackBerry Q10 Trackpad?

Using my BlackBerry Q10 I like the phone and everything much better than my BlackBerry 9900. Though, I miss the trackpad part. Maybe if BlackBerry where able to complete an app that people can download and use it as a BlackBerry traditional trackpad

Blackberry Curve won't sync properly with Outlook 2007

Hi I've searched the forums and can't find the answer to my problem so I wonder if anyone could help. I keep all my business contacts on Outlook 2007 (there are almost 3,000 of them so I can't wipe them). Recently, I downloaded the Version 7 of the B

Outlook doesn't download messages sent from Blackberry

I am using MS Outlook on my home PC to sync my gmail messages (using POP3). Here is what I noticed: When I send a message through GMail web interface, it does show up in my Outlook. When I do the same through my BlackBerry, which is also connected to

You have inserted a sim card. would you like your blackberry

Every time I turn my phone on it displays the messag "you have inserted a sim card. would you like your blackberry to automatically selct CDMA or GSM based on the network" Is there any way to stop this from displaying? I have my phone to auto sh

Artwork doesn't xfer to BlackBerry unless its a "Purchased AAC audio file"

I've got a new BlackBerry Bold. I've had good success transfering my iTunes music to my phone, but I can only transfer album artwork for some of my songs. Only the songs in iTunes that are "Purchased AAC audio file" seem to successfuly transfer

My blackberry 9320 won't let me watch youtube videos?

Does anyone know a way of making my phone watch youtube videos on the youtube app it keeps saying its blocked or something like that? Solved! Go to Solution.Are you still 100% sure about that? "Contact"? Or "Content"? Here's a KB that

Blackberry 8310 Acting Weird

Hey guys, my Blackberry has been acting quite weird lately, and I was wondering if any of you could help me out. See, my BB seems to have a mind of its own, as it will go to whatever is selected by itself, and continue to select until a process is fi

Blackberry z10 blocked

Hey everyone... my girlfriend just bought the new BBZ10 and we live in Brazil, she bought in USA becuse this model isnt selling here yet... the problem is that when trying to use the cellphone for the first time she was asked to input the warranty co

Blackberry 8520 gets stuck on reboot?

My phone was working fine but started lagging/crashing, so I pulled out the back for reboot. Since then, when rebooting the white bar only goes upto the e on blackberry and get's stuck, I've tried puling the back out with power on for about 3 hours a

Email option like Blackberry?

Just wondering if there is an option on the iPhone like the Blackberry where you can delete off handheld only or delete off both handheld and your inbox. I want to be able to keep some important emails, but I don't want them on my iPhone, is there a

Mail I sent from Blackberry isn't appearing in gmail sent folder?

I sent an email from my blackberry.. then shortly after I hit 'delete prior' messages to clear up my messages. The mail I sent never appeared in my 'sent' folder on gmail as it usually always does when I send a mail. Did the person get it? Or did it

Blackberry Curve 8520 - Volume Button (increase/up) not working

The increase (top one) volume button on the side of the phone does not work. The decrease volume button work fine. For example, I open up media player, put on an mp3, but it is too low to be able to hear so I click the volume button to increase it bu

Is there any way to get Gatorade out of a Blackberry Curve?

I just spilled some Gatorade on my Blackberry and now it won't even turn on. I took the battery out right away and let it dry for a bit, then I put it back in. It still never turned on, the screen just flashed white then turned off. I don't have a cl

In Yosemite there is no Sync Manager, how do I sync my blackberry?

I have upgraded to Yosemite and am trying to sync my Blackberry, which keeps telling me I have to switch on Sync Manager on my iMac. However Yosemite no longer uses Sync Manager, so what do I do?You are going to have to purchase the Snow Leoard 10.6

BSP application on Blackberry

Hello, I'm developing a BSP application for Blackberry. When I'm testing the application on the blackberry I'm getting an error: "SAP Note The Following error text was processed in the system: <htmlb:content> (*)  This browser is not supported

Blackberry Maps on Flip 8220?

Anyone have any problems with downloading BB maps on the flip? I tells me my phone isn't supported!?Hi and welcome to the forums! I don't have an answer but you aren't alone, many people with all different models getting the same thing on messenger a

Thinking About a Blackberry Storm - How Well Will it Sync w/Mac?

The Verizon rep tells me that the BB Storm will sync flawlessly with everything Mac; iCal, Mail, Notes, ToDo's, etc. He says that Packet Mac is fully supported by Blackberry & that I won't have issue. So is he blowing smoke or will I truly be happy??

Blackberry Z10 bugs in Picture sharing.

Hi, I am using Blackberry Z10 for last three months. Recently I tried sharing some 5 picture that was taken by camera one after other via Gmail that was added in 'Hub'. But I was getting only first Shared photo continuously in periodic interval say t

Problems syncing Blackberry Curve 8320 with Outlook 2007

Hello all. I have a problem that seems to be somewhat common. I've done some searching through the messages but so far, no luck. I just got my Curve 8320 and I installed Desktop Manager 4.5 that came with it. At work, the calendar I want to use is in