An Idea For a BlackBerry Q10 Trackpad?

Using my BlackBerry Q10 I like the phone and everything much better than my BlackBerry 9900. Though, I miss the trackpad part. Maybe if BlackBerry where able to complete an app that people can download and use it as a BlackBerry traditional trackpad

Blackberry Q10 Boot Loop Issues

Hi, I need help! Just replaced the front glass/LCD on a Blackberry Q10, everything went smoothly, no issues, pretty easy process.  I then plug the phone in, to charge and it automatically comes on, loads to about 30% then makes a faint sound and cuts

The touchscreen is too sensitive on my Blackberry Q10 to scroll down to read text in Huffington Post.

I enjoy reading Huffington Post online, but when I try to do so on my Blackberry Q10 it is virtually impossible, since I almost always activate a link, without wanting to, when I try to scroll down to read text.  Is there any way to adjust the touchs

BlackBerry Z10 vs BlackBerry Q10: Which phone is the best choice?

Device Z10 Q10 Display 4.2-inch, LCD, resolution of 1280 x 768 pixels, and 356 pixels per inch 3.1-inch, S-AMOLED, resolution of 720 x 720 pixels, and 330 pixels per inch Processor Dual-Core 1.5GHz – Snapdragon S4 Plus 1.5 GHz dual-core QualcommMSM89

Help! My Blackberry Q10 just deleted my contacts

Help! My Blackberry Q10 just deleted my contacts ... I need urgent help from 303 contacts now I have 204. Thank you  in advanceyou might find it in your email.Read other 4 answers

Overheating Blackberry Q10

Greetings, I have been using my Blackberry Q10 for a few weeks now and have been enjoying the new OS and the familiar physical buttons. But I have been having a recurring problem with it. The phone spontaneously starts overheating and sucking the bat

Exchange Server 2010 and BlackBerry Q10

I would like to connect Blackberry Q10 phones to our mail server. The server is a SBS 2010 and it already uses PPTP vpn. I would prefer using VPN, rather than a forwarded ports for the services. The phone doesn't support PPTP, and it has errors when

Blackberry curve 9300 trackpad problems and Freezing :\

Hey, i've had loads of problems with my Blackberry i've had it for about 3 months now and my trackpad keeps on Freezing!     This problem occured a couple of weeks after i brought the phone and its still happening! i've tried taking the Battery out s

Keep Appointments setting in BlackBerry Q10

On my old Curve there was a useful setting in the calendar options which allowed you to say how long calendar entries should be kept on the BB. I can't find that on my Q10. Has this been taken away? I just synched with Outlook 2007 and several older

Blackberry Q10 Startup

I recieved my Q10 in the mail a couple hours ago and had a sim card issue with my carrier Rogers, It showed that it had been activated but still my Blackberry had no options but Emergency Calls Only. So eventually the agent trouble shooted my phone s


Hi,  MyBB Q10 is connected through USB cable to my computer. Blackberry Link says :  BLACKBERRY-E64F connected but communication with the Smartphone impossible. Disconnect the smartphone and try again or download the software again ! So I cannot sync

Facebook and Blackberry Q10

I'm really not sure if this a facebook or BBQ10 issue... On my BB I have a the FB app and when I take a picture with my Q10 and upload it to FB it automatically goes to my personal FB profile home page and that's fine. Lately I added a Business page

Blackberry Q10 ActiveSync Issues

Hi, I have a brand new Q10 which I connected to the our activesync service. We are in an Exchange 2007 environment and we have iPhones and Android devices connected via ActiveSync without any problems.  With this device the emails do get downloaded w

Pokerstars on BlackBerry Q10

Dear support team, Is it any possible to play POKERSTARS on Q10. I would very much appreciate if anyone could spare any information. Thank you Regards, DavidI posted this tread last month and had no response since. Time to give up?Read other 2 answer

Blackberry q10 not working after 10.3 update

I had the update for about a month now but recently I was unable to type. Had a password on my phone. Since I couldn't type I went to blackberry Link and reset my phone. When the phone finally restarted I couldn't type now as well. I skipped through

Cannot synch my calendar or contacts between Blackberry Q10 and Outlook

I have no problem synching files or any other content.  However, when I try to sych my Outlook calendar and contacts the synch fails and I get the following error message CPreferencesManager:Configuration value for /Preferences/ Account_2_131074 Devi

Blackberry Q10 can't open PDF

I have an issue sending an employee PDFs created with Illustrator CC. As of a few days ago, their phone can no longer open files created on one my systems but works just fine with files from 2 other systems. I'm not sure if there is a known set-up fo

New BlackBerry Q10 Taking videos fails!

Since I had the phone Dec 2013 I did not try the video. Today I found it stops to record after a few seconds! I still have OS 10.1.x. Has anyone seen this same problem? I am not looking forward to spending hours in a Sprint store!DonnaJMolinari wrote

Blackberry Q10 Terrible Text Delay

I am getting really frustrated because I am experiencing a serious delay when sending texts and I am unable to do anything with my phone until the text succcesfully sends out. If I do attempt to do anything before letting it finish sending the phone

I want to use Longman Dictionary on my Q10

I'm used to using Longman Dictionary 5 on android system But now,i use a blackberry Q10,so i want to use Longman Dictionary 5 on my new phone. Who can help me ,thanks a lot.Hello You can sideload using Snap and the guidance here: You Upgraded to OS 1