Hello, I had blackberry messenger on my phone and delete...

Hello, I had blackberry messenger on my phone and deleted it by accident.. Now I am trying to download it again and it is telling me that I dont have 4.0 and 4.1... Please help!!!Hi there! There are a multitude of questions/answers to go through to h

Blackberry Messenger Issue Please HELP!

I have an issue with my Blackberry Messenger. An icon to upgrade to the new version (5.0) appeared on my desktop and I installed it but once the installation was successful, the icon disappeared and I cannot find it anywhere on my phone. When I check

Blackberry messenger text no clearing after sending message.

Hi I have a blackberry 9800 torch with the latest version of blackberry messenger on it. When typing and message and sending the message, the txt stays and wont clear at all. I have to delete the txt by deleting it. Only way to fix it is to uninstall

Blackberry Messenger Everyones Pics Not Showing!

berrHi and welcome to the forums! First try looking in every folder making sure to scroll top and bottom. On the home screen select Show All. Check that the correct option is specified as listed below. Let us know if this helps! Thanks, Bifocals From

Blackberry Messenger Status Trouble.

I have the blackberry curve 8520 and my blackberry messenger is the however I can't update my status. I have heard the rumour about having 100 or more contacts but I don't have anywhere near that because I have in total 6 contacts. I have tr

Problems with blackberry messenger

im having problems with my blackberry messenger. Certain contacts on my bbm couldnt send messages to me it just came up as a red cross, so i deleted them and tried adding them again and now it just keeps saying pending. I cant add them and they cant

I have a contact in blackberry messenger that has shown ...

I have a contact in blackberry messenger that has shown busy for about a week now. I have not tried to send a message to them. I set an alert to let me know when concat is no longer busy and the alert has not went off. Could they have switched device


Dear Madam / Sirs, I would like to seek assistance in resolving an issue with my BLACKBERRY TORCH 9810 I installed the new version of BLACKBERRY MESSENGER on my phone and it does not work on WIFI ONLY MODE. For example I traveled to Mexico and Panama

Blackberry Messenger Application

Hi just want to know where do i get the Blackberry messenger application? As i have the problem bought a blackberry from someone & didnt know about certain things that needs to be removed. So now i need to remove the association between the integrate

Como activo mi blackberry messenger en mi playbook sin usar bridge?

como activo mi blackberry messenger en mi playbook sin usar bridge? No tengo telèfono black berry y quiero usar mi tablet para usarlo como tal en el messenger. còmo hago?Gracias por la sugerencia. Alla posteé las mismas inquietudes pero no veo mayor

Blackberry Messenger Pictures

Hi, i recently got the new curve 9320 and updated my blackberry messenger and after resetting my phone all my bbm contacts display pictures are blank and when shortly before they all had pictures, i have no idea how to get their pictures back and how

App error 603 after updating Blackberry messenger

 Hi I updated Blackberry World and Blackberry Messenger simultaneously. After rebooting, the phone goes on, does 'software security verification' then shows me a white screen that says 'App error 603' Reset'. I got it to work once (I don't know how)

Blackberry Messenger, unable to view others' replies

I've had my phone working for about a week now. It's a Curve 8320. I've noticed that yesterday and today there is a BB Messenge icon and when I check the messages I can see the first few words of the message but am unable to view the remaining text.

Unable to open Blackberry Messenger Conversati​ons

I can't open my Blackberry Messenger Conversations! When a friend sends me a message, I can the message in my mailbox, but am unable to open it... when I try to open it I'm relocated to the messenger conversation that I last sent my friend, but unabl

BlackBerry Messenger Pin Hot-pick promo???

Can someone please help verify the authenticity of this message I just received? Good to hear from you regarding the Blackberry Messenger Pin Hot-Picks. My Name is Dr. Alexander Clinton; i am the Blackberry Chief Financial officer assigned to Winners

Blackberry Messenger, adding contacts

Friend and I sat together and used our barcodes through Blackberry Messenger. I have not received a request for "authorisation". Could this be that the other party has purchased a Blackberry data pack over the weekend and this has not been proce

OS bug with blackberry messenger

Hi, I have the blackberry messenger installed. When i make a shared appointment from a blackberry group, i cannot make the appointment directly in de shared calendar. In the send using option in the calendar appears two emailadresses wich i

BlackBerry Messenger released!

From: RIM Delivers Revolutionary Social App Experience with BBM 6 Apps become social experiences once users can interact with their BBM friends Waterloo, ON – BBMT

BlackBerry Messenger and Mac

My Father has a blackberry and he sent me a link to download the blackberry messenger so we can talk via my computer and his blackberry, but you can only download it with internet explorer, and I don't have that on my Mac, obviously, so does anyone k

Settings to enable blackberry messenger in ireland

I have an unlocked Blackberry Curve 8320 from Canada and am moving to Dublin and need to go with an Irish mobile phone company. To be able to use Blackberry Messenger in Ireland with an Irish company, I was told I need to change the settings to Irish