SSL certificate problem on most https websites

Some https sites can not be reached in my system, and it is going to include more https sites as times goes by. I have noticed that the problem is the SSL certificate. I even check an arch iso and there I have the same problem. I tetsted two thing in

Blackberry 9320 problem

Hi im daniel, im having a problem with my new blackberry 9320 when i get a message it only plays the sound once, i have looked all over the settings and there is nothing there. This is a problem because when i am away from my phone say, in the garden

BlackBerry 9320 Fm Radio Active Problem

Hello 1 week ago I bought the Blackberry 9320. However, since the first week I could not active Fm Radio icon. I did all of the version update. I put off the battery. But the result is negative. I know my English is bad, thank you. Help please ...Hel

Can't open Hotmail anymore on my Blackberry 9320

My Hotmail won't work on my Blackberry 9320 anymore. These are the messages i get when i try to log on= Refusing connection. This server has been previously noted as supporting HTTP strict transport security. Due to SSL certificate warnings/errors a

Outlook Web Access fails after migrating SSL certificate to dedicated SSL gateway

Hi we have just migrated our SSL certificate form our Outlook exchange server, outlook web access works perfectly but two of our users who have Blackberry devices set up to get their email via owa now fail.  Everything worked fine before the migratio

Certificate problem on https

Hi, I faced with certificate read problem at .NET side. The program is that HttpListener Context cannot resolve the certificate that has been sent through XI. Please find the problematic source code, below.             try                 Console.Wri

Why is the SSL Certificate "Edit" button disabled in Server Settings?

I just setup my Lion server and am attempting to create a self-signed certificate. All of the directions start with "Run the Server app, go to your server, click the setting tabs, and push the 'Edit' button next to SSL Certificate". Well, I can'

How can I change an SSL Certificate display name on Firefox?

I have 6 SSL Certificate to install in order for an application to open in 6 ways. Each certificate represent a way. The problem is that the pop up window i am receiving to choose one of these 6 SSL displays the Issuer CN while i need it to display t

Blackberry 9320 cursor

I just bought my blackberry 9320 and the cursor is moving all over the screen without me moving it. It makes me unable to text because everytime I type a letter in the cursor scrolls all the way up the conversation. I can't click on any of the apps o

NAC SSL certificate Issue

I recently applied a signed certificate to both the CAM and CAS. ever since then I have been having problems with the system. In the perfigo logs on the CAM I receive a lot of messages with "Certificate chaining error" in them. My question is wh

Reinstalltion of SSL certificates

Hi this is regarding the Reinstallation of SSL certificates on SUNONE. In case we have to recreate the server due to some configuration problem , do we have to regenerate the certificates and send it to CA again? Or can we use the existing certificat

SSL Certificates for installing SharePoint 2013

How many SSL certificates do we need in order to install SharePoint in a production farm?  We are planning to have OWA server farm, a workflow farm and APPS.  VYou need to plan what URL you will have which will work on https. below are few examples 1

E-Mail Setup fails with self-signed SSL certificat...

Hi, one of my e-mails is with a small provider who just moved the mail server to Imap and SSL. In Thunderbird, everything works fine, setup on my Nokia C-6-fails with an unspecific error message (and trows away the settings). I asked the provider, an

ISE: Guest SSL Certificate Not Trusted Error

Team, We are building an ISE Demo for an event, I configured the Guest Access and it is working fine. the problem is that when the guests (Event attendess) try to access the internet they will be reditrected to teh ISE for Guest Authentication. The g

Wildcard SSL Certificates with MFE?

Is anyone using a wildcard SSL certificate on their mail server when using Mail for Exchange on assorted Nokia E Series mobiles please? We currently use a straight SSL cert and MFE works with no problem, however I've been looking into getting a singl

My blackberry 9320 will not switch on

Hello I have a blackberry 9320 and i havent used it in about 4 months I tried to charge it earlier it wouldnt charge the red light would stay on for apporoximatley 40 seconds and then it would go off and the screen would stay blank  Can someone tell

SSL Certificate common name (host name field) is incorrect

When user open the Microsoft Office Project and connect to their PWA site, they will get the message "SSL Certificate common name (host name field) is incorrect". Which area that I look start looking at? The client computer or the server itself?

SSL Certificate Advanced Administration - How Does It Work?

Is there any documentation for advanced administration of SSL certificates on Lion Server? I see that Apple's documentation page Lion Server: Advanced Administration covers SSL certs, but makes no mention creating/signing new certificates with Open D

Blackberry 9320 Error after upgrading app world, bbm, blackberry id

Hi, I am a newbie and need some help here. I just bought a blackberry 9320 to replace my old 9700. After bought it, I upgrade the app world application to the newest version from app world website and bbm to bbm 7 from appworld app (9320 originally h

Howto install a signed SSL Certificate

Hi, I installed a new Novell File Reporter 2.0. When I open the Browser I get a self signed Certificate. Where can I install my signed SSL Certificate? Thank you ThomasTEggers, It appears that in the past few days you have not received a response to