FB60 Exchange Rate 2 (KURS2)

Hi Experts, My company is using parallel currency LC2 SGD for the local reporting.  The local currency is EUR. We have a simple substitution rules to alter the LC2 (BKPF-KURS2) exchange rate, which works fine in T-code F-43.  however in enjoy screen

How to Enable Delta for a Custom MM Purchase Order History ODS ???

Hi all,    We have a Customized MM Purchase Order History ODS with Full Update on Monthly basis. We want to enable the DELTA for this ODS and how can I proceed, PLEASE. Please find the Key Figures and Data Fields in the below: ODS Structure for PO Hi

Agreement Type, Reference, BKPF-XBLNR

Hi there, I am busy implementing vendor rebates and I require assistance with the following: I would like the<b> reference field</b> (BKPF-XBLNR) found on the header when you do a good receipt in MIGO to pull through the <b>rebate agreem


Hi Experts, Can anyone point out the differences between FAGLFLEXA & BSEG, BKPF. Thanks.Hi FAGLFLEXA - General Ledger: Actual Line Items BSED - Accounting Document Segment BKPF - Accounting Document Header VenkatRead other 3 answers

Select data from BKPF for a date range

Hi, I want to select data from BKPF depending upon the date range given in the selection screen. SELECTION-SCREEN : BEGIN OF BLOCK B1 WITH FRAME TITLE TEXT-001. " Selection Criteria SELECT-OPTIONS : S_DATE FOR SY-DATUM OBLIGATORY. SELECTION-SCREEN :

Adding a new Substitutable Field in OBBH - BKPF Table

Hi All, I need to modify the content of the field BKPF-WWERT and BKPF-KURSF in Tcode OBBH using substitution logic. I have even used user exit options to do so but my changes are reversed the moment once the user exit is over. I know for a fact the f

Pass vbak-bname field to BKPF-XBLNR (Accounting document Header Reference)

Hi Friends, My client has a request to pass vbak-bname field to BKPF-XBLNR (Accounting document Header Reference).  How is it achievable? Regards, AnandHi Friends, We cannot use the reference/allocation no field as it is already being used. Have to p

Table BKPF usage

Hi all, Can somebody pls walk me through the various steps in identifying any custom accounting document types in another company code (B). I want to run transaction se16n on table BKPF, excluding all of the accounting document types in our company c

Inner join on bkpf and bsid

Hi Experts , I want to do an inner join on bsid and bkpf tables in the select query . I want to order the result on the basis of cputm field in bkpf , that is why inner join on bkpf is req , rest all the fields are from bsid . But the requirement  is

ALV report on BKPF and BSID

hi gurujis,               with your kind help i am learning something, but there is problem in each step. Now i am working with FI , i have came to  know about two tables, they are BKPF and BSID i have to join them and also produce output on the basi

Link between Accounting Header (BKPF) amd Goods Reciepts Header (MKPF)

Hi, I am unable to fetch the Material Document Number (MBLNR) in MKPF using the data of Accounting Header (BKPF ). Would anyone please suggest me the link ?Hi, Here's the link betw. BKPF and MKPF BKPF -AWTYP :  'MKPF' -AWKEY :  '50000000012005' (with

Object Key in the table BKPF

hi, can somebody tell me how the data is filling to the filed " object key"(AWKEY) in the table "BKPF". do we define this in the configuration in FI?  is there any link with the document number ?? GHi For every document you create the

Table relations between vbrk and bkpf for  Accounting Document Number

hello, i am using 4 tables to get data into my programs. vbrk,vbrp konv and bkpf. i want to get belnr from bkpf.i found relation between vbrk and belnr.but in vbrk table belnr's value is initial. can anybody tell me that how should i relate vbrk and

Reference document number BKPF-XBLNR

Hi, Is BKPF-XBLNR is always a unique number? How's this field populated ? Thanks & regards, Yogitahi yogita,   BKPF-XBLNR is not an unique number. for same reference doc no you can create multiple doc number. thanks, murugan.Read other 3 answers

Exit or Badi for FB01 to update KMNAM filed value to BKPF free field

Hi Experts, Please provide me the correct Exits or Badi for to update KMKPF-KMNAM value to BKPF reference field while posting FB01. I tired with substitution but it was not solved my requirement. I have to update the KMNAM value into BKPF-XREF2 field

SP SAPKH47026 and change in structure of VBAK, VBUK ,BKPF

Hi All, We are currently on SAP R3 Enterprise 4.7 at an APPL level of 22. We are planning to move to SAP_APPL level 26. In fact I have already applied the relevant support packs in our sandbox system. I have checked out the objects contained in the A

Accounting Document not updated in BKPF for JV by J1IH

Hi The user posted JV through transaction code J1IH. The document number is updated in table J_1IPART2 but when the user is trying to see the same document in FB03 we are getting the error message as "the document is not exist or not archived".

Index creation in BKPF table

Hello Gurus, I have a bad performance in IDCP transaction, i read the sap note 511819 and this recommend create an index in BKPF table with fields: 'MANDT' 'BUKRS' 'XBLNR' But i see in the system the table have an index with fields: MANDT BUKRS BSTAT

Update BKPF-LDGRP before accounting documents are created in background

Hi Friends, We want to update the BKPF-LDGRP in accounting documents that are generated in background for MIGO etc. Can you please suggest any userexit, BADI, BAPI. Thanks and Regards, DeepaHi, You can create a VOFM copying requirements routine in th

Relation for EKPO and BKPF

Hi all, Is there any relationship between EKPO and BKPF tables. Thanks in advance. PrinceEKPO would be your purchasing document item data, therefore when the Goods issue is done an invoice document is created in RSEG having EKPO-EBELN and EBELP as re