Set Field in IDOC-Segment mandantory?

Hi everybody, is it possible to mark IDOC-fields in a segment in R/3 as mandantory. I cant see any options in WE31. Thanks Regards MarioHi Mario, AFAIK its not possible using WE30 or WE31. I think SAP doesnt recommend us to make fields inside segment

Idoc sender issue

Hi, I have an issue in Idoc sender scenario. The flow is Idoc to BPM to Flat file. Idoc is triggered from R/3 system via RFC port. It enters XI which is visible in Moni. But data is not there. Which transaction to use to trace Idoc in XI? I can see t

Missing Cost Center on IDOC

Hi Everyone, My Client is triggering a posting on thier SAP Cloud for Travel, but upon checking the IDOC that it generates, the Cost Center is not bieng populated correctly as the value is 0 or sometimes 01 as seen on the sample IDOC below: <n0:KOSTL

Steps to define correctly IDoc receiver adapter

Hi guys, I try to set up the IDoc receiver adapter, but I still get error, that adapter is not deefined correctly... Can you pls send me the info, which all steps I have to do, to have it defined correctly? Thanx in advance, Peter Message was edited

Generate idoc from Transaction

Hi, What are the settings/configurations need to be done in ECC 5.0 for generating an idoc from a transaction. I am executing a transaction C202 for changing BOM ThanksHello, BOM is a master data. The technique mostly used to send master data is via

IDoc to SOAP Receiver Fault Message Handling?

Hi, I am working on IDoc to SOAP Scenario (IDoc -> PI -> SOAP). It is in async mode without BPM. This works fine as long as there is no error on the SOAP receiver side. How to handle the falut message raised by the SOAP receiver and send it back the

Issue with IDOC occurence and SeeBurger message mapping

Hey Guys While developing a EDI 850 to IDOC scenario i came across this issue with pre-delivered Seeburger mapping(A_850_V4010_to_I_ORDERS05). I actually need to post multiple IDOC's to SAP system in the same message so i changed the IDOC occurence t

Idoc Not reaching PI even with 03 status

Hi everybody There are many posts with similar question, but none of them could help me. I am trying to post an IDOC from one SAP system 3.1 to SAP 6.0 through PI. I added FIDCC1 to to my partner profile in BD64. I am creating a invoice and clearing

Inbound IDOC commit

Dear all, I need to clarify scneario below: INBOUND process Receive an Idoc, and inbound FM Z_TEST_IN will be executed. In inbound FM Z_TEST_IN, i have to update both Table ZHEADER and ZITEM. Since they are Header and item table, so if one of the tab

IDOC / Integration Builder  -- contains errors (unable to read segments)

HELLO, I have a problem. I have created a new IDOC. but when I imported to the KIntegration Builder it says: Import started... ZHRMD_IT.ZHRMD_IT: Error   + Error: IDoc type ZHRMD_IT contains errors (unable to read segments) Import failed with 1 error

Error in testing an idoc -Trans. XK01 : CoCde not entered; company code are

Hi I am getting the following error when i am trying to test a idoc thru we 19. The message type is CREMAS and it is an inbound idoc ,I am testing the function module idoc_input_creditor . Trans. XK01 : CoCde not entered; company code area not being

How to read data from idoc to internal table?

Hi How to get data from idoc segments to internal table?Hi Check this ex The following coding sample, shows how you may read a MATMAS IDoc and extract the data for the MARA and MARC segments to some internal variables and tables. DATA: xmara LIKE mar

File to Idoc - Outbound Error

Hi,    I am doing File to IDOC scenario. I got error in "Message has error status at outbound status" .. When I opend that messeage then i got this ... <SAP:IDOCTYP>ZIDOCIN</SAP:IDOCTYP>   <SAP:CIMTYP />   <SAP:MESTYP>ZMT

IDOC Process Stops Due To System Warning

Hello Friends, Here is the ALE inbound scenario: We are setting up an order BOM interface using idoc BOMORD01. During the test, we found that the idoc has the error status 51 and this was due to a warning message issued by the system. In dialog mode

Change tax code for Inbound invoice Idoc

Hi all, My requirement is to change the TAX code in INVOIC01 for inbound idoc ,Basic type in E1EDK04 segment. I am using exit EXIT_SAPLMRMH_012 . But change tax code is not refleted in IDOC segment. Even i put E_CHANGE = 'X'. Please any one who have

PI-ECC connection (IDOC scenario), how to debug? (External BP)

Hello everybody, In PI -> ECC IDOC scenario I have encountered a debugging problem Delivery IDOC is being sent from PI to ECC. It is processed with IDOC_INPUT_DELVRY FModule. The question is how to debug this communication? I try to set external brea

EDi to IDOC mapping

HI, i need to map an EDI to an IDOC. the number of times a particular field occurs in the EDI structure, the same number of times the corresponding group of values has to be created in the IDOC. i am getting the source node but not the fields inside

Screen shots of lsmw using bapi and idoc.

hi can anybody plz send me the step by step lsmw procedure using bapi and idoc screen shots. regards vijayRefer this link... it has step by step procedure with screen shots.... http://www.****************/Tutorials/LSMW/LSMWMainPage.htm Regards, Pava

Packaging IDOCS in one single Scenario from R3 to XI

Hi experts, i m looking for help to make a IDOc to FILE scenario where i can integarte all idocs sent from R3 toxi be treated together in one call scenario, the problem is when i made a package in idx5 et idxpw i got all the idocs treated separatly.H

EDI: Syntax error in IDoc (too many repetitions of a segment)

Hi All -    We are getting an "EDI: Syntax error in IDoc (too many repetitions of a segment)" error message while processing the REMADV message in the payment run program. Basic Type : PEXR2002 Message Type : REMADV Segment Name : E1EDP02 This i