On a two Node cluster, the result of running "crs_stat - t" on the first node for gsd is shown as listed below Name Type Target State Host ora.node1.gsd application ONLINE OFFLINE on the second node for gsd is shown as listed below: Name Type Ta

Cannot get new token due to device offline state. Id error 40760

Hi, I have a Blackberry Curve 9380  i can't go in my app world, the message says: Cannot get new token due to device offline state id error 40760 what should i do? btw, i'm french thanks!Hi and Welcome to the Community! With a strong carrier network

Cannot Download Apps: device offline state???

Everytime I try to download an app from appworld, it says "Cannot get new oken due to device offline state (Error Id:40760). Please help if you know how to fix this The specific error you cite is not yet published in the public KBs: http://btsc.webap

N1212NF MFP Scanner Offline

Whenever I try to scan a document (with or without using the doc feeder, doesn't matter), the printer/scanner goes offline 99 times out of 100 so it is impossible to use.  If I watch the "Devices and Printers" display under Windows, the printer

Skype For iOS 7 Is Not Staying Online (Connected) ...

As of today, Skype does not stay online/connected and able to receive calls after being minimized for a given period of time. PROBLEM: I have updated to the latest version of iOS 7 and have the latest version of Skype for my iPhone 4S. While I notice

How can I use Pinnacle break-out box to capture in CS5

A colleague uses Pinnacle's break-out box to capture analog video directly through CS4, bypassing Studio. I have CS5, and bought Pinnacle Studio 14. But when I open CAPTURE in CS5, I get a "capture device offline" statement. Anyone got any ideas

Mail only checking one account and I have three. Since Apple sec update

Help. My Mail is only checking one out of three accounts for new mail. I have gone through the settings and nothing is obvious as to why. It has happened since Apple recent security update which may or may not be a coincidence. I cant see it being th

Data Guard und restart-database

Hi experts, I did the following activities: + defined first a restart standalone database dg1 on the system dwh with Linux RH 5.4/ Oracle -Environment with clusterware. + then created a standby database dg2 on the system stb with Linux RH 5.

Mail was unable to find your response

In the message viewer window, when you have responded to a msg, there is a little arrow icon. When you click on that icon, it's suppose to bring up your response. I have five email accounts (I know, I know, simplify) 1 .mac acct., 2 pop accts., and 2

Microsoft-Windows-Folder Redirection Error 502. CSC database locked by another user

Dear all, We are finalizing our Windows 7 migration where we migrated 500+ clients. In our enterprise concept we implemented RUP (Roaming User Profiles) and Redirected Folders for all users. The Redirected Folders have been by enabled by a single GPO

I/O Accelerator

Hi all, I see the following in the Cisco MDS 9000 Family I/O Accelerator Configuration Guide Limitations and Restrictions: IOA clustering framework uses IP connectivity for its internal operation. In Cisco NX-OS Release 4.2(1), if an IOA cluster beco

Monitoring scripts for AlwaysOn Availability Group

Does anyone have any any monitoring scripts for AlwaysOn AG using Transact SQL or stored procedures?   I'm not a strong coder and don't know Powershell at all.  But if there are some Powershell scripts we may be able to use them.  I've seen the dashb

Views are Blank

Mail Version 2.1 (752/752.2) Have an imap and a pop account. Often, the views of both are blank and the timer icon seems to be frozen. After a while, if I click on something else, the views become populated. Also, on many occasions, if I observe the

Shared Drive cluster - FormsReports

Hi, I've just installed a fresh 11gr2 cluster of Forms and Reports. I have no idea on how share our applications,forms,etc between the 2 nodes. I mean, we don't want to always make changes in both nodes. Do I have to store both ORACLE_INSTANCE in a N

Configuration of Build Controller in TFS

2.For automation of testcases(Coded UI test) & create new Build Definition of Team project in Team Explorer,whether Build Controller need to be configured in TFS server. What is the role of Build Controller Configuration in automation?Hi Nazimanasir,

"An Error Occured: Try Again" Message Everywhere. App nearly unusable. [Version]

Hello, After upgrading to Spotify version, I have had numerous issues with connecting, searching, and playing music as a Premium user. No matter what I do, whether it is under Browse, Discover, Radio, Search, Playlists, or my own user prof

New mail messages not appearing in Inbox

Hi there, I IMAP my email at work using Mail. Sometimes, messages don't appear in the inbpx or Smart folder that I have set up. I have rules for most people which moves teh unread message into their respective mail folder on the mail server. Its only

Little clock icon to right of Inbox

What is that little clock icon to the right of the Inbox? I'm having trouble with my mail - some messages of the past day keep re-appearing. One of them was a "can't deliver" from my server, and I can't even open it. This is a POP account. I thi

Need help on Hyper V 2012 for configuring pass through disks

Hallo guys, I have 7 hypervisors of Windows server 2012 running on bare metal, all are in cluster. I also configured SCVMM 2012 server.I created 10 Vm's. Now i want to make clusters of 2 node each & assign LUNs to my VM. Storage guys have assigned al

How to remove an entry from crs_stat which is NOT in ocrdump

Hi experts, Env; Sun Solairs 10 RAC -- 2 node cluster verison CRS isused NO vendor clusterware I've 4 instances running on Creating a new DB on the same ORACLE_HOME using dbca. Hit into a bug 5886151 and aborted the install..