BBID token is expired. (error id: 40631)

Everytime I try to download or do something on Blackberry app world, I get the following: BBID token is expired. (error id: 40631) Could anyone help me please?Hey Rhys_Turnbull, Welcome to the BlackBerry Support Community Forums. Thanks for the quest

App world Error " Token has expired, please login Error 50101

I've had this error on my BB for a while now and I have tried deleting App world and reloading it about 10 times and it's still giving me that error.  I have tried reloading using WIFi and connected and still the same issue.  Is there any other fixes

"Token has expired, please login. (Error ID: 50101).

Please help me resolve this, I cannot download any APPS!  Visited the A T and T store and they were absolutely no help, told me to look online.  Thanks!Below article should guide.. simply, hit on the necessary link.. KB17619 - What is BlackBerry App

LoginTokenExpiredException while launching Analytics 2.5 Console.

Hello all, Help is really appreciated. Since past 2 weeks we are strggling the the following issues and are unable to access the Analytics Console or Administration tool. We have recently performed Analytics Upgrade from 2.1 to 2.5. All the configrat

NotificationHub RegisterNativeAsync 401 time zone volgograd / moskov

Good afternoon, the developers have a problem with registration NotificationHub, if the phone time zone setting Volgograd Moscow, always returns 401 error token has expired, if you move the time forward one hour once the application starts. What to d

Verify session expiry using BO api

Hi, I have an application connecting to BO server for getting reports. I create a BO session using BO api and successfully getting the reports by suppressing the login page. But now i need to verify the BO session expiry. Could any one tell me which

Error id: 50101

When I try to download an app from appworld I get "Token has expired, please login. (Error Id 50101) This is since I updated appworld. Use to do same thing, but no mention of token. Just couldn't connect to server.... What do I do? Rogers couldn't he

Token expired-error 50101

I am unable to download apps from app worldm every time I try a pop up msg appears which states token expired, relogin error 50101. I tried reseting pswd, but it doesn't help. I tried to change user I'd and password by going to options >set device us

BO Login token expire problem

Hi, We have few dashboards developed in Xcelsius which we need to run 24/7. We use jsp to create login token and pass the login token to the .swf file. The problem is, the login token expires after 24 hour and the dashboards give error message "Inval

Content has expired error - NOT related to time being off on servers??

Recently I had a site (with publishing turned on) where the top navigation and quick launch disappeared showing the content had expired error.  I have triple checked the server time settings, as well as the web application time settings.  I verified

Password token.

Hey everyone, so I have another account and I forgot my password and I enter my email so they can send me a code to reset my password, so I go to my inbox and I click on "temporary code" and it goes to a new page and then I get this error: "

Close session on URL reporting - Logon token

Hi, when a user opens a report using a direct link (like openDocument) he creates a session that doesn't expires when he close the browser window. So if the same user opens 5 times the same report, he uses all the 5 licenses and the system is not acc

OpenDocument and token timeout

Hello, I am using openDocument URL method to display webi and crystal reports. I am reusing the same token that has been generated by SDK to show multiple reports. I am not able to check whether token is valid or not. Once token or the session that c

How do i get a long lived 60 days access token to post messages on facebook ? Getting exception error

I created just now a new app in the facebook site: I have a new access token but its for short time will expire after 2 hours or so. And i also got the app id and app secret code. This is how im trying to use it: priva

Dealing with Expired Certs in Mixed-Mode

I have done a fair amount of research on this topic and while I have deployed mixed-mode clusters, I haven't had a situation quite like the one I need to contend with in the next couple of weeks. I am trying to be as prepared as possible and am looki

SharePoint Navigation Error:The context has expired and can no longer be used. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80090317)

Hi, I take a exeption  on the  SharePoint 2013 left navigation.  Exeption:  "The context has expired and can no longer be used. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80090317)" I searched  this exeption keyword on the internet and  I find usualy 3 results

The context has expired and can no longer be used errors making farm unusable

There are a couple of other posts on this forum about the message "The context has expired and can no longer be used" but they all suggest something related to time and time zone differences. This is not the case in my farm and I have disabled t

Office 365 API, error: The token has invalid value 'roles' for the claim type ''

Hi guys, I am trying to develop a Daemon / Server application using the new Office 365 APIs. I have added a new application to Azure Active Directory. I am using cURL + the app ID and secret to get a JWT token, this is the exact request: curl -X POST

Change credit card expiration date in iCloud keychain

Is it possible to change a credit card expiration date on iCloud Keychain?Launch the Settings app from the Home screen of your iPhone or iPad. Scroll down and tap on Safari. Under the first section labeled General, tap on Passwords & AutoFill. At the

LOGIN ERROR: "The partner application configuration is missing or expired."

"portal" login pswd had expired and I changed it a) via OEM under "configure schema" section anb b) under HTTP->PL/SQL Properties section. I also went to OIDADMIN and changed the "portal" user pswd to the same schema pswd