Bapi for posting FI documents for new General ledger accounting

Hi, We have a requirement for posting FI documents for new General ledger i.e for transaction FB01L. Is there any BAPI for the same so that BDC can be avoided. The BAPI "BAPI_ACC_DOCUMENT_POST" is used for FB01. Can we use it for FB01L?? As in t

F110 : program name of posting cleared document during F110

Dear all, I need to figure out the "PAYMENT DOCUMENT SPLITTING" issue after F110 via debugging. I believe the main program for F110 is SAPF110V and SAPF110S is the program handle the posting. However, after I put the break point in  SUBMIT SAPF1

Bapi for posting Outbound Delivery

Hi, Can anyone please let me know about bapi for posting goods issue of outbound delivery.I have checked bapi like BAPI_OUTB_DELIVERY_CONFIRM_DEC If i use the with this bapi i can't cancellation the outbound with vl09. thanks,hi, i try to doing posti

Bapi for 'delete delivery document'

Hi SAP Gurus, Can anyone tell me Bapi for 'delete delivery document' Thanks & Regards, Krishna..Hi, You can use BAPI_INB_DELIVERY_CHANGE to change and delete the inbound delivery. In control structures (HEADER_CONTROL,ITEM_CONTROL ) you can find dele

Release authorization for Posting FI document nor Parked document

hii guru I am facing a problem as below. i have created a release authorization for parking document using workflow variant, created event - Created, object type - FIPP, receiver type - WS10000051, and when i am parking the document its working fine,

Updation of COGS in CO-PA for posted Billing Documents

Hi Experts, We have observed that in CO-PA COGS was not getting posted for posted Billing Documents. The reason which we found was standard cost was not released for that product. Now we have released the same and COGS values are getting posted into

Required BAPI for Shipment Cost Document (VI01)

Dear All,    I required BAPI for Shipment Cost Document (VI01), pls help on this. Regards RanjitDear MM   Thanx for replying, but the BAPI which you have provided will only show me the Cost with correct Tax calculation, But its not getting created, w

FBR2 generate reverse posting for a cleared document

Hi, I am using the transaction FBR2 to generate a reverse document for an existing document.  There are several GL accounts in the original document but when i generate the reverse document system could populate lines only for the GL accounts where t

BAPI for reset cleared items ie for transaction FBRA

Hi all, Is ther any BAPI for trasaction FBRA ? Ther are 2 BAPIS REVERSE_CLEARING or FM_REVERSE_CLEARING but are not released . Kindly do the needful.Hi , You should use FM CALL_FBRA AND CALL_FB08 function modules one by one. CALL_FBRA is for clearing

Require bapi for create billing document

Hi, Guru..... Please provide the Bapi for Backgournd create Billing document with refrence to Delivery. Thanks ArunHI Try with T-Code VF06 for automatic back- ground billing document creation based on delivery with PGI Check the Below link [Re: autom

Authorisation object for  posting parked document

Hi Gurus, In our company, documents are being parked via an interface. After this, i require that only one particular person be able to post document if the GL account is say 100000 and no one else should be able to post this document eg if GL accoun

Please help with this bapi for creating billing document

I want to create a billing document using the bapi:  BAPI_BILLINGDOC_CREATEMULTIPLE from a delivery number and NOT A SALES ORDER. Please tell me what  details to be passed to table  BILLINGDATAIN . Please don't provide me function module documentatio

Bapi for  'post customer down payment (t-code F-29)'

hi all can any one tell which bapi is used to 'post customer down payment:header data (t-code F-29)'. thanks in advance, lokeshHi, this one : BAPI_ACC_DOCUMENT_POST Best regards, ErwanRead other 3 answers

BAPI for posting TCode MI04, MI09 & MI10

Hello Gurus, can someone tell me which BAPI's to use for postings of above mentioned transactions? Regards, AlejHi Friend, Please try with BAPI_MATPHYSINV_COUNT Hope it will help you. Regards KrishnenduRead other 2 answers

Bapi or FM for posting the parked document

Hi All, Can someone suggest for FM or Bapi for posting the parked document?? Regards, Shobana.Ktry this... BAPI_ACC_DOCUMENT_POST BAPI_ACC_INVOICE_RECEIPT_POST BAPI_INCOMINGINVOICE_PARK  BAPI_INCOMINGINVOICE_CREATE MRM_PARKED_INVOICE_POSTRead other 3

BAPI for vendor credit memo posting by FB65

Hi guys, I need a BAPI to post vendor credit note by FB65. I am trying BAPI_ACC_DOCUMENT_POST, but I cannot find the fields to fill with the information we input at FB65 Payment tab, such as: Inv. Ref (document, year and item ). Could anybody help me

Enter Profit Center in Cleared Documents.

Dear Experts I need to enter profit center in posted / cleared document, is it possiable or not. please clear that. ThanksHi Mehdi It is not possible to enter/change profit center in an already posted document. Hence you may have to rectify it by pos

Error Rounding Difference too high when reset cleared document using FBRA

My Client has posted cleared document with T_Code F-51. This cleared document has cleared 6040 open items. And now, they want to reset and reverse that cleared document. We found error "Rounding difference too high" when we are reset cleared doc

Separate clearing document for each invoice wise while posting F-36

Dear Experts I am posting F-36 Bills of exchange transaction for invoices. I am receiving one BOE for multiple invoices. Requirement is while saving document system should give separate clearing document for each invoice wise. Pls guide me Thanks in

Who does know which bapi for Clearing,sucu as F-32 F-44  ,thank you!

i want to find a bapi for Clearing,such as F-32 F-44 , but i can't find it ,i don't kown whether have such bapi, who can tell me ,thank you very much!You can use the report RFBIBL00. Please read the documentation of this report to have a better idea.