How to convert date format into yyyymmdd?

Hello experts, how to convert date format into yyyymmdd? Thanx AxelHi go through these previous threads on similar question Date Conversion in Flat File converting the D

Function module to convert date format from yyyymmdd to mmddyyyy format

function module to convert date format from yyyymmdd to mmddyyyy formatHi Rajitha, Do like this Data: Var1 type sy-datum,          var2(8) type c. var1 = sy-datum. Concatanate var1+4(2) var1+6(2) var1+0(4) into var2. write var2. Reward Points if this


Hi all, In 3.5 . In my update routine i am getting start date and end date from a table which is in the format(MM/DD/YYYY) now i need to get the sub week from differnt table. in this table calday is inthe format YYYYMMDD . firstly i need to convert t

Convert date from YYYYMMDD to DDMMYYYY

Please help if anyone knows any function module to convert date from YYYYMMDD to DDMMYYYY format.. Thanks in Advance, manjariHello. Simply do like this: DATA: datum TYPE char10. WRITE sy-datum TO datum <format option>. <format options>: DD/MM/


Dear Experts! Imagine each user can set his own dateformat up to himself. E.g. 05/26/2008 05/26/2008 26.05.2008 etc. I always receive the date as above mentioned in various formats depending users setting. You are never be able to know that previousl

BAPI_BATCH_CHANGE get error : "The format of internal date   .  . "

Hi experts, In my program, i call BAPI_GOODSMVT_CREATE co create Material Doc, then i call BAPI_BATCH_CHANGE to update Last Good Receipt date of material batch. But get the error: "The format of internal date   .  . is not correct" of field Shel

Derived column transformation from varchar(8) YYYYMMDD to DATETIME column

It seems I have tried everything, but all I need to do is change a column from varchar(8) to DATETIME. Some lines are blank, zero length strings, and some have dates such as 20140829. All the rows go to an exception table or it just bombs altogether.

Function module to convert date format to yyyymmdd

Hi All, Would like to seek for your advice. Is there any function module to convert the date format from mm/dd/yyyy to yyyy/mm/dd? Thanks in advance. Regards, Shawn Moderator Message: Basic date question. Thread locked. Edited by: Suhas Saha on Dec 3

Error in LSMW

Hi i am using lsmw to upload my pouting I am using batch input methode to upload my header data. and direct input  methode to upload my operation and material assignment data. is this the correct way of doing lsmw. can we upload header data and the o

How to count the number of Fridays and Saturdays between two dates

Hi every one ... If we want to count the number of Fridays and Saturdays between two dates, how would we do that ? ! Dates are ( 11-Feb-2010) to (19-May-2010) how to do it in SQL Edited by: khalidoracleit on Jul 28, 2010 5:51 AMsome nice coding here,

Excel RFC Data Transfer

Hi Guys, <br><br> First off, my apologies if this thread is in the wrong forum; it seemed to be the most relevant one to my question. <br><br> Background<br> I have written an ABAP program to gather some statistics and input

Trying to find epoch dates and convert them to dates

I'm trying to find every epoch time in a string and convert them to a date. I have tried the below with no luck. SELECT REGEXP_REPLACE('1315617396271 Impacting: CISCO SAN SWITCH1315617396271 Impacting: CISCO SAN SWITCH' ,'([[:digit:]]{10,10})',unixts

LSMW to create Sales Order refer to Quotation with multiple line items.

Hi Gurus, I am new to LSMW, and my requirement is that, I have a file downloaded from another system, it is like this: Quotation No.  Sold to party  data        item no.       material no.     quatity 556                         10000012             

Question about WebLogic query syntax

Hello, I am using WebLogic Server 6.0, which came as part of the WebGain Studio SE 4.5 development kit. My question regards the Web Logic query syntax, which I have not yet mastered. I am trying to create a finder method that takes a single argument

Strange Insert result in a ProC program

In the following lines of codes, I tried to insert some records of a table into another. There is a cursor witch has an ORDER BY clause on the field N_RIB. The insert comes after some work. Just a example of what's going bad : Source Table N_RIB : 2,

Release Date for Albums Year, MONTH DAY

Why can't I enter the release date for albums (Year month and day)?   Itunes has a field for year but that's it.    I would have loved to be at the meeting where it was discussed. "Year, month and day? why the heck would any want that?" "We

DateValidator and inputFormat, I would like to check hour minute and second too

Hi this is my control and I would like to validate the whole date not just YYYYMMDD <mx:DateValidator id="dateVal" source="{TI_FechaInicio}" property="text" inputFormat="yyyy-mm-dd L:NN:SS A"/> But it doesn't

Error while executing the stored procedure

Hi All, When I try to execute the store procedure .The store procedure does not have parameter. I am getting the following error. The store procedure has been successfully complied. Thanks for all your help. uday ORA-01422: exact fetch returns more t


我们系统通过DBLINK的方式从XX银行数据中心取数,DBLINK.DATACENT是在系统(我公司的报表平台)创建的一个DBLINK连接.系统定时在每天早上进行数据抽取,使用上述提到的DBLINK. 从11月02日上线后至今,抽数过程中共发生过两次错误,错误如下,在网上搜了一下,多数是说网络不稳定.我们也问了其他从数据中心取数的系统,人家的数据都没啥问题. 希望知情的大师们给点儿建议: 日志如下: 2012.12.25 06:00:00 WARN DefaultQuartzScheduler_

Stored procedure for exec. multiple insert queries

Hello everybody, I am running on select banner from v$version; Output: Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bi I am a new to oracle and I need some help. I have to populate a table on monthly basis, for which I am required to