Any way to embed web page in PDF page - like IFRAME

Is there any way in Acrobat to embed a web page within a PDF page - similar to an IFRAME in an HTML page?[discussion moved to Acrobat Creating, Editing, and Exporting PDFs forum.]Read other 2 answers

Insert PDF page between PDF pages

I've asked this over on the acrobat forum but no response so I'm trying my luck here. I've got a 500 page pdf that's 4 up. And I"ve got a 1 page pdf 4 up that's the reverse for the 500 pages. I'd like to insert the 1 page pdf in between each of the p

How can I print an odd page in a pdf with 2 page each pdf page?

I hope tou can help me. We´ve created a pdf from a book. In each page of the pdf we´ve put two pages of the book. Our problem is: if  I want to print or search a even page. I´ve just go to the search box and write the number of the page I want to go.

How to make Adobe acrobat feature to convert SAP  Pages to PDF available for multiple users connected to the same server

We have installed Adobe Acrobat X Pro- English,Francais,Deutsch version 10.1.9 in our test environment and tried  testing it for converting SAP pages into PDF with a few pilot users. In doing so we faced a challenge, where only one user at a time can

Convert PDF Page to Image format

Is there any way to convert PDF page to Image formats (like JPG, GIF...)? I am looking in iTextSharp. If there are other options also, please let me know.There is a sample included with the Acrobat SDK that shows how to perform conversions of PDFs to

Combine PDF Pages automator step strips annotations

Oh, I was so excited when I noticed the Combine PDF Pages command in Automator. Then I was less excited when I discovered that if any of the pages has annotations created in Acrobat Pro, those annotations are removed from the newly combined PDF. Sinc

IBook converting periods on PDF formatted pages into question marks

Can someone tell me why iBook is converting periods on PDF formatted pages into question marks in the search function?Graymatters1 wrote: In this particular instance, we are having to build an ebook which utilizes iBook. In case in matters, Apple doe

Convert pages to pdf - Contents Page

Hi Everyone, I have just been using the discussion threads to add a contents page to my pages document (Thanks! These were very helpful). When I am in pages, the contents page has page numbers that become links to those pages and I am able to quickly

Render PDF Pages As Images - File names are gibberish

I have a workflow that takes a folder of PDF's and converts them to JPG's. The problem is that Automator is giving the converted files random gibberish filenames such as Kft56Fvg.jpeg and not the names of the original files. Anyone know what's going

Pages to PDF export and text not showing

I exported a pages document from Pages to PDF and I can not see the text??? Font is Tex Gyre Adventor and it is in the color white with a shadow and a tangerine box backdrop Thoughts? - Thanks!!I'm not sure exactly why this happened, but I think I mi

Getting fast PDF page count (without opening file)?

I've got a menu with about 100 PDFs and for various reasons I'd like to display the page count for each. I could enter the page count by hand but that becomes a maintenance nightmare as the PDFs are updated and someone (myself included) will forget t

Modifying a pdf page using Javascript

Hi all, - I am having an html report that consists of many html pages. - Each page of these html pages contains a table or more, in addition to some buttons that hides/display specific rows in these tables. And these buttons are programmed using Java

Shrinking of PDF Page

Hi All, I am looking for an API through which I am able to shrink a PDF page. For example I want an A3 page to be converted to A4 without loss of any content.Please let me know is there any option available for doing the same apart from printing the

White edges on PDF page

Hi there. I am currently producing a newsletter and have found that, once converted into a pdf file, very fine white edges are becoming visible on the document. I have laid down on the page a few images and text boxes that bleed off the sides of the

One excel page turns into 2 pdf pages?

Does anyone know what needs to be done to an excel sheet so when I convert it to pdf it stays as one page in the pdf format?"Clear the Cache": Tools > Options > Advanced > Network > Offline Storage (Cache): "Clear Now" &quo

How to print an interactive page curl mult-page PDF

I created a multi-page interactive page curl PDF and when I go to print it out, I am only able to print the first spread. How does one print the entire document?Hi, thanks for your reply. Initially the document should be open so that the user can inp

Spool List more than 99 pages to PDF File to Mail

Hi All, I want to convert a big spool list (342 Pages) to PDF file to send it by e-mail. I use the following code to convert my spool to PDF file: Convert to PDF file*   CALL FUNCTION 'CONVERT_ABAPSPOOLJOB_2_PDF'     EXPORTING       src_spoolid      

PDF Page Extraction issue

Hi all, i have  single pdf file with many pages, on that i cannot able to extract some pdf pages on the file, we receiving error "There was as problem reading this document (15)" Please help me how to find the error without using acrobat. If any

Pdf page rendered as white on white (works perfectly in windows, though)

Hi. I found an annoying bug on *all* my apple products. One pdf page in a book I am reading is rendered as white on white on any iOS or Mac OS software. The text is there (I can select it, highlight it, etc) but I could not find any way to display it

Display multiple pages of PDF in ABAP webdynpro

Hi Friends, We have a requirement, where we have to display all the pages of PDF in ESS Portal using Abap WD.  I have got the xstring data for all PDF pages.   How can I display them now?  I used interactive form, but it can display just one page.  I