How do I disable auto correct for Skype in Windows 10?

Hey, OS: Windows 10 Pro x64Skype: How do I disable spell checker for Skype in Windows 10?It does not affect any other program other than Skype.I tried out browsers, Wordpad, Notepad and a few other programs. It does not auto correct any oth

Lens corrections : auto-correction for rectangular subjects

I have used lens corrections manual "vertical"+"horizontal"+"rotate"  sliders to render rectangular paintings shot off-axis (transform trapezoids into rectangles). Very cool - but time consuming ! My request is an auto-correc

Undo auto-correction for typing particular words into Pages

This is starting to drive me nuts - whenever I type the word "march" Pages automatically capitalizes it to "March". Is there any way to stop it from capitalizing this word without turning off auto capitalizing? I realise it may sound t

IPad spell check doesn't auto-correct for iPad

Whenever I type "ipad" on my iPad, it doesn't auto-correct to "iPad", it just leaves "ipad". When I tap it, it pops up "iPad | pad", so it thinks when I'm typing "ipad" that I could equally mean "iPad

Software or website for validating and correcting for XHTML syntax

I have some jsp pages and html pages. I would like to format all of them so that all are conform to XHTML standard. Is there any software or online website that provide the functionality of validate HTML and if possible auto-correct it?If you search

Pages Auto Correction

Okay, I disabled everything under auto correction in the pages preferences. However, it's been bugging me to no end that whenever I type something along the lines of 1/100 it will correct it to a date of "Dec 3, 0099" and when I put down 2/4 it

Auto-correct Greek language

Hello. I am Greek. Recently our Greek distributor made a custom Greek dictionary for mac os x. This dictionary works great in any application in the mac os x. The question, though, is why I cannot make it work in iwork '09. I choose the language from

Does Mail auto correct spelling errors and typos?

I figured out how to get Mail to check my spelling & highlight errors as I go. But is there a way to get it to fix it my typos? I have been using Entourage for a long time and finally decided to make the switch to Mail. One feature that Entourage had

Japanese iPhone French language auto-correct

Hi, I use an iPhone5 in Japan and I am very happy to be able to use a French keyboard (me being French and all...) but it seems there is no proper dictionary behind the auto-correct so that almost every word appears as misspelled. Is it possible to d

DDL Auto Creation For Various DBs

Hi, Is there any open source/API that allows auto creation of tables/index/PK/FK ? The same code should work on various DBs: Oracle and informix as for now. The issue is that I'm aware of the structure that I intend to create, however, there is a dif

Spell Checker errors & auto-correct gone mad

I have had a problem for awhile now with bad spell checking. If I make a typo, the softeware learns the mispelled word - and edits properly spelled instances of the word to be wrong later. ("the softeware" - I don't know if its Apple's or a 3rd

Spell-check without auto-correction? Why not?

Why can't we choose spell-check without auto-correction?Steven, As I typed that Reply, your Spellcheck thread (for the forums), came immediately to mind. That was one of the prime motivators in wanting a dictionary, that could be customized. Over the

Why does iPad keyboard go silent after speaking auto correction?

When typing my iPad goes silent if it brings up the bubble for auto-correct. Can somebody help?It's not clear to me why the 304.88 driver solves the broken access to virtual tty console. From it

Flickering after auto correct usage

After applying some auto correction tools like exposure, contrast, tonal correction, the clip on which these correction have been applied, flickers after rendering, especially in the light areas (sky with clouds). Is this a normal behaviour? thx for

Enable Auto correct Option in Abap Editor

In Our QAS server, we saw a feature of ABAP editor. For some errors a particular icon will come in error window. On clicking the icon it will automatically rectify the error . For example .. IF we change a variable name from name1 to name2 . If the e

How can I write in French without being auto-corrected to English?

Before moving to Canada, I was able to write in French and even had auto-correct in that language, as well as in English. I can't understand why this possibility is now disabled, Canada being - at least in theory - a bilingual country.sansouci wrote:

Auto updates for VSTO addin not working that was installed using MSI

I am not a .NET guy so this might be naïve question. We have developed an MS Excel VSTO add-in using Click-Once (VB .NET). Due to some business requirements, We packaged that add-in as MSI. DEVENV excel-addin.sln /Project AddinSetUp\AddinSetUp.vdproj

How do I turn off the auto correct "annoyance"?

It is become a nuissance rather than a help. If it worked like Windows where it just underlined words it thinks are inccorrect, instead of automatically changing them. Thanks for the help.Actually, the phone does both - separate functions. To disable

SMS Auto-Correction Stops Working

I've noticed lately that sometimes I'll be typing and my iPhone's Auto-Correction feature stops working. For example if I were to accidentally type "dod", it would normally correct it and change it to "did". Or if I don't capitalize &q

I can't turn off auto correct on iPad

When I type an emai, the auto correct above the keyboard keeps suggesting words. I have gone into Settings-General and turned off Auto-Correction (and everything else too). But when I type an email or go into Safari on my iPad, it keeps suggesting wo