E71 default browser does not open links

Hello everybody, I am facing this strange behavior on my E71 default browser. Say that I go to the google page and look for something, e.g.. Java. I click the search button and the browser displays a list of results. However, when I click on any of t

My firefox browser will not open, i need my bookmarks so i can reboot my computer

My computer is have problems probably a virus, my firefox browser will not open. i only really need my bookmarks. is there a way of accessing them without opening firefox.See this: <br />

Firefox "starts" but browser will not open on desktop

When I click to open Firefox min Windows 7, the program loads, i.e., I can see the window on the Aero Bar, but the browser will not open on my desktop. I have redone my profile and that seems to solve the problem for a while, but then the same proble

My Safari browser will not open.

My Safari browser will not open.  It simply says Safari quit unexpectedly.  I can open Google Chrome and browse just fine.  Any idea whats wrong?  I have a MacBook Pro, and I'm using OSX Yosemite 10.10.1Click here and follow the instructions, or if t

Mozilla browser will not open on my desktop

Cannot open Mozilla web browser. I can open Google chrome and access the internet.See: * A possible cause is security software (firewall,anti-virus) that blocks or restricts Firefox or the plugin-con

My firefox browser will not open new windows in tabs, but it will do so when I am in safe mode, what should I be looking for?

I want to view new pages in tabs. I thought I had clicked the appropriate option to do so but it continually opens in a new window instead. I have restarted my browser in safe mode and the tabs are there and work normally. What gives? I am not sure h

In fedora 8, firfox browser is not opening in newly created login but opening in old login

in Fedora 8, previously created root and user login are able to open firefox browser. But any newly created login unable to open it. It starts but ended without any message and opening browser. But the processes of firefox running behind. What to do

Openscript : browser is not opening for playback

Hello, I installed openscript9. I was working nicely. Then I installed OATS. now that I want to continue using openscript, it does not want to open browser to playback ! I get following error message : Error happened when createing a new server socke

Network Browser will not open in OSX 10.4.8

Since installing OSX 10.4 when I click the network Icon in the Finder Go menu the Network Browser window appears momentarily then quickly disappears. If I try to click again nothing happens. This happens on both the G3 iMac and the G4 Powerbook. Both

My browser will not open new tabs. The "+" doesn't open a new tab nor does going through File- new tab.

The only way it opens a tab is if I right click on something on a site and hit open in new tab.The Ask Toolbar is causing that in the Firefox 3.6.13 version. Evidently something in that extension isn't compatible with a Firefox security fix. Disable

My safari will not open.

My safari browser is not opening. This all started after updating the software a few days ago. I am running OS X 10.6.8 on a macbook pro. When I try to open it a box pops up stating: Safari can not be opened because of a problem. Problem Details and

I though I downloaded Firefox version 4.0. I have the icon on the desktop but when I click it, nothing happens. Firefox does not open. What is up?

I downloaded a the firefox upgrade version 4.o. I have the icon on my desktop. However, when I double click the icon, nothing happens. The Firefox browser does not open. What's up? Jeff KatchenCreate a new profile as a test to check if your current p

Firefox will not open even with new profile

When I attempt to open Firefox nothing happens on screen. I have created a new profile still no joy. In the Windows Task Master Process window Firefox.exe is shown. I have attempted to update Firefox no joy I have uninstalled and reinstalled Firefox

After shutting down my iMac last night, Firefox will not open this morning and I don't know why?

My iMac is set to open to my home page My Yahoo with Firefox browser. This morning my Firefox browser is not opening and I don't know why? It does open on my new MacBook Air as per usual. I click on the icon but it does not respond even though I have

Nokia Asha 202 - not opening a website

My nokia Asha 202 is not working well. it's not opening this website Happy New Year 2015 Wishes (Quotes | Sms Messages) I tried again and again. also i have reseted my mobile but its not working Moderator's Note: The subject was changed as we have cr

Pdfs not opening in my browser

After reviewing other questions, the added information here is that the pdfs do open or open incorrectly in my browser. Opening some pdfs unsuccessfully.  Get message "An error occurred while rendering the page."   Under more info, says pdf malf

Reader v11 will not open in Windows Explorer (or browser) when clicking a PDF file; just a flash on the screen.

Reader v11 will not open in Windows Explorer (or browser) when clicking a PDF file; just a flash on the screen. I can open Reader from Programs then open the file. I'm using a laptop upgraded to Windows 7I do no understand "flash on the screen";

SAP Management Console (5NN13 port) does not open in Firefox or IE browser.

Hi , Title: SAP Management Console (5NN13 port) does not open in Firefox or IE browser. Iam not able to see the pop up window SAPMC when i run the following in firefox browser but it works fine in my colleague's computer: http://hostname:5NN13 I test

Acrobat does not opens a PDF in the Browser at all times

Required: I need to ensure Acrobat opens a PDF in the Browser at all times, and not have Reader hijack the task.  All fixes for this I have found won't work as they render Reader inoperable. i.e. uninstalling Reader or denying users to the Reader exe

Firefox Browser window will not open or start.

Sorry that this is long, but I wanted to make sure you knew as much as you needed to know. I click on the icon in my Windows taskbar, and the firefox browser window will not open. This was not the first of my problems. At first, Firefox would open im