Safari 3.1.2 for Tiger

*Hello we are back on the same old problem* Its a shame that us Apple Mac Customers who use the stand-alone-download-option for Safari 3.1.2 for Tiger (via a PC have to come and politely beg the kind help of other forum users to kindly use their expe

Hello MacHeads: I downloaded Handbrake 0.9.1 for Tiger, so I can upload a homemade DVD for editing in imovie.  Problem is I can't even access Handbrake Help book, because I think my firewall settings are preventing me.  I tried turning off all my firewall

Hello MacHeads: I downloaded Handbrake 0.9.1 for Tiger, so I can upload a homemade DVD for editing in imovie.  Problem is I can't even access Handbrake Help book, because I think my firewall settings are preventing me.  I tried turning off all my fir

Install Options for Tiger

Hello All: I want to upgrade my current system (OS X 10.3.9) to Tiger -- something I've never done before. Over the course of trying to read up on and prepare for this procedure, I've noticed mention of a couple of options (maybe there's more I don't

How can I download Boot Camp for Tiger

Hello I cannot find anymore ways to download Boot Camp for Tiger not for Leopard because I don't have that kind of Operating system. It's kind of expensive. If you have any advice or links, please tell me.. Thanks. ShangShangqi wrote: Hello I cannot

No kext for Xserve's ATI RAGE 128 in Leopard

Xserve running OS X Server 10.5.2 The Xserve has an ATI RAGE 128 PCI graphics card from an old G3 Blue & White. System Profiler shows no kext loaded for the graphics card. The monitor displays OK, but ScreenSharing and Timbuktu both display ragged te

QuickTime 7.6 upgrade for Tiger breaks system

I am also having problems on Tiger (10.4.11) after upgrading to QuickTime 7.6. Upon reboot after the install completed, I wind up with the login prompt on the console (not the login window, but a true unix login prompt). Logging in and dumping the la

"To Do" type widget for Tiger (OS X - 10.4.10) ?

Does anybody know of a widget similar to or just like the new "To Do" widget that will work with an OS X 10.4.10 (Tiger) operating system? I REALLY like this widget -- it's just what I needed to manage my daily To Do list at the touch of a butto

IMac PowerPC G3 Firmware Update for Tiger Install

I have an iMac PowerPC G3 that was purchased with a slot DVD and Mac OS 9 installed. I upgraded to Mac OS X 10.2.8 with one problem, ie., can't use the copy and scan functions on my Epson Stylus CX5200 All-In-One Printer. I learned, recently, those f

Anti-virus software for Tiger

I understand that Virex is not compatible with Tiger. Any recommendations on a similar program for virus protection? Thanks.It isn't needed - at the present time anyway. Check Macs, viruses, and anti-virus software. If you insist, check ClamXav which

Mice for Tiger

I'm running Tiger on an iBook G4 and am looking into getting a wireless mouse. I've decided I want a multiple button style mouse including a scroll button but wanted to know which mouses work with Tiger. I don't want to get the Mighty Mouse, since I'

Oki B4100 driver solution for Tiger intel

After hours of useless talk to OKI-People I am glad to share the following solution with you. Compatible driver for OKI B4100 in the printer utility, select your printer -> usb as driver select HP LaserJet 6 series with gimp print or cups works well

Advice for Tiger, ipad, CS3

If this is asked already just post me a link, thanks. I want to make sure I know my options. We got the 16GB 3G ipad without reading that you have to have Mac OS 10.5.8. I currently have 10.4.11 and have never upgraded my system because of software c

Front Row for Tiger

I have a friend who has a 17 inch MacBook Pro running OS 10.4.11. She doesn't seem to have Front Row among the applications. Is there any way of downloading FR for this computer? Thanks, NorrisAll Tiger has it. i am running Leopard, yet I still answe

Bluetooth A2DP profile for Tiger?

I am looking to get a wireless headset to game with for my MacBook Pro - with Bluetooth built in, I figure this is the way to go. My research so far has shown that bluetooth stereo headsets with microphones are available, but they require the A2DP Bl

Bluetooth ear clip for tiger macbook?

I've been looking for a nice small truely wireless bluetooth earclip to use with a macbook running tiger or an ipod. I think Leopard macs have some new kind of bluetooth. really I'd like to find one that just works with one ear. something like the Ce

Anyone know where I can get an "Archive and Install" article for Tiger?

I need to do an archive and install on my Macbook (OS 10.4.11), which runs at the speed of molasses. I've never done it before and am very nervous. Can anyone point me to an article on the website that will tell me how to do it? Thanks!!Tony: Thanks

Disk defragmenting utility software for tiger 10.4.7?

I am a new Mac owner. I just getting deeper in understanding my newly acquired MacBook. The big question I have is "is there a defragmenting utility sismilar to the one in Windows XP in this operating system? I don't seem to find a disk maintenance t

Has anyone built X11R6.9 or R7.0 for Tiger?

In trying to get gnome up and running I've run into various issues (cairo won't build from darwinports, complaining about errors in the X11 headers). So i thought I'd just update to latest. However... When building X11R6.9 from the tar file, everythi

Partitioning HD for Tiger's VMemory?

A PC-master friend was advising me on my recent harddrive upgrade in my iMacDV/400mhz/1gB slot-loader (that's a mouthful), which is subsequently happily producing this topic. We discussed partitioning the HD to give the virtual memory a dedicated spa

Update for Tiger not compatible.

I currently run the Mac OS X Version 10.4.8. I updated my iTunes to version 7.6, but it requires a version of 10.4.9 or later to work, so it will not open now. I downloaded the update MacOSXUpd10.4.11Intel.pkg. It will not download as it says my volu