Macbook Pro laptop (early 2013) sudden slow down, and heats up while sleeping

Hi! I need help with my Macbook Pro laptop (early 2013) that suddenly slowed down, and heats up while sleeping. It slowed down 3 days ago. I want to know what checks I can do to find what is wrong with my laptop. Thank YouHi! I did reset SMC but it d

File Suddenly Slows Down

What do I do when a file suddenly slows down? It takes 20 to 30 seconds for one sentence of text to slowly appear on the screen after I type it. Problem is associated with one chapter (file) in a book of twenty. The other 19 are fine. Same symptoms w

Sudden slow down in data transfer

I'm reading data from the hard disk on a Target PXI System (8106 RT) and sending it via Ethernet to a Host PC and writing it to its hard disk. I read a chuck of data from the Target, send it using TCP Write function. The Host uses the TCP Read functi

Premiere Pro performance suddenly slowed down to be virtually unusable, even for simple projects

I'm running latest Premiere Pro update on a late 2013, 27" iMac, with a 3.4 GHz Intel Core i5 processor with 8GB RAM, Mac osX version 10.9.5.  I know that's not a lot of RAM, but up until the past week or so I was able to edit an hour-long 4K project

G4 Quicksilver suddenly slowed down

This is my first ever Post and am fairly new to MAC's so please bear with me. The machine is a G4 Quicksilver(Digital Audio) 1GHZ, 1GB ram, 120 HD OS 10.5.5 It Used to run Pretty fast but all of a sudden Really Sloowed down. So slow that it could tak

Safari slows down and locks up.  Is it a virus?

Safari suddenly slows down and eventually locks up every time I use it.  Is this a virus?When you have the problem, note the exact time: hour, minute, second.   These instructions must be carried out as an administrator. If you have only one user acc

Report Slow Down

We have a report that used to produce a 1000+ page pdf in about 2 minutes. It has gone to producing a 200+ page report in about the same amount of time. No change to the data, database, report or environment, it just suddenly slowed down and nothing

Ethernet performance starts fast, slows down

My TC is directly connected to my new iMac with a high quality Cat.7 cable. No switch involved. So I expect Gigabit ethernet speed but this is not the case. When copying files down from the TC to the Mac (or one large test file) it always starts fast

Macbook pro sudden shut down

My 13' pro, bought 3 months ago, has developed sudden shut downs three times this evening.. This is the first time I met this problem. The first and second time, battery is about 30%. and then i plug in the charge, but it just shut down again. I was

IPhoto slow down

I have a MacBook Air with latest upgrade. I use IPhoto '11 (with latest upgrade) a lot and it's been working fine.  All of a sudden it has slowed down to a crawl.  It accesses my library on my external hard drive (lots of room) without a problem.  Di

Mail Slows Down my Internet Speed

After the recent November 10.6.5 update, the Mail app brings my internet connection to a crawl. I used to have a solid 12Mbps connection and <25ms ping times but while Mail runs, is kills the speed to less than 2Mbps and over 200ms ping times. I have

Flash player slowing down

I'm having kind of a weird problem with the flash player. I recently was having a performance problem with a game I'm working on where after playing for a while, it suddenly would slow down to about half the normal framerate. I searched for the bug f

CS5 and 6 slow down issue - was working fine

Hi Everyone Hoping you can help as i've tried pretty much everything I can think of to resolve this. I've been running CS5.5 production premium for a while now, powerful PC, everything was running fast and working great. Now, all of a sudden Photosho

Kernel_task slowing down my iMac!

I have noticed that more often my iMac is slowing down with me seeing the spinning beach ball every time.  Pulling up Activity Monitor I see that every time a process called kernel_task is using up between 50% to 80% of my CPU.  Then it will drop off

My macbook pro suddenly shuts down

Hello everyone, I am having problems with my MacBook Pro. It suddenly shuts down without any warning. I tried turning it on, a few seconds after the sound, it would shut down. I read the User Manual and tried a command "press Power Button, and immedi

Probook 6540b; more memory causes system to slow down dramatical​ly

Hi, I have a Probook 6540b with Intel i5 and I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit. I bought the notebook with 4GB RAM installed. I heard from the supplier that the computers tend to be "buggy" with more than 2GB RAM, but I needed the memory so I

Itunes is slowing down my computer by writing ID3 tags

What are ID3 tags? Itunes seems to be slowing down my computer and is becoming very slow to respond to commands because it says that it's "writing ID3 tags". This just started yesterday. I've been using Itunes for a couple of months."hyjack

Speeding up and slowing down still images

I still am unable how to figure this one out. I have found a slider bar under the art/clip. I right clicked, turned on time graph, moved this points around and still see no difference in sppeding up or slowing down. I am in the right place, close? In

Will 10.4.4 Slow Down the Computer?

Hi there, When 10.4.3 came out, I heard that it had sped up the fan speed on some or all G5s. I figured that this must be because 10.4.3 was making the G5s work harder. So when I put 10.4.3 into my G4 I was a little unsure if it would be a good idea.

Wireless slowed down, AP LAN interface txload 255/255

Hello Just built up a new office network, have 5 2602i controlled by a 5508 on FlexConnect local switching mode. One day ago when I tested my wirless, I can got full speed, about 40M, but today, after some 40-50 staff moved in, no configuration is ch