APP-PAY-06074: Current or future payroll periods are closed

I am trying to reverse the termination for an employee and i am getting this error: APP-PAY-06074: Current or future payroll periods are closed. I have checked my current payroll periods they are OPEN and the future as well are OPEN. Please help me a

APP-PAY-07068 - An Invalid work flow was specified, no navigation available

Dear All, I am getting error while navigating people->enter and maintain APP-PAY-07068 - An Invalid work flow was specified, no navigation available. FRM-40815 - variable GLOBAL.G_WORKFLOW_ID deosnot exist. EBiz version R12.1.1 Platform: Linux Please


Hi all, am getting an error message while creatng an assignment for an employee of contact type....(APP-PAY-07092:This action is invalid for the current record) How to fix this Thanks in advance NavinIt sounds like the person you are looking at has a

APP-PAY-07804: Employee will not be terminated

hi, we are working in oracle applications 11i. On the attempt to end the employment of some employees from People Enter and Maintain form I need to enter some data to the form; while there are no manadatory (yellow) fields". If I entered the *LEaving

APP-PAY-07546: Before continuing, enter and save new information...........

I logged into oracle applications (enter and maintain > query person > other > qualifications) and entered a new qualification. Then i saved the newly captured qualification and exit oracle applications. When i log back into oracle applications a

Error while creating Absence as "APP-PAY-51271: The assignment is not eligible for the element

Hi, "APP-PAY-51271: The assignment is not eligible for the element."Hi Nandhu, Can you check below two things which can be cause of this error: 1. The link definition of the non-recurring element which is tagged with this absence type, as a best

App-pay-06153 system error procedure pay_us_tax_internal.maintain_tax_percentage

I am getting this error while termination of an employee who is having 2 assignment (Terminated,Active). Thank You Nitin Maheshwaricheck - PERWSTEM Enter Final Process Date APP-PAY-06153:Procedure pay_us_tax_internal.maintain_tax_percentage at Step 4

Absence Form Error - APP-PAY-33681

Hi Please help. When trying to capture leave the following error is generated. APP-PAY-33681: A compiled version of formula 464 cannot be found.Check that it exists and has been compiled before attempting to run. HR is unable to capture leave because

In APP how to make customisation so that the APP pay only one currency invo

Hi, Please let me know the settings: for  App has to pay only one currency invoices. ex. we have invoicess with 3 currencies like INR , USD and GBP  but the APP has to pay only GBP invoices. local currency is INR. please let me know the customisation

App pay more then one time

im being charg over and over 1$   over and  70 X  ma email is [email protected] thank you this need to be fixed 702-610-0169We're not Apple support, silly.  We're users just like you. You need to contact iTunes support.  Open up iTunes on your comput

Error in hrms app-per-07692

while creating employee in hrms manager application unable to generate employee no. and showing error app-per-07692 choose existing employeeHi What is your EBS version?Please check below notes which points similar error like you hit Unable To Use Emp

Quickpay Error

I am trying to run a Quick pay for one emp on VISION instance with HR VISION ENTERPRISES resp. the conc. program for Quickpay runs into 'RED' and it is giving me following error in the log: HR_6882_HRPROC_ASSERT LOCATION py3vntsetup:1a APP-PAY-06882:

Getting error while creating an assignment through API

Hi Experts, When i'm trying to create a assignment using the following code, Im getting the following error ORA-20001: You must enter GRE details for the assignment Where we can pass the GRE information or how we can come out of this error. Pls clari

Good synthesizer for Droid X

Does anyone know if there are any really good synthesizers for Droid X? I'm willing to pay for one but so far I haven't found one. The few free ones are not very good. Any other good audio apps?  I installed a couple of freebies, basic stuff like a t

I cant download anything from OVI

Hello, I have a Nokia N97 Mini and used Ovi before with no problems. However, during a day in which i downloaded a lot of apps and all of them during the same time, my phone crashed and i restarted it by removing and putting back the battery. The nex


I need to use the PAY_ELEMENT_ENTRY_API.update_element_entry I'm getting the error HR_7155_OBJECT_INVALID from the information in metalink, need to reference the object version number on the pay_element_entries table. I am doing that, I know the valu

Issue with Deposit Advice

Hi, Can either of you determine why an employee would be failing in the Deposit Advice process when the employee's setup is complete? They have received deposit advices previously without issue but is failing on the Feb 29 payroll process. We are hav

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Hi everybody I am implementing HRMS R12. In the Payroll Setup, when I setup the payment methods it gives me an error telling that: no keyflex field have been constructed to the Bank Details and ask to consult the DBA. When I open the Payment Methods

JVMDG315: JVM Requesting Heap dump file

Hi expert, Using 10.2.04 Db with on AIX 64 bit. While running audit report which generate pdf format output gone in error.... JVMDG217: Dump Handler is Processing OutOfMemory - Please Wait. JVMDG315: JVM Requesting Heap dump file ..........

Retropay by element run Errors for one employee

When i am running retropay for 3711 employees one of them errors out and the retropay by element process ends as Incomplete. The following is the error for the assignment: Error ORA-01427: single-row subquery returns more than one row has occurred in