DTS Ssound studio Apo3gui failed to create APO instance

Hi, I have a Toshiba satellite c55-a 1j8 laptop(pscgce). When I try to enter in dts sound manager I get this error: "Failed to create APO instance" Can somebody tell me how can I fix this problem? Thank you!Ok.  I am using my father's Toshiba C5

APO/BW: Creating datasource in BW for APO

Hi 1. In creating a datasource (in BW) to be used in APO by righting on the cube in question and selected the option “Generate export Data Source”. It created a datasource 8CubeName, which could be found under the InfoSource tree in BW. At this point

When is an BPEL process instance created? Multiple creations?

Assume I have a BPEL process which a RECEIVE at first, then some assignments and finally a PICK. In the first RECEIVE and the later PICK I can enable the checkbox "create instance". What is the difference? When I call the BPEL process from the B

Error while creating the view from one instance to another instance

Hi Experts I want to Create a view which reside in one instance for example xxx Instance . I want to create the same view which reside in xxx instance to another instance for example YYY Instance How to acheive this ? I tried desc the View take the v

ALBPM:Polling of folder and create a process instance.

Hi, everyone. I am quite new to ALBPM, but I want to make everyone a question: I have a requirement where i need to poll or view a folder at particular location and in the folder search for the files. And If the files are present i need to create a p

No member Disk displayed while creating Diskgroups for new ASM instance

Have installed CRS Have installed DB software Invoked dbca to create asm instance Instance created Disk members not displayed for creating disk groups OS is Hp ux 11.23The most likely reason on HP/UX is the permissions on the devices, all the devices

2 instances,same box,different results while trying to create a TDE wallet

The command I'm executing is: alter system set encryption key authenticated by "xxx"; There are 2 instances, using the same Oracle home. 1 instance can create a wallet, another yields ORA-28353: failed to open wallet. I modified sqlnet.ora file

FindByPK creates too many instances

Hi all, When using JBoss (I don't know other servers behavior) the findByPrimaryKey method creates a "home instance". I think that JBoss need a "home instance" for finder methods and it could create only one to do that, but, in fact, i

Instance pooling across a cluster

I have to work in a cluster and am new to Weblogic. What I need to do: specify the maximam number of instances created for a stateless session bean What I know: It can be achieved in a EJB container via instance pooling algorithm. What I don't know:

Two apex instances on one machine

I am trying to create two apex instances using the embedded PL/SQL gateway on a single machine. I have two database instances up and running, one for development and one for production. I successfully installed apex 3.2.1 on the development instance,

Creating a new document with separate images

Can someone help me create a new document that has two separate images. I can create a new document but don't know how to place two separate photos in the document. For instance create a document that is 8.5 x11 with two images each 8.5 x 5.5.there i

Win7-64 Create 12c Error in Process ..\perl\bin\perl.exe

When creating database views Finished Steps ... Creating and starting Oracle Instance Creating database files Trying removing software and starting againHi, this problem seems to be general. You will get every time the error in the Step if the passwo

Switching Options for SAP UDS Instance

Hi All, I have a scenario where in I need to read data records from an Excel file to MII. I have uploaded the excel sheet from end user onto the UDS File Server system and configured a data source/UDC to read the data from the file. Using OLEDB conne

Insert more copy-of-instance into not-finished-still-working multi-join

Hi, any one can help me how to insert more copy-of-instance into not-finished-still-working multi-join circuit? my customer told me a fuzzy question.There is nothing out of the box that will let you create more copies inside a Multiple / Join once it

Convert Single İnstance To RAC

Hii All I making some test in order to convert single instance to RAC.In the scenario; 1.Crs Installed on machine.Asm disks created (Node1) 2.Oracle database software installed with rac option on Node1 .but only with binaries no database has been cre

Different instance numbers in Oracle BPM Workspace 11g

Hi!! I'm running the QuoteProcessLab, I launched the process and in the first activity 'Enter Quote Details' I just save the info, so I see the instance created with number 200043. If I login into te workspace with jstein I see the instance in the 'P

Create additional users in BPM worklist 11g

Hello, We want to create additional users (apart from regular user weblogic) in BPM worklist. so that they can login and review the assigned tasks what is the process and where do we create user/password for these new users ? thx pThanks Mark! It wor

Updating the BPM workspace view based on the number of instances in view

Hi All, We are using ALBPM 6.0.5 enterprise with Weblogic 10 server. We have a requirement to update dynamically the view name in the left side panel in BPM workspace. Based on the number of instances created, the view(view name ABC) should carry som

How to handle multiple updates and creates sequentially

Hi All, I have a requirement where multiple updates and creates will happen on an Order (say Purchase Order). I need to capture all these updates/creates and synchronize the other system in real time. In other words, as soon an order is updated/creat

Avoid persistent faulted BPEL process instances in database

Hello All, I have a doubt relative to Memory Optimization, I've configured a BPEL process like a transient process using these lines: <property name="bpel.config.inMemoryOptimization">true</property> <property name="bpel.conf