Secure Global Desktop Android Client

I want to allow my mobile user to use the application on tablets samsung tab 2. What is the best way? is it possible to install a client on android.Or how to set up a java client on android system? thank you so much for your help.won't work. You need


connection-to-server-unsuccessful-phonegap-android-emulator error during lunch, I think code js is old but phonegap is new from github this wk... any comment? just replaced index.html from a finished book chapter in phonegap 2011-2 (c)... <script typ

Download in the Android Market is not working Samsung Captivate

When trying to download in the market it says it is not found.This problem appears to be related to the fairly recent Android Market app update and we continue to investigate the cause. If you go to Settings/Applications/Market and choose Uninstall y

TS5185 I've switched from an iphone to android without deactivating imessage how do I do it without my old iphone?

I've recently switched from iphone to android and cant receive txts from iphones as I didnt deactivate imessage before I got rid of my iphone, can anyone help me to deactivate imessage without my iphone? other 2

Pdf support on Android

hi there, just installed Adobe Content Viewer on a Android tablet and noticed there's still no support for pdf stacks. Adobe Content Viewer version: Any idea if and when pdf folio's will work on Android tablets ? And when pdf folio's wi

Getting the Height of Android Status Bar

Hello, is it possible to get the Height of Android Status Bar ? thanksHi Shongrunden, The above solution will not work when testing on the desktop as Capabilities.screenResolutionY returns the actual screen resolution of the host machine and not that

Streaming app for IOS, Android. Is this Possible ?

Hi, I'm using Flash Media Server, and public a P2P live streaming using RTMFP. Ya, then I want writte an application client using adobe Air for Android, iOS (iphone & ipad). I choosed air application because objectivce C (iOS) can't read RTMFP. My ai

Android ASUS tab into 802.1X EAP/PEAP wireless network

Hi Guys,                 I have been fighting with this for awhile now, i decided to call the exeprt.  At work with have a 802.1x EAP wirless network. PCs and Blackberies work fine once they grab their cert. However,  things aren't that esay with the

Fixed epub (CC 2014) on android

I'm creating a epub with fixed layout from Indesign CC 2014. On Ipad I have no problems with reading the epub. On an Android system (reader Google Play Books), I get empty pages and when get trough the document and I want to get back to an earlier pa

HTML5 does not work in Android 5 and Ubuntu

Hi! Today my tablet Google Nexus 7 updated to Android 5, and I noticed a problem with Firefox. I noticed that does not work HTML5 mp3 player / It can be seen on the website Instead of playing a song, it is s

Is it possible to view books purchased in iBooks on an Android device

Hi, I've bought my first book within iBooks, is it possible to view it using an Android device e-reader (I use Aldiko, but could use any other)? I get a technical failure when I try and import which I suspect is caused by DRM kicking in, having previ

AIR for Android Camera Save Issue

Hi Hope this gets posted and that someone has an answer. Why is it that when I build a camera in Flash CS6 AIR 3.2 the camera is lying on its side if I build it in Portrait mode ? If I build the camera in Landscape mode then the camera is fine except

I cannot seem to load firefox for toshiba folio 100 android

I want to use firefox on my toshiba folio 100. That has android version 2.x installed. But when i click on the download bottom firefox for android, nottng happens It has 16 gb internal memEven on some compatible devices, a bug prevents Firefox from a

Ipad mini can't tether to android phone internet

Please can somebody advise why my ipad won't connect to my tethered android's internet connection. The tethered connection is discoverable but when I attempt to connect the error message "unable to join network" is displayed. My computer and ano

Bluetooth audio streaming from android phone not working

i am not able to play songs from my android phone on the laptopBump. Still interested in getting this functionality. Any tips?Read other 3 answers

Flash Builder 4.6 (OS X 10.8.2) doesn't see android device, adb does

Using the command line tools I can view devices and install builds, but I can't get Flash Builder to see the device. I'm testing on a Nexus One running 2.2.On windows I see it here: ~: find /c/Program\ Files/Adobe/Adobe\ Flash\ Builder\ 4.6/ -name ad

Flash for android

I see Adobe has locked us Android owners out of having the flash player.. I also see that simultaneously ABC is charging android owners if we want to watch our favorite programs on our smart phones.  Hmm...  flash has always been free and now we have

Android apps billed to Verizon account?

Has anyone read that we will soon be able to purchased paid Android apps and have them on our monthly Verizon bill? If true that would ease things.Hi there, I spoke to a few reliable sources, and have come to the conclusion that No, verizon will not

How to download mp4 files using firefox for android device?

I using a tab with Android version4.2 and I couldn't download any mp4 videos using Firefox. I don't know why!it just automatically open the video when I tap the download there a solution for this kind of problem?hello yakob, you can long-tap

HTMLResources PDF on Android

hi there, I've found a lot of very well documented info about opening a pdf from inside a folio on iOS. But I can't make this work on Android. Do I have to take another approach or isn't it possible to link to and show a pdf on Android ?? thanks in a