Create table interval partition on a column timestamp with local time zone

Hi Does anyone have an example for 11g on how to create a table with interval partitioning on a column defined as timestamp with local time zone. I know it's possible. the following does not work. CREATE TABLE KOMODO_EXPIRED_RESULTS TEST_EVENT_KEY NU

Error when changing database time zone

Hi all, I have Oracle on Windows 2000 Pro. I try to change the time zone of the database using ALTER DATABASE SET TIME_ZONE = '+01:00' but it fails with error ORA-02231. Am I missing something?This is an expected behaviour, it's just that t

Time zone difference between primary and physical standby

Dear Team, We have Primary database server (with EST Time zone) and physical standby (with PST time zone), in case of switch over/fail over to physical standby what are the major impacts. Is it mandatory to be in time sync? Thanks in advance AjCURREN

Adobe Acrobat Pro can't handle time zones?

I normally work in Texas, but at the moment I am in San Francisco. I have updated the time zone on my Mac OS X 10.6.4 system accordingly. When I attempt to certify a PDF using Acrobat Pro 9.3.3, my digital signature (that I just created on the PDF) i

Critical: Personal Time Zone not showing up for users

Hi Experts, There's a issue that we are facing regarding time zones for users. Even  after maintaining Personal time zones of users in there SU01, users are not able to see data in the system as per there local time zone. It is still showing in the d

Process order and user time zone

Our system server time zone is CET but we are using EST for user time zone and plant. When we create process orders, the creation date/time is using the server time zone CET. I understand that in the database, the CET time is used but Is there a way

Advice on time zones with iPhones?

Hi All, I have been on several trips this year to multiple time zones.  Ther are some problems, as have been described here in multiple posts, with Aperture's import function with respect to time zone.  However, it seems to have an extra wrinkle when

Problem in Date time Zone parsing

Hi Guys, I want format of String of time whic have time zone also. But how can i validate weather my date is correct or not . This is i am doing because of Auto grow up problem in SimpleDateFormat. For example : If i am parsing "2.00 AM GMT" as

How do I set up calendar events that will be for another time zone? My events shift once I travel

How do I set up calendar events that will be for another time zone? My events shift once I travel. The same is true when I am traveling and in another time zone, how do I best set up my events so they are in the correct time slot upon my return?Basic

IPhone 4S iOS 8.2 changes time zone on appointments

If I set an Outlook calendar appointment on my iPhone 4S on iOS 8.2 in Mountain Time, it changes the time zone to Cupertino, CA time.  Under General > Date & Time > Time Zone I have set it to Denver, and turned off the Set Automatically button. 

TS4337 In trying to set up a time zone in iCal, when pressing "other" i only get options of cities in California, or Ensenada in Mexico. Iwanted to set up a meeting in Washington D.C. but could not find the option.

I've tried to set up a meeting in a different tiem zone from the one I use normally. So I go to the Time Zone tab and pick "Other". However, "Other" only offers cities in California, and a few in Az and in north of Mexico. But no Washi

TIME ZONE for BC4J application

How set correct time for BC4J application? TIME ZONE must the the same as in Windows set. In windows it set to GMT+03:00 but all BC4J applications uses GMT+01:00.see this thread: Strange Behaviour for Time Stamp With Local Time ZoneRead other 4 answe

Can external users change their language, time zone, and locale settings?

Hi, We're migrating our hosts from WebEx cloud to our on-prem solution right now (CWMS We've learned that CWMS 1.5 does not provide an online address book where hosts could customize language, time zone, and locale settings for their ex

Time zone issue when copying Outlook/Mac invitation to iCal or adding it via iPhone/iPad calendar

Hello everyone, I'm facing a situation when every time I receive an invitation comes from a different time zone neither iCal, iPhone’s Calendar nor iPad’s Calendar recognizes it correclty. Below there are a couple of examples, but before, a few infor

Cluvfy : Time zone consistency check failed

Hello All, Env: 112.0.3 on Linux 5.8 Single node RAC I 'am trying to add another node to my cluster. When i run the cluvfy it shows cluvfy stage -pre nodeadd -n a0002 -fixup -verbose o/p trimmed Oracle Cluster Voting Disk configuration check passed C

Access 2010 InfoPath Data Collection Export Fails Due to Date Format That Includes Time Zone

I created an Access 2010 database that has multiple data collection (InfoPath) forms that were generated from Access and have been in use for about 1.5 years.  Starting in 2013 (for about a week now), the submitted data fails to Export due to a "data

Time zones 2

I chose the correct time zone of my city, but now there's summer time (one hour ahead). The ipod touch changes the time automatically. It does not keep the correct hour. How can I disable the automatically time adjustment/setting?Try MetaLink. Lots o

Time Zone Format

In the preferences -> database -> NLS Parameters: Date Format, I have MM-DD-YY:HH24:MI:SS and the display works great. But what do I put where to have my date times display for the Central Time Zone?OBIEE is converting the value out of the database.

HT4576 "Time Zone Support" in Calendars should be renamed to "Override Time Zone Support"

So, I live on the East coast and notice, while on a trip just outside Cupertino, that my iPhone Calendar wasn't updating to the the local time, even though my iPhone had correctly updated to PST. Finally, at the end of my trip, oh so nigh to Cupertin

I-Phone not syncing correct time zone in ical, but computer time stays the same

Lately when I put in appointments in my calendar on my Iphone 4S either directly,or in my mac, the time zone drops back 3 hours in just the Iphone only. The correct time is still on my calendar in my mac.  I checked my Iphone settings to make sure th