I edit the location in the info pane, but it doesn't show up in Places!

Hi everyone, I have recently started to use iPhoto '09 but having a little difficult with Places. I do not have geotagging, so I am editing the location of my photos manually (nothing too specific, just the city). When I first attempted it, I used th

How do i update my location as i have moved and it still shows my old place

i moved from wa to fl and my ipad still shows my location as wa how do i fix thisFor location the wifi only iPad uses the location of nearby wifi routers that are in Apple's database. You do not have to be connected to the network/router to use that

HT1975 Why does the location on my iphone show three different places when I'm not even there?

When I use the iphone app find myiphone- why does it sometimes show 3 different addresses and streets when locating the phone.Because GPS is not perfect, especially when the device is inside a building.Read other 2 answers

How to show video and text alternately at same place

Hi to all friends out there .i want to show video and text at same pannel according to what user clicks.Means when user click on text it shows text and when he clicks on video it show video only. means both has to show at same place but one at a time

Having problems opening a tab and keeping it where it shows recent tabs

when i press a new tab when i first launch firefox the tab instead of showing my recent places it starts to then loads this "" now anytime i open a tab it opens

Places tab in Photos disappeared?

I upgraded my iPhone 3GS to iOS4 today, and enjoyed the new Places functionality in the Photos app for a while. But then the tab to switch between Albums and Places disappeared, and I can't seem to figure out how to get it back. Photos is stuck in th

The wrong album artwork is showing

I recently downloaded Gavid DeGraw's new album Sweeter on my iPad and synced it with my iTunes.  The album artwork shows up correct on both of those, but when I synced it to my iPod Classic, another one of my album's artwork shows up in place of it. 

Help!  I lost all the places data in iPhoto.

I tried a restore from time capsule , but it didn't help. All my pics show the same place on the map. Yesterday everything was fine. I was trying to assign the same location to a group of pics today, and somehow I assigned it to the whole library!  E

How to affect the place where DataContols.dcx will be created?

In Toystore the DataControls.dcx is located in toystore.model. When i make Create Data Control on a Javafile i cannot say where the DataControl.dcx will be created. How i can do it?Hi for that TCODE there will be one program avilable goto - SE93 ente

Slide show widget

Hi I do occassional updating for a rape crisis center. I know a little html and some css and am using CS4. I need to make a three picture slide show quickly and do not do flash. Are there any easy to learn widgets in CS4 or does anyone know a second

BEX Report showing incorrect USD Amount

Hi, I have a key figure of Amount type which is in USD currency. The value in the infocube is correct. eg: 1234.56789. However, when I display it in the report. it shows 1.23. I checked the TCURX table, no entry maintained for USD. Any idea how to fi

BEx Analyzer displays wrong number of decimal places after implementing BW patch

Hey folks, we patched our BW 7.31 from PL10 to PL15 last weekend and now we got some issue with the number of decimal places shown in BEx Analyzer 7.x. One example for KF X Settings Info Object X Decimal Places:                         Not defined RS

IChat, typical issue regarding users not showing up

I have two AIM accounts; I have one for Home/Friends etc and one for Work Friends & Co-workers to contact me at. I put both AIM Names on either buddy list, recently they just stopped showing up on each others list on the same Mac running 10.5.8 and i

Help on conditionally Formatting Field in a Cross Tab

Hi all, I like to conditionally format a number field in a cross tab, ie. on a certain column the number should show 2 decimal places, otherwise no decimal places.  I have tried a formula in the Decimals of the Format Field, If {Command.COL_TITLE}= "

Email disabled, bot or trojan infection

My ISP disabled all my email accounts this morning because at least one of my Macs has been infected with a program that's blasting spam email. They say they don't know anything about Macs and that I have to clean my systems before they let me back o

FCP Video Generator trouble

I just upgraded my computer and FCP. I'm following instructions on the training video and want to do a transparent graphic with video coming through the text. The video shows how to place a render effect underneath to make the text outline look inter

My Macbook no longer sees other computers in my network

Hello, I hope this question isn't too strange or difficult. This morning I booted up my Macbook to work on some grad school assignments in a different part of the house since my son was watching TV where my desktop computer is. All of my files are on

Quick Time application in WIN XP

I am not able to watch Quick time application on www.longfoster. I have MS Windows XP Home edition. I am using IE to access internet. I have a screenshot of the page when I access that shows "X" in place of Quick Time applicati

Creating albums on iPod touch

Within my Camera Roll I can add a photo to a New Album. I don't want the photo in the camera roll after I place it in an album. I can't delete the camera roll pic without deleting the album pic also. It this the way it will always be?????? ThanksOnly


Hi, I have a program which uses this FM 'REUSE_ALV_GRID_DISPLAY' and has a no of columns in the output display. One of my fields is message which is for diplaying message related to the record row. In the internal table for ALV the length of this fie