Movies and TV shows sync with Itunes. TV shows disappear.

OK- PLEASE be gentle. I am, new to the Ipad3 and even newer to Apple/Itunes in general. I have a TON of TV shows that i already personally own. I want to load these on my Ipad. OK, seems simple enough. NOPE. If i just drag them over to the "MOVIES&qu

TV shows.  Seasons not grouping together?

Hi guys!, have this really annoying problem, i have recorded all the episodes of "My Name Is Eeal", and marked them as TV Shows. But when they are in the TV Shows section, there are not all grouping together properly. The hole first season is fi

Netflix on apple tv only show first season of shows like mad men and party down. Why?

Netflix only showing season one on multiple season shows.It is a change to the Netflix interface, same is true when I stream from my Sony Blu Ray. It is an interface "feature", enjoy.Read other 2 answers

How to show TV Shows with 20 seasons

I have a television show in my iTunes with more than 20 seasons but when looking at it in the "Shows" view it only displays Season 1.  Other than changing the Show name on the Video tab, is there any way around this?  My objective is to have thi

Video show disaapears when connecting to pc...

Everytime I connect my Ipod to my pc one of my video shows disappears from my Ipod, not from my Itunes. Waht is going on? How do I get them back on, I have a 30 gb.Ooo please, someone must knowRead other 3 answers

Movies & TV Shows in iTunes

I have a TV series which I want to import into iTunes under 'TV Shows'. But when I import these files, they are automatically filed in iTunes under 'Movies'. Is there a way I can manually moves these files within iTunes or can I edit the raw file so

Grouping TV Shows problem

My TV shows are not being grouped and put in folders even though I have the oganize media box checked. I also tried doing it manually and filling all the feilds but they still are all over the place as single entities. eg: TV show 1 season 1 ep 1 -16

TV shows on 120Gb Classic

Addition to my earlier post on TV shows on Ipod, I have noticed lately, when I sync my Ipod, some of the files listed under TV shows, disappear from the Ipod, although they are still in Itunes, and NOT selected for deletion. Is this an extra feature

How to Tag TV Shows

I've got literally hundreds of video that I want to tag properly as TV shows, but as you probably know, placing them in iTunes will, as default, make them devoid of any video-related metadata, and label them as "movies" with no option to batch c

Sync to iPod by season number

I have several TV shows that i copied from DVDs. On prior iTunes versions, I was able to have the TV shows appear by season number in the list under iPod sync, and able to pick which seasons to sync or not sync. This was done by labeling shows as suc

Will deleting a TV Show delete additional data, played counts and such?

In order to free up space on my HDD, which is full again, I was considering deleting some TV Shows, but I don't want to lose the play count information and such, will deleting the TV Shows do this?Ratings, play counts, date added, last skipped, playl

What's with the selection of tv shows in Canada?!

Recently opened an iTunes account and wondering why there is such a lack of TV shows available in Canada. From what I hear, new TV shows such as Fringe, Criminal Minds, 90210, etc. are in the American iTunes store. The show's season isn't over yet an

Itunes freezing, losing songs, and other annoying problems.

I've been having a lot of issues with iTunes this month, which I've posted about twice before. After updating to 8.2.1 iTunes would always give me the spinning beachball upon opening, and I would usually have to force quit, or occasionally shut down

Ipod Touch Video order

Hello, I just put two seasons of Family Guy on my ipod and when i go onto the video section on my ipod it says Family Guy under TV shows but the two seasons (3&4) are together. I thought that when you clicked on Tv shows it came up with another scree

Album Order Changed

Hey everybody, I own every season and episode of The Office, and after the update, the order of shows, for season one as an example, reads not 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, but 2, 6, 4, 5, 3, 1. I can't fix the problem.. I'm having a lot of trouble. This occurs

Which metadata fields can be modified via web services?

I have searched the discussions and the documentation, but have not seen this answered comprehensively. What I would like to know is which fields can be modified using MergeTrack? The following are the ones I've gotten to work so far (entity name on

Embedded Flash not working on Safari/Google Sites not just my system

Hi- This issue is not limited to my system. First some information on my system: Intel based iMac OS X 10.6.5 Safari Version 5.0.2 (6533.18.5) Site affected: I uninstalled Flash Player and reinstalled the latest version 3 times yeste

DVD tracks are in separate folders in iTunes 9

Is there a way to have multiple tracks from a DVD saved under the same folder in iTunes 9? Currently they are all saved in separate subfolders in the "Movies" folder, but I would like to have them all in one subfolder. I tried everything I could

A plethora of problems.

Hello, I recently purchased a Neuros MPEG-4 Recorder II ( ) It was what I thought would be a good addition to my Powerbook G4 12" and my 60gb 5th Generation iPod. I have several TV shows recorded (most of season 2, Battlestar Gala

I am begging for help.  Corrupt File?

I am about ready to throw my video iPod away. Just kidding. It's only 3 months old! All my music/videos/TV shows disappeared. In addition, when I hooked it up to reload, I get this message: (Exclamation Point) iTunes: iTunes.exe - Corrupt File iPod_C