Air for Android drops cookies after a certain number of requests.

I opened up a bug: because it essentially makes it impossible to deploy our app on the android market place. Essentially the following occurs: Our Air app authenticates (via HTTP) and the sessi

Air + Ipad + RemoteObject problem with session cookies

I am making Air version for IPad of a Flex application. My flex application needs session from an secured enterprise proxy, without that session none remoteObject requests can pass the proxy and reach blazeDS. My solution for flex works fine: calling

My MacBook Air Cooked Itself

Got to work today only to discover my MBA had somehow turned itself on from standby and had been running at full tilt in a sealed back for several hours. The machine was physically too hot to hold when I removed it from my bag. No laptop (Windows) I

Whats happening to my set-cookie header?

I'm writing a desktop client for a Django app running on an https domain. I'm attempting to retrieve cookies set by the django site when I call the site using URLRequest as follows: var urlVariables = new air.URLVariables(); = "bar&q

Cant Connect Cisco AIR-CAP 3602 with 2504 controller

Im trying to have one of our APs join our controller. No matter what I do, i cant get it to join the controller. The controller has the right OS, I had to upgraded it 7.4 to support the 3600... Both the controller and the AP has the same time and dat

I am still having problems downloading from App Store on iPad Air

I Am unable to download apps on iPad Air with the current iOS 8.1 system . Has anyone got any helpful tipsRead this whole message before doing anything. Back up all data. Quit the App Store application if it's running. Step 1 Hold down the option key

What can I migrate from my 13" MacBook (white 2007) to a new MacBook Air 13" using an ethernet cable and a USB ethernet adaptor for the MBA?

I have, on order, a 13" MacBook Air (128Gb) and intend using Migration Assistant to transfer data from my 4 year old MacBook 13" (White) on set up. I have ordered an Apple USB Ethernet adaptor and have today purchased an Ethernet cable. I will w

Adobe air - do I need it?

I have Adobe Air in my utilities. But I have no adobe software on my mac. Do I need it to run flash or can I trash it?Trash it. Not needed for Flash Get the free Easy Find and search for Adobe, you'll find your "Flash cookies" which are secretly

HT201413 I get error 20 when I try to download updates to installed Apple software  I have two users on the IMac. I resolve the problem by clearing all cookies on both users Safari. Why do I need to do this? What is going on?

I get Error 20 when I try to download updates for installed Apple apps on my IMac.  I have two users on the IMac, and I resolve the problem by clearing all cookies on both users Safari, opening and closing the App Store for each user, shutting down a

AIR app not running on Citrix

We have delivered an AIR app to a client, and they are trying to run it on a Citrix XenApp terminal server.  Part of the app makes use of the AIR browser and sessions.  When the Citrix user is of sufficient privilidge (windows user), the app runs fin

Has anyone solved the Safari Crashing Issue on iPad Air

I am using an iPad Air with iOS 7.0.4 and Safari continues to crash while I am scrolling. I have tried the suggested fix: clear history/cookies/data and then reset the iPad, but that did not fix the problem. I can consistently recreate the crash by d

HTMLLoader and clearing cookies

Hi there, I'm using air.HTMLLoader.createRootWindow to pop up a window to a user in an AIR application to ask them to authenticate with a third party service. I'd like to know where the window opened by the HTMLLoader class accesses the user's cookie

Why web page crash on ipad Air?

Why web page crash on ipad Air?1. Settings>Safari>Clear History, Cookies and Data 2. Hold the Sleep/Wake button down for about 10 seconds until you see the Apple LogoRead other 2 answers


Hello to everyone. They brought me a LAP1522 referring that it is not working properly. I am trying to connect to console port but the problem is that I only get log messages but I cannot edit something or type any commands. I have attached the log m

How can I get rid of top hits in safari on iPad Air.

Hi, I've tried everything I can think of to get rid of top hits suggestions in safari on my iPad Air. I've gone into settings and turned off top hits and also cleared history and cache and cookies and yet I'm still getting top hits coming up. I'm usi

IMP: Cisco AIR-CAP1602 &1532 not joining 2504 Controller issue

Dear Team, We have Cisco wireless implementation in clients premises. We have 8 indoor AP (AIR-CAP1602E-AK9) and 2 Outdoor AP (AIR-CAP1532I-AK9) . Seven indoor APs are able to join the 2504 controller, but 1 indoor AIR-CAP1602E AP is not joining and

IPad Air browser Safari crashes

Brand new iPad Air 128 GB and Verizon , new purchased. Safari crashes often. It is past the two week period to swap up. 101GB available. IOS 7.1 I see I am not alone with this issue but I have not found a way to fix this issue. When is this going to

On the iPad air, When I tap to plus  for new tab in safari, safari crash and go to home screen.

On the iPad air, When I tap to plus  for new tab in safari, safari crash and go to home screen.1. Settings>Safari>Clear History, Cookies and Data 2. Hold the Sleep/Wake and Home button down for about 10 seconds until you see the Apple LogoRead other

Attn: ALL APPLE PORTABLE OWNERS -Macbook Pro, MacBook Air Apple portable slowdown / kernel high CPU solution


Reinstatement of "cookies" so I can play games on Facebook?

I have been notified that I declined them having access to my account on Facebook games and I am wondering how to have them reins tate the "cookies" question.   It's odd, also, some days I can play games, then the next day I can't????  ATTENTION