How do you disable tooltips in Pages?

Hello I have the following problem. Any time the mouse goes over a Pages document in the background, if the document has track changes enabled, the yellow semi-transparent messages that I guess are called tooltips and report the content of a change 

How to disable tooltips?

I'm using Acrobat reader 9.0 on linux.  When I move the mouse over a document tab, a tooltip appears with the name of the document.  This is annoying.  How do I prevent this tooltip from appearing? The tooltip appears after a short delay, wherever th

How to turn off tooltips when recording in Captivate 6?

I do NOT want to have the tooltips captured as part of the recording. Is there a setting I can use to disable tooltips from showing up in the captured project?Not that simple. One work flow is to wait until tooltip disappears and use PrintScreen to a

Can you turn off the Yellow and Black cursor pop ups?

Since 10.4.x I have noticed that these little pop ups that you get when the cursor is over something that has info are more frequent and are getting in the way. I love the idea but, they either don't pop up when I need them, don't stay up long enough

Yellow peril.

In mail, when putting the cursor over items, especially illustrations, I get a yellow colored box pop up, containing what looks like html data - which often obscures what I'm trying to look at, and has never contained anything of interest to me. How

Add custom hint text/tooltip for disabled "selectOne" component.

Hi All, I was trying to get some custom tooltip or hint text on selectOne component. But any text that I add is not visible if the component is disabled. I need to tell the end-user why this control is disabled when s/he moves the mouse over it. Than

Setting the tooltip of CL_HTMLB_DROPDOWNLISTBOX in an iterator?

Hello, I'm new to the forum and quite new to BSP, so please bear with me if I'm asking simple questions I tried to set the tooltip property of a CL_HTMLB_DROPDOWNLISTBOX instance in an iterator like this: DATA:    col_dropdown       TYPE REF TO cl_ht

Proxy settings disabled

I have to connect to the internet through a proxy, but when I open the Advanced tab in settings, changing the proxy settings is disabled. I am running Safari 3.0.1If you read the Safari for Windows download site, several features are clearly listed a

Disabling input text by EL

Hello there i have this code <af:inputText value="#{bindings.TypeCurrency.inputValue}" label="Tipo de Cambio:" required="#{bindings.TypeCurrency.hints.mandatory}" columns="#{bindings.TypeCurrency.hints.displayWidth}&q

Disable table column

Hi all, i have a table in my WD View. i want to disable certain columns of the table on runtime. how do i do that. please replly soon. Thanks & Regards, Ritwik.Hi Ritwik, Each table colums has a 'Cell editor' which identifies the type of the column.

Anyone figured out how to get rid of the address bar tooltips??

I asked this about a year ago. One guy responded with some editing tips using the developer tools, but did not mention how to get to the files to edit them (he was recommending using Interface Builder). I cannot understand why there isn't a preferenc

Excel 2013 Hotkey Tooltips Slow

In Excel, I use a lot of keyboard shortcuts. I just upgraded to a new laptop and, with it, Excel 2013. I noticed that the animations and so on in Excel 2013 were slowing me down, so I disabled hardware accelleration and used the windows accessibility

How do I customize the font in the tooltip hoverbox that shows when over the navigation bar buttons (back, forward,..home, url/site button, google "G" button ?

I'm doing userchromecss customization of firefox 3.0.19 on slackware linux 12.2 and none of the css lines I've tried would ever change (in size and style) the font inside the hover box. I've tried same css lines on thunderbird and seamonkey and they

How can I get a tooltip to show up on a custom button obj on a dashboard?

I have added a ClearAll button object (to clear the filter criteria) on a dashboard that I am working on, and have added some text in the comments section of the properties. I can see the resulting tooltip when I hover over the button in the Client S

MIR7 how to disable item quantity field

Hello, How can i disable item quantity in MIR7 t-code. I don't want users can change quantity. Many thanks.Open - OLMRLIST Provide below Inputs in OLMRLIST Transaction - MIR7 Screen variant - 7_6310 Program - SAPLMR1M Screen - 6310 Click on Edit. You

Youtube freezes on Internet Explorer 11 (Windows 7), works when Flash is disabled

I have recently upgraded to Internet Explorer 11 and since the upgrade, every time I visit a page on Youtube, the page will freeze for a good amount of time. I have been able to reproduce this on all of the computers in my house. However, this proble

HT1212 I updated the software this morning to os7 and it never asked for a passcode, however, to use it now I need a passcode. I do not know what it is, so my phone is now disabled. Solution?

This morning the phone said new software was available so I downloaded and upgraded my system to os7. During startup it requested an icloud password, but never any other passowrd. So imagine my surprise when I tried to sue the phone and it was disabl

Watched ipad flash and disable itself

after restoring my ipad yesterday, i plugged it in this morning to charge after a few minutes i was in the kitchen and my eyes were drawn to it when the light flashed on by itself. it was on the lock screen and started flashing like repeatedly gettin

TS3274 ipad is disabled. We upgraded to iphone 5 and IOS7 and since then ipad is asking for a passcode which we did not have before. Now disabled!

ipad is disabled. We upgraded to iphone 5 and IOS7 and since then ipad is asking for a passcode which we did not have before. Now disabled!ipad is disabled. We upgraded to iphone 5 and IOS7 and since then ipad is asking for a passcode which we did no

HT201442 Im trying to restore our ipod because it was disabled. An error (3194) pops up stating "this device isnt eligible for the requested build." Any help??

I'm trying to restore our ipod after it was disabled. Keeps stating error 3194, this device isn't eligible for the requested build. Any suggestions?See: iOS: Restore error 3194 or 'This device isn't eligible for the requested build' How to Fix iTunes