Nokia 6500 classic, GPRS always connected?

I recently purchased a nokia 6500 classic on Three, There is always a G in a box at the top of the screen. Ive looked in the manual it means that there is a GPRS connection estabiashed, Ive looked through the settings i cant find any options. how do

Very slow GPRS on Nokia 2690

I bought Nokia 2690 yesterday. It's a nice phone but there is one problem when I try to use GPRS it works very slow. I am using Ufone (Pakistan). Plz can anyone help me solving this issue. Solved! Go to Solution.thats not because of your phone, did y

GPRS Connection problem with Nokia 6230i

Hi All, I am using the GPRS activated Vodafone sim for Nokia 6230i. I am not able to access the GPRS connection from my J2me application, it’s always shows me that "Subscribe GPRS first" but its already activated. When i change the sim & che

Nokia 6020 : how to delete the GPRS Configuration?

Nokia give me 20 configurations for GPRS Setting. I'd use those 20. Now I need to delete some of them to setup for my new celcom number. I've never setup for GPRS Celcom Prepaid. If i'm not delete some of them, I can't setup GPRS for my new number. S

Nokia Chat in FW 71.3 for E5 just connect by GPRS ...

I updated Firmware 71.3 for E5, when I use Nokia Chat (IM), it not ask to select connections, just connect by GPRS or 3G. Other Applications have not like this. Cause of this problem is Firmware or IM? How to resolve? Thanks!mrlonghairs1, you use a N

Nokia 770 vodafone uk gprs with sonyericsson t610

Hi, I am trying to connect to the internet with a nokia 770 via my t610. I have used the nokia wizzard to set it up, but it does not work. The t610 has gprs internet connection and it works. The bluetooth connection between the two seems to work as w


I have bought new Nokia 5130 Express Music handset on 26 Dec 2009 and Reliance GSM post paid connection. I have got settings from reliance from GPRS, WAP and MMS setting. The problem faced is whenever, I connect to opera mini browser, it connecting f


I have activated GPRS on my NOKIA C3-01. I have set up mail and surfed on default internet. Now I am not able to disable internet. [E] Symbol is all time present.Packet data (when avaliable). Please some one hepl me out to disable my GPRS Solved! Go

NOKIA C3-00 Urgent how to avoid activate GPRS and ...

Hi I just got this mobile phone from Rogers last week. I have to say its connection function is cool. But I am so scared by the appearance of G and E on the top of screen when I am out of the Wifi zone that I connected before. At first, I set  the ma

Problem using Gprs in nokia 603

i am facing alot of problem while using internet on my nokia takes me hours to connect even sometime whole day long. The message that shows up is '' connection failed,'' or ''connection unavailable''..called my service provider n install setti

Nokia x2-02 add new gprs settings

Hi all can someone please tell me how to add new gprs setting (specifically for giffgaff uk) i read variuos threads that say to click on personalization and then click add new but i dont seem to have this option! my other sim is vodafone uk and it wo

Nokia 3500 classic

I would to ask some help about java proxy setting for this unit because it can't connect to internet with java application. Maybe someone help me to make a NokiaJAVAProxy.prov and NokiaJAVAProxy.wml because our Smart Philippines does not have setting

NOKIA C3-00 Gmail

Hi! I have a problem with Nokia C3-00 and Gmail settings. When I try to configure Gmail account by entering my gmail address, I always get the message that the settings couldn't be found on Nokia server, and the phone offers me to set it up manually.

Nokia C3 chat/billing issues

Not entirely sure if this is the right place to ask, but I'll give it a go. I recently (this saturday) upgraded my contract on orange (dolphin 15?) with a new Nokia C3, with a data bundle. I've been using internet and msn on nokia chat fine, until th

Switch Access Point in Nokia n95-4

Situation: at home I use wifi (cheaper) and outside I use 3g or gprs Is it possible that the phone automaticly detects and switch connection?! I need this for Nokia Messaging, I don't want to change every time the access point on the application.This


When i want to use phone dialer before configration I am asked to select make and model of my Mobile phone. I have Nokia E51 but its no in the list. I am adivsed by onscreen menu that I have to update the phone list from website of Palm. I have tried

How to make gprs connected in a whole day without ...

How to make gprs connected in a whole day without opening any internet surfing application in nokia x6 (16gb)? please help me...or how to keep gprs connection for long time...without any application opened...Dinhorocks wrote: How to make gprs connect

Nokia N82 GPS Hardware Address

Greetings, Is there any means of checking the GPS hardware address(12 digit) on the Nokia N82? Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. ..Jeff @viper Can you please explain me this a little bit better? How to do this? I put NOKIA in my C

Instant messaging(IM) option not working in nokia ...

i bought a new nokia 5130 xpress music mobile. but i am not able 2 connect to the instant messaging option(IM) itz coming as CHECK CONNECTION SETTINGS. but i have activated gprs and evrything in my mob. how to clear the problem?hi,     1)))) gprs on

Purchased Nokia C3 today...features not working

Hi... I purchased Nokia C3 today. I am facing some issues which I'm not able to resolve even after doing extensive research on the net. I hope you guys can help me out. These are the issue I'm facing currently... (1) Mail feature does not connect - W